One by One

Once we have it all? In all, its one’s we are ever having……….

Each moment has more than we are ever being – so in order true be, its seeking that we ever authentically be absolutely present true worth’s each and every momentum’s evolutionary impulse.

Then, we will distinctly realize that having is sow very much integrally true the authentic measure that we are integrally being.

For all that’s life is emanating from the perception of our core insight-so, when we rekindle and re-instill that uniqueness “wit”h which we were immaculately incarnating……then we resume, the self realization process that makes us cognizant with the actuality of our being’s ab’soul’uteness…….

Its never about any twist of words or fancier synchronizations, but the intrinsic blending/weaving together of each and every divine breath’s impulse – that yearns for our multi dimensional growth orientation.

For so many of us, its just the outer having that’s paramount and overshadows the inner-core insightful relegation of posthumously being that which nature could have–namely partake.

Its about the process of learning to be, where its not more of the things that we do not have-but ever more of the essential thinking=pure awareness that we do not contemplate?

So at any given moment, if we are being in that quest for only having more without ever note worthily being that much more eligible/qualified to accommodate the infinite spans of life’s chapters, we might keep on acquiring so much more of worth matters, but then with our perspective gyrating with just the what factor-worth keeps eluding us due to the stark reality that we might have forgotten how very uniquely and ever preciously that ……each and every moment is worth it and not merely what it!

For when what it – remains with what all the ever more and then  without being able to define well enough, there is more of that irksome attitude of lashing out and retorting with a sarcastic typical way of responding-such as, what’s it?

No one is here to tolerate your illusive attitudes life’s essence resonates-which means, the latitude of our attitude ought true shift/raise instead of being obsessed with racing.

Meaning that when we are being able to input rather than merely put in and likewise when we are being able to precisely fulfill instead of merely full filling or filling full, we are being able to establish a  more harmonious equilibrium well insight.

That ekagratta chitta – one pointed consciousness knows us so very well – right/bright from the very core essence of our being seeks for us to learn to trust with what=worth we have been entrusted.

And then, ever more intelligently ensure that within/across each and every day of our lives-we are being able to create ever greater value not just monetarily, but also in so many more virtuous contexts/regards that no money could ever buy-for the wealthiness of our priceless virtues encompasses some of the most profound sets of fabulous capabilities ever known to humankind.

And yet further, this or that…..or so much else more could keep branching out into divergent nodes and contextualities not just for a reason – but for fulfillment of an ever meritorious resonance and meaningful purpose.

So it goes on…… and on……. till we realize-its always been growing on worth, only if we could learn to bring about an ever greater degree of awareness to what/worth we are being true our lives rather than merely pin pointing that oh life did this? or that oh they did that? or that i don’t have it all?……

For when we are being the one true our oneness, then its one’s elements-tattvas that we are unifying with will make us ever remarkably realize that its consistently that constancy of purposefulness “wit”h what’s=worth’s our attitude to=true life’s beatitude………..Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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