The Monkey Drew/Grew… What/ Brain Storm? Waiting For the Next Civilization? How-Vow About Brain Core Stem’s Streaming-Akin True the Essential Stream of our Embryonic-Evolutionary Consciousness; Worth R U Growing With Insight Your “Wit” Drawing oft Your Ab’soul’ute Creative C’om’petencies? Our Brain Cells/Entire Being is-are Not Our Strain Cells Please; Observe Your Brain, “Train” Your Observation/Optimal Serve/Deserving Envisioning Observationality Evolutionary Ever Commendable-Meritorious Ingeniousness……….


Learn to-true-thoroughly perceive; perceive the essence of your remarkableness enshrined insight your higher consciousness as well as through-ought your yearning with an ab’soul’ute sense of utmost reverentiality for all of life.-including your very owns self-pure divine self acceptance practice in all that’s ever being…..and an ever ardently keen essence’s perspective of establishment of an equanimous balance well insight… well as likewise sets of essential disciplines/etiquette’s/practices….observances ever note worthier fulfillment.

Your brain can be trained better- but that does not mean that it has to be over strained in overfilling it with intriguing sets of mundane information, engaging in illusive sets of activities and whiling away one’s ever precious lifetime-moment by moment-ever speculatively absorbing more of what is only weighing one’s down and belittling one’s self as incapable or unworthy or perception of one’s ownself based always on other’s grading-rating, how come? How and when will the vicious cycle of psychological defrauding one’s ownself stop and an ever better meaningful set of ever better and meaningful codes of conduct insight re acquainted witg-become ever cognizant with from the very core-reinstill those ever unique sets of ever virtuous characteristics-disciplines that are being able to help us adeptly evolve true worth’s an ever better and fulfilling version-ever pragmatic/forthright–realistic visions/version of our ab’sooul’ute selves……….

Observations that are consistently maintaining the well defined process of adherence true worth’s one’s consistent self development/self improvement.

When will we truly awaken to/true the divine graciousness of our being’s celestial entirety? Are some of us waiting for the next civilization to unfold, but then we are not in the body/mind matrix infinite-its only at the embodiment level, that our infinitude prevails, which means-what/worth are we enriching our sanskaras-psychological impressions quotient’s “wit”h?

Let us strive across each and every moment that’s ever immensely precious true awaken true the ab’soul’ute divine essence of our beingful graciousness as/has the beatitude of our  life ever essentially does-thus-dus mahavidya-pancha mahabhuta-five great elements……..and likewise tattvas-elements and so on and sow forth ever more commendably/meritoriously with each and every breath’s sanctified visions of its divya prana shakti-pure divine life force energies, ever sow pure divine adorably/reverentially good willed virtuously and pure divine consciousness’s note worthiness…… Durge Devi Namo Stute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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