Life Lives-Lifts Two-True Hundred Percent? How-Vow Much Are We Authentically, Conscientiously, Genuinely, Intelligently, Legitimately, Meritoriously, Pragmatically, Realistically, Tenaciously, Vigilantly, Virtuously, Note Worthily Aim-Proving-Developing/Uplifting…………..


The two hundred percent is about the ab’soul’ute sincerity that when you contribute/give your true one hundred percent true worth your life’s essence – then life remarkably assists with its authentic one hundred percent as well/has will.

So thereby what/worth-ever that is “be”ing done despite being the one hundred percent margin basis, is actually encompassing/ensconcing/embodying and encapsulating the one hundred miraculous touch of life’s contribution has will/as well-although at times, we might not be able to distinctly perceive this ….. ….thereby reaching the two hundred percent amazing total after all.

It is life’s live true the fullest of our hundred percent in a well defined, disciplined, legitimate, orderly and meaningful manner. If you keep attributing everything only to the percentage more than actually focusing on what needs to/true be done — then even one or two hundred percent would not be adequate to equitably achieve and accomplish the respective objectives……

Rather be absolutely, commendably and every meritoriously true in principle, thought and deed to/true the complete one hundred percent and do what=worth you can truly be-do instead of keeping on proclaiming or reflecting upon just announcing some lofty statements please….for life does/thus not just represents words, but the very uniqueness’s ray-presentationality of our pure divine worthiness’s ever magnificent virtues that transcend and sort of comparison whatsoever, for its pinnacle/zenith’s core commitments/priorities are ever ardently/devotionally seeking for us to-true realize those ever better and meaningful aspects/facets-elements/tattvas orientationalities of our ever fulfilling note worthier selves in all that we are ever being, intending and fulfilling ever sow posthumously………Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

Which Way/Weigh? What/Worth? Camera-Calm Era? Put in-Fill/Input-Insight?Volume/Values? Race-Rash? or Raise/Rationale! Defiant-Self Denial or Definable/Self Awareness; Absorb/Observe?…….Most Certainly, Always Strive To/True Adhere/Conform To Being Well Disciplined True Our Life’s Ever Note Worthiest Disciplines That Never Contravene/Disrupt Peacefulness, Whether Insight, Outside/Ought Cite or Beyond!

The camera with its focal/zoom lens, image sensor, built in flash and related parts/components achieves quite a lot……..

This thereby inspires us to introspective contemplate and conduct a self assessment as to-true how are we likewise with our foresight, calm era’s ever pure potentialities and likewise ever amazing sets of ever remarkable codes of conduct/faculties and so many more creatively intelligent sets of capabilities…………ever maturely evolving?

We ought to soul search and reconcile with the absolute reality of our lives that like the camera ever remarkably fulfills its roll, so do each of us to ensure to ever so commendably/meritoriously fulfill our roles as well.

Its not about words or awards/rewards-but that ever precious dignity of the mirror of our consciousness/conscience that keeps on encouraging us to lead meaningful/purposeful lives that are not misleading ourselves in anyway whatsoever.

Since our true nature has always been faithfully adhering to the laws of nature and growing ever so competently; likewise, its the laws, rules, regulations and tenets of the lands we live in that have its stipulated rules, laws and regulations that seek to help us grow forth with our calm pure potentialities.

The point is to learn-to realize-to become ever more well aware of what/worth we can be able to contribute in a meaningful and peaceful manner without resorting to any illegitimate sets of activities; for, the ever precious mantle and privilege of each and every breath/ounce of energy that we have been blessed with is seeking to devote our energies in ever constructive but never any kind/type of destructive sets of thoughts or initiatives; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi