Photo or For True Graphing Our Soul? Ruk Ruk Ruk/Look Look Look – Practice the Internalization Pause; Observe/Not Absorb – None of the Selfie Melodrama that Oh, So/Sow/Soar U Know Who Was With Me? Be Realistic, Our Soul Yearns For Us True Devote Our Ab’soul’ute Sets of Privileged Moments Every Day “Wit” Our Meticulous Disciplined Attitudes Beatitudes in Practicing Pure Divine Self Acceptance Awareness Meditation To/True Grow Ever Better Insightfully………….

Some individuals ever fervently spend most of their moments by titling them elusively? Getting ever prolifically over absorbed/engrossed/obsessed with so very much of all else except their very own selves core interests essential fulfillment – where-as/has the essence of our soul, with its ever nobler/virtuous and wiser quest in attainments of its ever note worthier entitlements………….

Its almost like, by themselves, they lack awareness of their self worthiness-oft who they’re in essence after all-and remain ever consternatingly latched onto that co dependency in such a manner as withdrawing from the shared spectrum of energies in such a manner that its weighing down the overall matrix of the uniqueness of relationships-which evolve more from a conducive/meaningful/mature and realistic observance and fulfillment of the relevant processes not as commodities exchanges-but ever more of core-meritorious-arch’s-ranges-meaning, we are multi dimensionally orientating, but when we stifle and suppress/resent certain aspects and then keep on trying to evolve on a single wheel in an uneven manner-knowing we have the proper two and more wheels-chakra.

But then bemoaning with that strange disgruntled dis satisfaction sets of tendencies…… without ever meaningfully contributing back to the ever greater sum of the shared relationships in a dignified/respectful manner, but why please?

For if we keep draining away and taking far much more than we are ever contributing in a fair/fare and legitimate manner-then its more like we are getting into those compulsive-repulsion sets of cycles of just taking any and everything for granted, but the hands/glands of nature’s karmic process cannot tolerate us in trying to disrupt the harmonious balance of nature’s ever well defined equilibrium/equanimity…….

And thereby, those who keep on illusively wandering and only looking in that what’s in it for me only eventually face the solitary process of facing ever lonelier phases-since one cannot just tend to take others and the universe for a free ride-there is a well defined set/code of conduct that is orchestrating far much more than we might have ever imagined-realized; hence, if we ever whimsically think that we can get away with any and everything, in any and every way-we are sadly mistaken.………….Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi


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