Who else is they? They, who hails!

Wh’ether’ we beckon from outside or well insight-the essence of life distinctly resonates ever more remarkably well in sync with our beaconing-namely, our core intentionalities.

Let us learn to be mindfully aware not just when we are speaking, but also seeking with those myriads sets of th’oughts’ – its essentially about bringing clarity to our perception/perspective-learning to define ever more better-not bitter.

There really is no point is hiding behind someone’s shadows and hurling projectiles and harming others interests.

For when we strive ourselves to create something absolutely invaluable, we will intensively realize that what might be whatever, but worth is ever note worthiers.

Whether several centuries ago, now or even further ahead-whether on our planet earth or in the spatial realms and even yet further beyond the cosmos/galaxies/celestial realms…….its always been the merit factor – l’earn’ to be ever more meritorious………

Its not about the awards and medals – but even where some of the simplest aspects of our lives that can catapult us to some of the most eminent pedestals not just because of a heart of gold, but the goodwill of our earth as well.

For in all that we breathe, create, conceptualize, intend to accomplish….. and so and sow forth– its an integral part/path of the pancha tattva-five great elements that we are partaking of in our input.

Which means we must be all that ever more mindfully aware where we are being at absolutely any given moment/momentum

What we are being and then doing and not just merely doing and then scratching ourselves as to what we are being, its being true who we ever were, are and will ever be – not just doing it, but being it primarily, so the checkpoint and gateway of our pure disciplines awareness intervenes and ever more effectively regulates what? its worth we are ever intending to fulfill……….so never go about assumptively indulging in any indiscriminate hurling of words – but heal the worth, be ever worthy of the raising and expanding of your insightful awareness and not just go about merely racing furiously, since its more about input and fulfilling and not just putting in and over filling.

For all of life is equanimously well balanced and when we tend to disrupt the harmonious equilibrium, its we who are hurting our very own selves the most; learn to respect and uphold all that has been so very remarkably created by our ancestors so very conscientiously, diligently, prudently and thoughtfully and do not just go about recklessly championing someone else’s objectives, since each of us strive to be appreciated-but that must be acquired through earning and not merely yearning.

That sense of devotionality must essentially prevail where we are not engaging in any forceful acquisitions or harming anyone’s core interests – since others are like us – so when we realize our true nature, its through nurturing of our core values that we are being able to perceive the ever more greater magnitude and remarkability of what=worth our life integrally represents/ray presents…………Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi