The Essence of Life is Ever O/A(U)thentic; Its Not Just the Sunny Side, But Ever Realistically BEing Every Moment’s/Momentum’s Absolute Resonant Insightfulness……………. ever ready as well as ray-day even; the ray and its day is not just about making space, but realizing the pace “wit”h which we are ever uniquely evolving and integrating that/those aspects of ourselves as well as all of nature’s elementalization that will help us to ever formidably tackle/resolve as well as reconcile….. and so on and sow forth ever more commendably, determinably and meritoriously………

For at times, everything can change altogether despite even adhering to some of the most strictest protocols,,,,,,, and then where being ignorant or illusive is concerned-this tends to ever more distinctly keep on affecting one’s far much more integrally than one might ever realize…..

Its more about learning to be ever forthright to realizing that the principles of life’s nature provide us with the ever unique privileges to enhance the scope of our learning ever more pro actively and not just re-actively – where we are just willing to adapt to certain practices out of sheer pressure?

Because in that way, once the situations stabilizes-we might tend to get back to the reclusive way of dealing with thhings?

Whereas at so many a time when somethings happen-whether it be normal, abnormal, unusual or whatsoever…..the objective of life’s evolutionary tract want us to establish a pact with all of our life’s elements/tattvas in such a manner that we are being able to ever better connect, convocate, define, integrate……. and so on and sow forth-whereby there might come a time, we might grow ever more well versed with the prolific sets of considerable practice, but well-the uniqueness of life is so astounding that its always re-ray/presenting us with yet ever so/sow much more usefulness to/true l’earn’ well/will insight-as much as will-well outside/ought-cite…………

And one peculiar factors that ought to be ever more mindfully aware is that the symphony of all of life’s creativeness eavesdrops even so much on that ever quiet sets of core intentionalities-bhavana…….

Which means despite not a word being spoken, there is so much more reaching and transcending far across with ever far reaching consequences/implications……..

Which also means that our virtue of realization while being absolutely realistic of course is to ensure that we are not getting far too absorbed, engrossed, obsessive or indiscriminate…….with our respective sets of choices/decisions……even if insight-because whether we are noticing or not, there is/are certain sets of seeds that we are planting/implanting/harvesting and that sprinkling process might not appear so daunting, since it might be occurring while confronting myriad sets of ongoing challenges……..

The point is to learn to be ever more well in charge of ourselves and not/never ever handling over the charring/recharging of 1ur very own-selves to anyone else whatsoever!

For at times, somethings might try to entice and tempt–lure us away from our sensible way of meaningful codes of conduct, but then we cannot just blame others and escape the consequences.

For we are mature and must realize that regardless of whatever the choice/decision, never get mislead or carried away into believing someone else its time up or its hopeless or all is lost-that/those self defeating strategies/tactics are purposefully deployed by that/those individuals who are not willing good for anyone else-for they are illegitimately misleading others.

Its our life and we must ensure that we are ab’soul’utely being its ever note worthier testament of the very finest virtues of absolute meaningfulness and meritoriousness in all that we are ever being true our lives and not twisting words or definitions out of context-since no melodrama is going to help us ever rectify certain aspects of our lives.

The seriousness with which life evolves must be carefully understood/realized well and honorably fulfilled to ensure that we are never harming/hurting/offending anyone including ourselves in any way whatsoever;  and well there be so very much more that’s evolving right at this very moment as well that is not perceptible enough? Which means that we must be evolving ever more brightly-namely intelligently/with ever greater degrees of insightful awareness and observance of likewise characteristics-disciplines, since at times-we have to literally reinvent ourselves altogether – but explicitly ensure that our core values and constancy of ever meaningful purposefulness that is universally acceptable/established never changes….

Meaning, its never just about impressing others or just going ahead-but ever essentially about the aim-precisionality and insightful growth in divine grace, virtues, wisdom and likewise characteristics-disciplines ever more commendably……..Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

Sweekar….Accept Life Completely…..Cherishing/Stepping inTo/inTrue the Completeness of Life’s Perspective……..Envisioning the Perception of Life’s Instep………..

While absolutely being ever realistic of course – availing the privilege of the likelihood enrollment of ourselves into/in true/en through-ought/insight the competencies/completeness of life’s th-oughtful-fill-ment/ever meritorious infinitude……..

Likelihood, since its an consistent aim prove-meant/merit process-where its not just waiting for acquiring more-but that ever unique growth in divine grace, virtue, wisdom and likewise characteristics-disciplines orientation that makes us realize that there truly is still so much more remarkability of our life’s true nature’s that we ought to learn from well insight…… and then while the essence of life’s ever virtuous wisdom determines our credential’s eligibility/qualifications that are not typically gauged/measured as we might be accustomed to…….but ever more in the mode of how the creative evolutionary pact of all of life ever precisely determines………

Which does not mean an abstract or aimless pursuit of uncertainty, but ever more about letting go of that/those peculiar expectations of only having more and instead ever authentically being more-moor “wit”h what===worth we are ever being……..

For life’s exponentiality is ever resourcefully evolving with its ever unique multi dimensional spectrum of some of the most fabulous sets of proficient capabilities – and whether we are just being in sync with life’s nature simply because we want to merely go ahead? or seem+ply grow ahead worthily……..

The plying is not some pretentious enactment, but ever essentially the legitimate devotional inclination that realizes that life is not seeking any barter system and neither will it merely confer from any sentimental perspective.

Its takes the core values, ideals, principles, characteristics, disciplines, virtues…….as well as so many other essential factors into absolute consideration-whereby, there must be an harmonious establishment achieved well insight our own selves.

So it also means that since this and likewise alignments/practices cannot merely come by instantaneously, and obviously require an full fledged/completely sincere amalgamation of some of the most unique sets of virtues conformance ever known to humankind, it keeps on providing us with diversified yet distinctive sets of ever privilege opportunities to/true grow true worth’s that/those aspects of ourselves that mirror our pure consciousness’s awareness’s disciplined orientation in all that’s ever being-beaming-be+aiming; beaconing and beckoning with utmost humility, modesty and an consistent sense of absolute reality/realization of all the ever worthier states of being without/sans any illusive forays whatsoever.

Why it seeks to input us-meaning that we are ever remarkably engaging and participating in the ongoing meritorious processes as well as unlearning and letting go of that which is not conducive for our physical, mental, spiritual, psychological well being….. and so on and sow forth in  well defined and orderly manner……which also heralds the apparent realization of how very precise the nature of life’s uniqueness emanates/emerges and keeps on sustainably growing “wit”h the ab’soul’uteness of all that’s ever been insight call that’s ever being and will ever be-ever more commendably…………..

This also teaches us to consistently keep on adapting ourselves ever more dynamically with the ardent and ever devotional inclination to keep improving/aim proving ourselves regardless of the milestones we might have already surpassed…

For its not just about going more well ahead-but growing more will-the indomitable will power ahead in such a definable manner that makes all of life proud of each and every element/tattva that’s comprising of our ever remarkable well being/evolving……..Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi