Someone Else Has it…Has What? Be Clear, Not Abruptly Speculative; Life is Not a Riddle, its Rid ill & Then Wit Will-Your Indomitable Will Power That’s Ever Pragmatically/Realistically Being-Doing Something Ever More Better, Rather than Merely Reminiscing Elusively…….

The aspect of someone else has it more better or greater is far fetched from the very core reality of matter in its ab’soul’ute essence.

For in that process of someone-its the summons and where has it=is the mirroring consciousness process of as it; remember the like begets like principle.

So well, while we can never ever grow if we keep evading the absolute reality of our lives and striving to better define, so that we are being able to ever more definably and never defyingly or remaining in any self denial rigid frame of mindset.

For if things have to get better, its ever more about and not a-bout of what’s/worth’s the definition of that multi dimensional betterment.

Why certain aspects tend to challenge us to the very core of our being is because-whether in some of our previous lifetimes or this very lifetime, we are living illusively and chasing some fleeting notions that are defying the very authentic reality of life’s nature, principles and core values.

We never learnt the essential lessons and improved whether then or now still lagging far behind? But then as life’s worth it, so are you-do not just focus on the i am proving-that egoistical delusional process, but rather ever more on the aim-proving/the core visions that are ever prudently conforming to a realistic approach true worth’s absolutely each and every moment of our lives in after learning-intending true practice/implement the respective principles/values/virtuous wisdom consciousness’s ever commendable-meritorious and sensible approach that keeps fulfilling us with realization of our ever remarkable sets of well defined capabilities/faculties and ever note worthier way=mannerism of being/evolving meritoriousness…………… Durge Devi Namo Stute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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