ReTrain/ReOrient – Not/Knot Restrain Your Mind-Brain-Body Matrix-Take Cue-Core/Encore From the Pristine Essence of Your Ever Unique Embodiment of Priceless Virtues Ab’soul’ute Wisdom’s Envisaging Capabilities…………

Life throws, catch it=meaning realize-practice the virtue of pure divine self acceptance that’s enshrined insight each and every breath’s ab’soul’ute cache whose repositories encompass the uniqueness of your true nature’s oneness of being-beaming-beaconing-beckoning the remarkableness of evolutionary renaissance in each and every meritorious stride…….

Yet another angle to this – When life throws, catch it======but realize the it, do not just absorb any and everything that tends to come along and instead ever vigilantly scrutinize and ever more tenaciously after conducting the bonafide and appropriate assessments/evaluation processes catch-cache its ab’soul’ute elements-tattvah’s energetic pulse’s impulse of ever well-good willed intentionalities resolve/resolution/ray–soul-you shine……

Then, when we throe somethings-letting go of the clutter, life drops by channelizing away those disparate sets of elusive mysteriousness that we might have been ever fervently clinging onto in the form of reclusive/self draining habits-vices……..and yet further when we earnestly drop the sum thinks of letting of the obsessive latching onto myriad sets of thought patterns, and instead learn to think ever more smartly/wisely-life re-serves/re throws and re throes as well its ab’soul’ute refreshing energeticness that helps us dispel the illusive sets of self fabricated-self induced egoistical obnoxious statements and instead strive true embody the ever unique straits of our pure divine meritoriousness as/has its ab’soul’ute self — where there never was any separateness between the one that we were being to the oneness we wear always mean true be/evolve in true…… light true and through–ought/insightful concientiousness…………Durge Devi Namo Stute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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