U & I, We’re Us……………


The universe of people’s lives; the life of people’s universality………..

There’s truly a world of ever wealthier meaningfulness that’s perceptible when in essence you are being yourself, i am being myself and so are they being themselves………..

We have been born-borne true be authentically ourselves, but when some of us keep pretentiously observing certain codes of conducts, we are illusively alienating ourselves from the genuine call of life.

Its never about the fanciness of words, since centuries its been exemplifying the core worth that’s far beyond any description.

Worthiness is not just a lofty statement of an incessant quest, but also so very much about reconciling with the bare actualities of our lives-regardless of our conditions/statures/situations……through the process of practicing our pure divine self acceptance.

For if we remember the divine only in times of emergencies or only when we want to keep on supplicating for this, that and so much more to manifest, but when will we legitimately manifest-emerge from the core crust of the uniqueness to step into our nature.

For its not waiting only to get and beget-but to bring ever deeper insightful realization to what–worth we are already being-bestowed/endowed with.

Putting someone down does not uplift us and neither does resenting ourselves or anyone else.

The point is to devote our focus upon raising our self esteem and perceiving ourselves in such a manner that there is a celestial consistency in al that’s ever being-evolving whether insight, outside or far beyond.

Yet again, its not that aspect of remaining solely in one frame of mindset-but rather being multi dimensionally pro active, where when we are eating our food, eat ab’soul’utely-not trying to multi task even when eating despite the most prolific schedules where there is barely time to breathe-yes, this is what’s happening, that when we exclaim, we are so very full of our schedules, that to take the privilege to breath wholesomely is something of a treasure?

That is just one example-that we are illusively depriving and go on eluding from the integral pathways of our lives where we self impose certain notions and then keep observing those sets of conducts till they tend to bind and only remain bound-when will we liberate and sets ourselves free from the myriad sets of self induced notions?

Eating is only one example-there might be others such as when driving and trying to shift our focus more on the messages and chat conversations? Is this what life has taught us?

No its not trying to be over smart or oh yeah i know what you’re trying to get it-stop the b.s…….for when some mishap occurs, its our families who suffer the most-get that clear-for the point is to re instill a sense of appropriate normalcy and absolute sensibility…….

Some keep retorting to others, are you out of your head? Well, are they heading ought of themselves altogether-that is what’s consternating, since they-meaning some of us just go too far out in all that is ever being and when we want to find some solace or sense of normalcy, despite the most fabulous vacations, our mindsets are in turmoil?

That”s because when we gradually keep giving those sets of malicious tendencies the leverage insight ourselves, the good willed frequencies keep getting stiffed-and then even the well experience psychologists might be baffled, since we have-we meaning some of us have entwined and knotted ourselves in such  a mesh-not a mess-but a mesh and then enmeshing layer upon layer.

The mess might tend to be clearing the clutter, but the mesh is so many layers that its obscure and there is so much that is remaining hidden-almost as if we are becoming hidden from our very own-selves?

Which means at any given moment when we ask some people, where are you? They’re blank and clueless and resonate where am i? No,its not just the essence of the presence only, its also seeking to exemplify-where aim i?

Yes the aims acclaim, disclaim, exclaim, proclaim…….so which tendency some of us latch onto and then pursue certain aims tends to become like an ever passionate quest, but where are we heading after all? So its not others being out of their mind, but for those of us who are not being mindfully aware at any given moment of this lifetime at all-and that is catastrophic when over a period of years, the heap of illusive sets of practices lead us down an fathomless abyss and that pit is only engulfing ever more bitter sets of tendencies, which means its quite easier to fall down into illusiveness and then keep wading between the oh i don’t know and blaming destiny or other factors, but the divine will resonates, that we have defied and remained in denial and until we atone by earnestly striving to define and practice pure divine self acceptance as well as so many other righteous codes of conduct, could there be some gradual possibilities of some healing achievable-but the time in between/the process might require phenomenal degrees of not just endurance, but very far much more altogether that is far beyond the usual or even unusual-meaning that there might be so many aspects of ourselves coming ever forthrightly to the ab’soul’ute forefront without any qualms or pretentiousness-where truly speaking, we are not ego ridden, but let go and let’s grow with in-sightfulness; the aspects of insight and virtues and wisdom and likewise characteristics/disciplines are not merely some fancy orientations, but an integral heartbeat as well as very remarkable visions of our every breath’s visions-divya prana shakti/pure divine life force energies.

Take any other aspect of our lives, it sums up and keeps summoning in the identical manner that how much of our awareness we are essentially conferring to any given objectives/task at any given instance is precisely what’s thereby’s unfolding and to ensure that there is a sense of equanimity that pervades and permeates and suffuses each and every element of our being, since if we are having us against our very ownselves, then who can help us please? The point is that we know very well insight that what is good, what is meaningful, what is in our better interests……………. and so on and sow forth, but yet despite all, if we just gate crash and say what the heck? and just throw caution to the winds and just venture out bashfully?

Nature, Evolution and the Universe and not going to tolerate our whimsical attitudes or even given us a second chance at many a time–that is because we learn the hard way, but why not learn the worthier way-i did not write heart way or arth way-arth connotes meaningful way.

That’s because worthier way is discerning and appropriately determining the most prudent sets of choices and not getting allured or swayed by how we are feeling at any particular moment-for when we make note worthiness our compass, its seeking to invoke the moral compass with which our soulful consciousness evolves.

For then, we are eminently setting about re instilling an ever greater sense of orderliness not just in all that life’s being-but ever so much in what=worth we are ever being as well.

Since its quite easy to point and keep pointing, but the more meritorious joyfulness is when we appoint-when we take ab’soul’ute responsibility of we being true ourselves with each and every breath of our life”s pure divine self acceptance……………Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi