Falling Apples from Trees? Changing Names for Luck? “Know Your Aims” Well Enough(t), That is the Ever Greatest Fortune and Truest Luck……..Stop Chasing Elusiveness’s Ever Illusive Sets of Mysterious Patterns/Paths Altogether & BE Ever More Authentic, Genuine & Realistically Legitimate True Your Nature’s Visions…………

With all due respect, this is not seeking to offend anyone’s beliefs, interests,  sentiments or values whatsoever.

This is particularly seeking to inspire those who might be leading ignorant ways of living to stop chasing some fleeting mystical notions and impulses that everything is free and just like that? without effort? without initiative? without striving? without contributing towards their respective objectives and goals and so on and so forth, for nothing is derived simply out of nothing at all especially when it is trying to just sit back ignorantly, relax and do nothing to fulfill one’s legitimate note worthy objectives/obligations ab’soul’ute fulfillment/ever fulfilling meritoriousness……..

It is being observed by some individuals who alter, change their names based upon the belief that their luck will change?

Well if their beliefs are helping and shaping their results considerably, then so be it-but the essence of all that’s ever manifesting will seek ab’soul’ute bonafide/authentic validation of every credential being cited –  since they are after all contributing to the overall good of one and all through their respective contributions towards/true worth’s their respective communities/societies ever greater symposiums in one way or another.

However, there are some other individuals sharing the very same beliefs who think otherwise? Meaning they think, aha, so I changed my name; so ahh I can relax and live my life on an auto drive; an auto pilot; an automated mode and everything will fall into place????????????????

That is purely foolish thinking; it is aimless; meaningless way of misleading life, that expecting the apples to fall from the trees just like that? First of all did they ever plant a seed, then caringly nurtured and nourished as well as diligently+prudently took care by observing to ensure the fruition and manifestation of their cherished objectives?

Nothing comes just like that, everyone needs to ever more meritoriously/vigilantly strive and contribute ever more constructively towards/true worth’s their and the overall universe’s global development by being ever essential resourceful and wisely contributive.

Therefore, the change of a name solely by itself does not necessarily confer an individual with a change of destiny, fate or any miracles whatsoever; kindly realize that before its too late and then a lot of precious years may have gone by riding on the ever anticipated beliefs; that if not now, then tomorrow, if not tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow……. only in lazing around and reclusively anticipating various aspects of nature to keep manifesting without undertaking any meaningful/note worthy initiatives accomplishments……..and so on and so forth?

Know your aims truly well, believe in your true nature’s breath’s ab’soul’ute visions and be absolutely true to your essential self; observe a well disciplined and devoted way of working and living so well that even life is ever proud of you and ensure to live your highest potential in practicing the goodwill of your immaculate nature’s righteousness in all that you are being, thinking, doing, intending, envisaging, conceptualizing, planning, orientating…………. and so on and sow forth ever more pure divine conscientiously/meritoriously……….Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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