Soul Consciousness Cannot Be Installed! Not Day & Night, Rays Insight; Its Sanskaras-Core Psychological Impressions-Its Not Just Random Blabbering of any Incoherent Chatter Across an Entire Lifetime Please! Its Discriminative Faculty is Maturely Encompassing the Sacred Syllables Evolutionary Infinitude that Transcends Mere Words, For its Pure Divine Worthiness Radiates/Ray-Thee-Orientated Ever Farther Beyond our Basic Envisaging Capabilities……..

The Essence of its Ab’soul’ute Sacred Nature’s Virtuousness is Instilled-Stillness Insight, Ever Sow Unique Cognizant Awareness That Etches/Inscribes its Ever Divine Characteristics/Disciplines Encoding=In Core Oath Being Fulfillingness of our Celestial Growth Orientatedness………..

Its not day and night, it’s the ray insight

it’s the core roots of each and every one of the parchments of our cellular consciousness ever inscribing into an ever expanding field of remarkable awareness where the choir-consonance of each and elements/tattvahs divine characteristics help us evolve and keep growing into ever enhanced levels of comprehension to facilitate an ever better sense/essence of definability that thereby helps us to ever better perceive yet precisely ever more that we make ourselves eligible/worth of being acquainted “wit”h……

Chasing mundane objectives or pretentiously camouflaging and purporting some borrowed sets of scripts from some other noble soul’s elucidation does not behove well of us-for as their individual consciousness was mired in its ab’soul’ute quest and strived to keep on perfectioning and ever consistently self developing/self improving ever most humbly-so precisely it is for each and every one of us to set apart/a path few moments everyday in every distinctive introspective contemplation of our divine charter of our primordial objectives that embody the ever greater ascension of our universal consciousness pinnacles to ever greater, gracious and ingenious strata’s avenues which will show-shone-enshrine forth ever better/fulfilling aspects-concepts of our very ownselves that we might have been completely oblivious of.

There is no competition, but more of a calm petition of our pure stillness where insight ourselves we are stepping into the uniqueness of our DNA divine nature’s awareness as/has its ab’soul’ute self in patterning/path-earning the privilege to ever better accommodate in an ab’soul’utely reverential manner, the ever amazing ansh-portion of each and every tattvah-element as it sow bestoweth/conferreth-er of our paramaatma’s-supreme universal consciousness’s priyatam paryatan-beloved excursion/sojourn padyatra that does not need any feet or fleet or is ensconced with its  pristine sets of divine energies that will tend to be perceptible/realized nihariyaan-dawning of that which we are being able to further distill away and purify ourselves insight to ensure that its sanctity is never contaminated by any of the plethora of just going on aimlessly blabbering with any of our egoistical tendencies-for when our soul speaketh-er, there is ever profound rapt attentiveness to eavesdrop on each and every one of its resonance in such an ardent and devotional manner that its not about going out on the streets…. or just propagating online…. or just going on publishing ,…. or whatsoever that is publicity orientated….. NO, its never about seeking any acclamation or proclaiming and trying to re educate others ever more-remember its not installing, its the instilling process…. so we cannot interrupt its ever virtuous pathways of ever eminent celestial intellectual growth orientatation that is seeking to further raiseth and never raceth-its expanding process is helping us to step ever more concisely/precisely into the ever fulfilling versions of who we wear/were always meant true be and keep on becoming, for this is an infinite process that the supreme divine consciousness knows what’s-worth’s replete and always ab’soul’ute complete in its renditioning, which is why to never ever haughtily impose/propose/compose or just prose/prise or for that matter think that with our mere thoughts we can be able to adventurously keep on venturing/foraying far beyond any sensible manners of conducting our very ownselves…… for we have come/incarnated into this lifetime not just to dine/wine and be merry, but to realize that there’s far much more when we are fair–just as in divine justice insight-for our conscience/consciousness knows and reveals to us precisely that which we are emerging/evolving “wit”h that is ever most humbly aligning and never, never and never ever maligning, which is why never just to aimlessly cause any stir/ripple or provoke any aimless debates that are tearing apart the sanctity of the divine energies symposium which is/are experienced and realized ever more distinctly insight as well as outside and all around when we are being the every essence of its resonance’s energetic vibrating matrix’s resolve to keep on perceiving, realizing and fulfilling the definition’s of yet ever more exemplified purposefulness of ab’soul’ute worthiness that we can ever acquaint ourselves with as it know’eth-er as/has we sow-eth-er……. ever sow pure divine conscientiously, meritoriously and pure divine virtuously………..and it will keep continuing/cal attuning insight with our pure stillness as/has it best know-eth-er……………….Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi