Wow, Heaven on Earth: How About Vow, Earth’s Inner Haven, the Core True its Encore………………………Since Centuries, its Always Been/Beam/Beaconing/Beckoning………………………What’s it or Its Worth=Worth it!

………………………Indeed, ab’soul’utely within/across each and every moment its elucidating the uniqueness of – “heave inner worth”.

The insightful realms of our pure divine virtuousness are not bound by any elements, factors and conditionalities that are egoistically induced.

In a gist, the essence of the infinite evolutionary testaments of the hallmarks of time have been entwined with tie+aim=true i am/aim.

i humbly intending the exemplify the ever gracious symposium of our collective consciousness.

So the point is, within each note worthier word that we practice-it distinctly brings forth its accord and helps us ever better reconcile with realization of the ever immaculate worthiness that’s orientating…… and thereby helping us to remain as much in the world has its ab’soul’ute worthiness.

It so happens that when some of us consider worthlessness more by being ignorant and idling and squandering each and every moment of our lives in boisterously discriminating and resenting ourselves and others, we tend to create an environment of distrust with all of the creative forces of nature.

That leads either to ever more misled sets of avenues or enormous stagnation where we are baffled and do not know how to re emerge from the fathomless pits that were delved into out of sheer ignorance.

While there might be differing opinions and perspectives regarding the essence of heaven, its ever more akin to our very own earth.

Which means that when we start earnestly entreating all of earth ever more as heaven not just pretentiously, but authentically-we tend to rekindle not just the conduciveness of our perception, but so very much even with the sequence of evolving circumstance, scenarios and so on and sow forth…….

How this happens is vow-yes, we are fulfilling and accomplishing ever more note worthily those ever remarkable sets of goals and visions that help us expand and raise our stature not to over shadow anyone else, but rather to grow ever more in our ever ardent respectfulness with which we incarnated.

Well, we will be further acquainted in precise degrees those sets of ever virtuous visions of our wisdom consciousness that we keep making ourselves worthy of.

Its always been worth and its worthiness that is not entwined with amassing of riches only but an well balanced portfolio whereby we are being able to evolve with ever greater degrees of prudent and sensible acumen in responsibly governing our affairs and fulfilling our respective commitments and priorities………..

The point is that there is an ever greater creative intelligence diaspora who we are quite reverentially reflecting upon at certain times-whether we call them angels, devatas, farishta., divine messengers……….. they are very much present and witness how we are ever meritoriously conducting ourselves with what-remember worth also and not just what-so its what/worth we have been bestowed.

Which means, that with a remarkable attitude of precise good willed sensible conduct that is not grabbing or snatching away other’s belongings deviously or standing on the shoulders of anyone else except one’s essential conscientiousness/meritoriousness………..will be able to keep on experiencing and realizing an ever remarkable state of being and fulfilling like never before.

That’s not because someone is preferentially blessed, rather its their karmic repositories that hold the key to some extent and then their sanskaras-psychological impressions, where they are either being ever more with life or just living ever more with doing?

That i want more and wailing and belittling others or indulging in incessant indiscriminate attitudes and likewise behavioral tendencies only lead  to one’s downfall for the worse.

The point becomes that when some of us in so many lifetimes have barely been able to acquire or acquaint ourselves with certain  levels of awareness that are meticulously and ever meritoriously orientated, then it means in this lifetime, either we take the initiatives or they are remaining idle and then all our feigning and pretentious nature will not be seen even by the walls, for no one could keep on incessantly caring…….if we are not being able to earnestly take appropriate care of our entrusted responsibilities.

Since the virtue of worth is not perceivable but when its worth it, we know-for when we just blurt out angrily in frustration, what’s it? We are not resentfully channelizing those irate sets of energies towards someone else, but very much insight our very ownselves, since no one is really interested in your malicious attitudes and illusive angry demeanor.

So while there might be so many aspects and this could be far more exhaustively reflected upon, it would be pointless for some individuals who are not willing to change and want to just exchange their destinies?

That is not possible, since consciousness is not transferable and we each have to ever more meritoriously fulfill our destinies in an ever more commendable and yes worthier/note worthier manner….. and so it goes/grows on….. and we will be shown that which is shown=shone from well insight worth’s enshrined within our true nature’s evolutionary consciousness, so whether we want to focus on our essential self development/self improvement right/bright from this very moment onwards-on worth’s is precisely up true you please……………Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi