R U at the Centre of Your Life? Or Only Centralizing Your Core Focus Around Other’s Priorities? Be Pragmatic/Realistic & Return to Your Ab’soul’ute Self’s Unique Orientatedness to Contribute True Worth’s its Amazing Renaissance……………….


Make space for divine grace by stepping out of any illusive paradigms and becoming ever more mindfully aware of all that’s evolving insight/outside……for its you have true fulfill your essentialities potentialities and cannot keep waiting for someone else to come and keep doing everything for you…….

When will you wake up and realize that you have been blessed ever sow uniquely as each and every other living being-its only that the more you tend to keep dwindling and shifting your consciousness away from the authentic essence of your being’s reality, that the mirage of an ever better life/opportunity/vision…… and so on and sow forth will keep you enticed in a ocean of illusiveness, but why please?

You are not a vagabond to just remain aimlessly throwing and hurling yourself repeatedly between life’s shores; come ashore/assured true the ab’soul’ute genuineness of your true nature’s ever virtuous wisdom that exhorts and keeps on resolutely exemplifying that until/unless you earnestly make the sincere efforts in a well defined/orderly and responsible manner, the affording of even the most basic of energetic resolve to drawn upon might seem herculean?

That’s because you have mysteriously swamped your thoughts with so much of information and keep on heaping enormous more sets of random sets of details that come along from any and every where? Which means that you inner formation keeps getting neglected and over shadowed by some eluding sets of priorities that will only lead to engulfing more of what matters without ever note worthier meritoriousness?

Is that what you want? To have an entire lifetime in just remaining on the sidelines and only day dreaming but not contributing meaningfully towards/true worth’s training and ever better harnessing/leveraging the ever exponential sets of good well defined-good willed divine energies for your ever better/greater and ever graciously promising fulfillment in divergent areas, dimensionalities and spheres of your being/life…. when will you awake true your very ownself and realize that life is happening right now, right here-so be bright k”now”/be bright here and not just trying to impress others and compress yourself insight-for when you let go of any fictitiousness/pretentiousness……… the uniqueness of life’s remarkableness will steer you true worth’s ever more meaningful pathways’s that you were always meant true be embarking upon…………..Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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