Angles-Angh Wills; In Between the Re-Ray Birth/Ray/Re-incarnation Sequentialties, the Intermediate Dehi=Angh=Embodiment Wit its sets of Sanskaras-Psychological Impressions/Energetic Faculties/Visions/Virtues .. Em/Aim-Power Us “Wit”h its Esteemed Privileges of Essential & Not Reminiscent but Re-Ray/trospective Perception of Core Aspects from Certain Angles/Dimensionalities as Our Angh/Dehi-Embodiment Sow Wills/Wields.. but Upon Being Born/Born, Some of Us Tend to Become Oblivious of our Primordial Visions Core Objectives+Very Integral/Inherently Ray-Re/markable Sets of Capabilities?

t? Life Connects…..Connecting Heaven ‘Wit’h Earth? Its H’avi’ng ‘Wit’h Worth! Body ‘Wit’h Embodiment! Heaven is Acc’om’panying Us Insight; In Sanskrit its the Word Chavi-Meaning Concealed Which Yearns for its Suns Script-Namely Chidakash, Meaning the Sky of our Celestial Consciousness that Shines Forth as/has We Humbly Beacon/Beckon the Infinitude of our Divine Light Insight……….

We Collect? Life Connects; Its Starts with the Celestial Bindu-Dot; Taught-Th’ought’;Part-Path; Body-Embodiment; Carry? Caring! Defy? Define!Cosmic Vision-We Shine Worth’s Enshrined Insight our Pure Divine Oneness……Its Connecting Heaven ‘Wit’h Earth?

Regarding the angles and our angh wills, this is humbly exemplifying the uniqueness of our higher consciousness that from one lifetime to another keeps on faithfully accompanying us, but why is it that only some of us actually tend to reverentially relegate it to its ever note worthily eminent pedestal, while others just scornfully or sarcastically indulge in ever vehement sets of behavioral patterns that tend to contradict the very fabric of our evolutionary tract?

We had before being born-borne pledged to uphold and fulfill our re-ray/spective duties aimed true worth’s our self ray/re-alization as well as being able to realistically fulfill the respective commitments/priorities of leading authentic/legitimate and fulfilling lives in all commendable/meritorious ray-re-spects…. and likewise characteristics/disciplined adherence/conformance-but then why do some of us keep on deviating from the ethical correctness/purposefulness of our lives and  embracing that which is absolutely improper and illegitimate?

The world of words yearns for us to realize/bec’om’e ever more well aware of its worth-pure divine worthiness enshrined insight us and each and every living being.

We know what its like; life vows worth’s its life; the sacred bonds that we embody-our embodiment birth us infinitely-when have we ever take even a few m’om’ent sto ever gratuitously express our immense/utmost gratitude for the pure divine worthiness enshrined insight our true nature’s oneness of being please?

Kindly ensure with each and every breath-your divya prana shakti-pure divine life force energies to keep growing with the essential purposefulness of realizing and fulfilling your pure divine potential of your pure divine self acceptance in all that you are ever being-intending-fulfiling.

Whether it be the most simplest of c’om’mitments/duties….. whatever its being, do strive true be its ‘worth’ever…..

S’om’e of us are ever busy looking for more worlds? The world ‘s ever more worth-pure divine worthiness; every m’om’ent of creation is integrally making us aware of its sacred essence’s pure divine infinitude’s c’om’pleteness; that’s enshrined well insight the sanctity of our pure divine evolving consciousness’s ever preciously virtuous universality…….. Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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