Be Realistic/The Essence of Your Self Realization – Reconcile “Wit”h the Integral Breath of Your True Nature’s Ever Virtuous Emerging /Envisioning/Evolutionary Potentialities……………….

Step Out From the Drama Mode/Step in True the Dharma Modicum – Fulfillment of Your Ab’soul’ute Duties Orientationalities Perspectives oft Ever Modest & Humblest Modalities  Attitude/Beatitude

Its Aim+Owe+Calm/Con-ventionalities Observance & Not Just Any & Every Emo-tioanlities Illusive Absorbance-The Point is Not To Get So Over Engrossed or Carried Away & Become Compulsively Over Obsessive, For That Which Takes Away Your Absolute Attention At Times For Considerable Spans of Moments is Staking & Stalking the Very Integrated Momentum of So Very Much More – Undercutting the Preciousness Quotient/Resourcefulness of Your Ever Precious Time Sensible Management – Well, W’here’ Are You Being Most At Any Given Instance?

For That’s What=Worth=Your Pure Disciplined/Devoted Insightful Awareness’s Completeness That Will Determined Far/Fair Much More/Moor……Don’t Get Captivated, Distracted, Disoriented, Disillusioned, Discouraged and Certainly Not Enticed or Seduced By Some Aspects That Might Be Entirely Something Else With Far Summon-Things-Hails of Peril-Yes, the Danger is When We Do Not Realize & Merely Retort Chalta Hain….. Peechen Dekhenge? The Hain Resonates Aap Ka Chaal Aisa Thaa, To Ab Uska Jurmana Bhi Bhugatna Padenga – In Essence the ……..

……..Chalta Hain//Oh Yeah/We Will See Later? Have a Blast? Have a Ball? Irresponsible Attitude & Being Least Bothered Might Tend to Augment – Backfire & Become One of the Biggest/Largest Botheration’s With Multiple Sets of Intricate Complexities, But Why Play Around With Life Please?

Just Because We Have Been Entrusted/Vested With the Esteemed Privilege to Make/Take Choices-Decision Does Not Mean We Can Just Go By Any Whims or Fancies! Rather its We+Aim’s=We Face We Ourselves the Ever Most With the Settlement of the Accountabilities/Karmic Debts Whether From This Lifetime or Previous Lifetimes Throught the Auspices of our Sanskaras-Psychological Impressions Ever Firm-Formidable Resolve

And Regarding the Peechen Dekhenge? its the Swachhta of Your Divya Ang-Divine Embodiment’s Glands That Truly Deserve the Very Highest Degree of Sanctification, Purity & Pristine Virtuousness of the Most Austere, Chaste & Sacredest of Characteristics Reciprocity – the Peechen is Not What We Left Behind or Will See Later, But the Very Hindsight of the BE’i’ng That’s Foreseeing Far/Ever Farther Much More W’here’ the Dekh Being the Core Perception of Our Innermost/Highest Pure Divine Consciousness’s Substratum-Sab/Divya Sachh Stotram……..Which Elucidates the Immaculate Covenant’s Resonance’s That Our Soulful Consciousness is Ever Good Willingly Acquainted/Merged/Emerging & Submerging…..Evolving All-Call Along-Elongated “Wit”h Precise/Precious Allocated Wit’s Ever Conscientious/Meritorious Infinitude…………….

Time+ True Aims and Again, its the Ever Unique Competencies of Your Ever Brilliant, Creative & Magnificent Faculties That Seek-Speak Far Much More Than Words in its Ever Devotional-Pure Stillness Silent Laser Like Focus Ought oft its Essential Note Worthiness’s Disciplines….

Reality/Realization is the time/true aim’s that life waits-weights upon………..Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi