#RadheKrishna #LordKrishna #HappyJanmashtami #Krishna Cosmic Clouds, Om Krishna Narayana Granthi – Fr’om’ the Celestial Cord/Sacred Navel True it Chords Core System-Seek Stem/Knoweth thy Divine K’now’ Will – Fr’om’ Every Pulse True its Impulse – Fr’om’ the Body True its Embodiment, Untying the Illusive/Delusive Bonds that Mysteriously Entwine Us……….Every Moment’s Axiom is Being Absolutely True its Core Momentum’s Aims Precisionalities Ever Commendable-Meritorious Fulfillment & Never Any Illusive/Random Process of Impressing!

Intuitively Exploring the Gracious Infinite Divine Potentialities Evolution of its Myriad Galaxies/Universes’s Ever Expanding Meaningful/Purposeful/Insightful Visions……….

Conclusion? C’om’clude, C’alm’cloud/”Cosmic Clouds”, Intuitively Exploring the Infinite Divine Potentialities Evolution of its Myriad Galaxies/Universes

There’s Infinitely M’or’e/Moor True/Through the Sacred Realms Infinitude of Our Pure Divine Universe Within as Well/Will/Goodwill All Around/Through-Ought As Well As/Has Beyond Us-Thus, Focusing Ever More Essentially On Nurturing Our Meritoriously Commendable Nature…………….



Indeed, could the sacred essence’s virtuous wisdom’s frequencies of the cosmic clouds embody/encapsulate s’om’e priceless insights/revelations that could help to uniquely contribute towards establishing a more well informative outlook/paradigm of our creative intellectual faculties quotient; whereby we could exemplify the principled approach of emulating the cherished aspirations of our ancestors/particularly our beloved Parents and immediate Families, who always yearn for us true “live our divine light true/through it’s infinite insight ever sow pure divine worthily”?

It’s not but actually knot; the Narayana Granthi=the sacred bond of our eternal wisdom’s beautitude virtuous sanctified vision’s envisioning; as we may be conscientiously aware; regarding cosmic clouds, while browsing online, I came across the following extract featured in brackets(( )) further below:-

((vast cosmic objects, composed primarily of hydrogen molecules and helium atoms, where new stars and planets are born. These clouds can contain more mass than a million suns, and stretch across hundreds of light years))

The point of every appointment earnestly seeks for us true earnestly live each and every m’om’ent of our lives in conformance with the sacred essence of our pure divine natures awareness consciousness that’s encapsulating our divine virtues infinite potential elucidating the goodwill of God’s will in all that ever was, is and could ever be with us as itself’ true nature.

It’s not some illusion but an humble aspiration true realize the sanctity of all of the creative evolutionary graciousness that amazingly permeates/suffuses the core essence of our being as well as all that abundantly fulfills each and every element of every tattva=principle/value, ever sow pure divine worthily.

Who knows that with the acquisition; no not  acquisition, since we are an integral part/path of the cosmic grace, sow it could be rather stated as follows; that this could be one of our humblest awareness orientated initiative that could further lead us true wards embarking on an more creatively virtues orientated paradigm of infinite visions of cosmic wisdom, ever sow pure divine meritoriously, virtuously and worthily; whereby we could apart from realizing the divine purposefulness of our being/lives keep on amazingly enhancing the scintillating expanding conscientiousness of our pure divine evolutionary infinite growth of its pure divine virtues that remain forever enshrined within the sacred realms of our true nature; of its pure divine graciousness and of it’s pure divine wisdom’s ever virtuous visions ever sow pure divine worthily and with absolutely utmost due diligence/prudence,, tenacity and pragmatic/forthright accountability-no mixing/twisting or putting matters out of context, since each moment comes only once in a lifetimes and represents tremendous sets of enormous sets of profound responsibilities, so do not just do anything to impress anyone else including one’s own self-rather be absolutely sensible in observing a well defined code of conduct that never violates and rules, laws and regulations since the karmic cycle is ever resolutely-stringently prevalent, whether in this world or even farther beyond…..; Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna; Krishna Krishna Hare Hare; Hare Rama, Hare Rama; Rama Rama Hare Hare; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chand

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