How Much Does/Thus the Mirror of Our Pure Consciousness Keep On Expanding Well Insight…………………….

Well, its an continual devotional quest of ab’soul’ute reverential exploration that is certainly well disciplined and informative as well as inner formative …………where the ever essentially we expand and raise our consciousness, we are amazed to keep on acquainting ourselves with some of the most distinctive sets of aspects we could have ever imagined.

It all starts and grows and keeps on remaining ever ingeniously sustained by the level of our awareness’s but also so very integrally with the essence of the relationship that we foster/nurture principally insight our very own selves.

How much do we actually know ourselves well insight as life does/thus? For, the more authentically, conscientiously, meritoriously……… our interest grows, that much more likewise our inner/insight trust’s entrustedness glows………….and thenceforth elevating from one sanctified pedestal to/true another, its a matter of the infinitude of our core self realization…….. that yet further encompasses some of the most scintillating revelations ever known to humankind that will help us further contribute towards/true worth’s the wealthiness of our collective consciousness by re infusing each and every element/tattva that we ever observe/come into contact with an ever remarkable reaffirmation in the ab’soul’ute faithfulness of  our true nature’s oneness of being which evokes our ever conscientious awareness to humbly realize that we are inseparable from our divine essence in all that’s ever being………evolving…………………pure divine graciousness……………..Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

The Orbit of Human Destiny, Other Worlds/Parallel Universes-Coming & Going Since Centuries? How About Our Authentic “Insightful Growth Orientation”, its Accenture/Accent You’re – Be Realistic/This Life Lives Once, Vices Live Twice…… Whereas, Virtues Live True Thrive……………..Earth, its Call About Worth; Space, its Aisles About Grace & The Cosmos, the “Core Accord” of its Celestial Symphonies Infinite-Ever Expanding Orientation For Aligning “Wit”h the Zenith of Ever Creative Uniqueness……………………….

Most of us live life as a routine, whereas s’om’e/sum of us as its root’s inertia………whether wh’ether’ insight, outside or far beyond-there appears to be a perpetual quest of each and every aspect-element-tattva-concepts….. of the creative evolution of nature and all that’s ever being to define its ever better accord within itself before seeking its elsewhere/anywhere else at all.

The point is not about some mere gibberish or speculative notion or trying to pitch in religion or spirituality or absolutely anything randomly at all.

Its about coming to terms with the core reality oft our soulful consciousness is ever intently eavesdropping upon the manner in which we are conducting ourselves through the auspices of our body-mind matrix.

Indeed, one of the reverential aspects that is ever profoundly etched within the consciousness of each and every one of our cells, atoms, tissues, neurons…… the virtue of observing-practicing our ab’soul’ute pure divine self acceptance, so when we perceive through the auspices of the ever priceless divine visions that only a handful of noble souls have so far been able to facilitate their orbitting across the passages of celestial realms while very much amidst the earthly echelons.

Well that is with its pristine pure stillness well insight and cannot be merely acquired or availed and needs to be meritoriously attained, for its pedestals are laced with aspects that are far beyond any description-they are by themselves and can only be re-cognized once we have earnestly made ourselves eligible/worthy enough of its stature’s perceptible consideration even if for a bare few moments-that quest for self realization is not a myth, but an absolute reality that cannot be convocated and elucidates from roof tops or propagated across social media channels to cause an stir, but is privileged in such a manner that when we experience and realize it-we do not consider the need to go about trying to transform or convince anyone else-for then its the ray-arch-shine that emanates from our soulful consciousness and not the typical reactionary instincts.

The ray and the arch and the shine is not some sci fi or fancy connotation-but is intending to humbly exemplifying invocation of the ray connoting the ever bright and distinct awareness-while the arch is about its ever expanding nature and the shine is about the multi dimensional process, where the disparate sets of illusive energies/notions/initiatives….. are completely abandoned-almost like an absolute upheaval of far much more than clutter alone/those resentment or negative sets of tendencies and likewise deviations are liberated and then the ever purer and defining/refining sets of energies that are ever virtuously wise and note worthier-that are ever more creative note worthy and intelligently equipoised and replenishing and making us feel ever more fulfilled-meaning that we are enough by ourselves–this is not some philosophical incantation, but the enough is intending to reverberate the uniqueness of our self contentment and ab’soul’ute gratuitousness.

So well, coming back to the other aspects and our celestial agendas, they will not be merely discussed or revealed and neither can anyone speculatively brandish and mislead or try to impress anyone else since we are not permitted to go about announcing anything when we essentially do not know ourselves-meaning that each and every soul has true sanctify and realize the other aspects by themselves in such a manner where they are liberating themselves from engagement with any and every element of viciousness that might either be subconsciously permeated/far deep rooted insight – in the form of  sanskaras-psychological impressions….or for that matter impending  tag on’s from several lifetimes of promises to self improve ourselves but to no avail?

The point is entirely different from this body/mind’s mere perceptibility – for time and again, we will only be precisely shown-shone and acquainted and avail the privilege of witnessing revelation of those distinct aspects that we keep on making ourselves worthy of-this is not some financial worthiness or just going about on a philanthropic quest that it will absolve our overload of sins or for that matter suddenly disguising ourselves with different cloaks and garbs…, that will not work, for its not the personality/the character that we perceive with our eyes, but the characteristics that are perceptible with our immaculate divine vision….. the point is not to be-do anything just for pretentious sake-for we are going on having so many points that are unfulfilled and left half way somewhere along the way?

Almost like a child who is fascinated with every newer toy, but here its our lifetimes that have been accumulating with their repositories of enormous deeds that we barely have any scant knowledge of.

Now it is not seeking to become a hermit or saint and abandon one’s worldly duties, no-no and no-there is no renunciation or any abandonment involved, rather it is while being/doing and fulfilling our world duties also striving to make them ever ore worthily accomplish-able.

This could keep going on…..but it will obviously grow on worth’s as well-since its time and again about that precise accord-about that priceless worthiness-about that unique testament that our soulful consciousness is testimonial to…….its more about devoting our absolute-complete attentiveness/awareness and realizing what-worth is it that we are ever being-doing at any given instance; for that by itself will gradually help us to become more focused and then from the self centered that might have been all along true worth’s the self core accentured/accentuated…….remember the divine accent/the divine terminology and its ever reverential shabd-vakya-pravachan-psalms-sacred recitations-granthiyan-vedas, the way thus; celestial scriptures connotations……… and so many more reverential spoken/unspoken…. ‘writ’ten/un’writ’ten……..words that represent the ab’soul’ute worthiness of the ever creative evolutionary renaissance that we penchantingly yearn for(th)…………….and obviously, there’s more to come that is not the coming and going-but the calm in(sight) and growing in(sight) our ever virtuous wisdom’s ab’soul’utely ever meritorious virtues conscientiousness……………….Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi