Who’s Reading-Leading Who?

You have it? It has you? Information or Inner Formation-Insightful development?

Whether its information or inner formation-each is shaping/sharpening the manner in which we tend to make-take our life’s choices and decisions to a considerable extent..

When we can be so very selective with our cuisine-taste buds, what’s happening with some of us in our cruising with our trust gut?

Are we just hoarding and accumulating enormous sets of information that bears absolutely no relevance to our core agendas, assignments, commitments/priorities; duties, objectives, visions……..attitude of life’s beatitude………..

The point is that an entire lifetime might go by, but if we do not grow by as well-then we are all along trying to live someone else’s life insight ourselves?

Lets be absolutely honest and forthright, since where did we loose our focus? Our pure disciplined awareness?

What is it that lead us to become reclusive and just keep on acquiring so much of information that is leading to a disheveled set of sequentialities altogether?

Well, this could keep going on-but it would grown on worth’s as well demanding absolute accountability, since so much of what we are taking away in the value of our ever precious time frames is representing the intrinsic wealth of our priceless lifetime/life+true+i+aim.

Its never just words alone-but the ab’soul’ute worthiness that will ever distinctly dawn and make us wonder that how come we got ourselves entrapped into a plethora of illusive-random sets of information that’s truly not even contributed to even some of the simplest improvements in our lives and yet we seem to be obsessively looking forward to that snippet? those engagements of acquiring and forwarding any and every information that comes along?

Since all of life’s is integrally interconnected-its quite obvious-that when it dawns, we might yawn and refocus or be so tired and entwined with so much that we wonder where to start-but well, if its still in the usual way of saying, oh come tomorrow, i make a resolution to improve my etiquette?

But that tomorrow come and we get enticed with yet the typical patterns? Indeed, its our life and our privilege and no one else has a right to what we do with our time-but life and its ab’soul’ute essence will most certainly hold us accountable in seeking to ascertain that what do we do with our time as well as worth true we drew “wit”h our tie/true aim-ing, ever more insigthfullly……… for we are not just some gadget or devices that has been programmed to behave in any and every other manner that is being pivotally and ever predominantly lead away by random sets of information.

We have got our sense of disciplined due diligence and know how to discern between the appropriate sets of choices that can enrich the voices of our spoken as well as unspoken words-our read and lead worthiness………there is truly so much more that’s ever amazingly perceptible when we become ever more well aware and realize all the more better, for its not waiting for time to strike a chord, but for us true worth’s being its accord-ion’s symphonic orientation-orchestration in channelizing/strategizing ever better records/richer-wealthier virtues beaming realization with all that we are ever being……….

For the information might keep coming and testing us and enticing us to just drift and catch up with something else, but whether that is realistically helping us to contribute towards/true worth’s our essential self development/self improvement will be shown/shone forth as time goes-grows by…………….. Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi