Going to Meet God? How About the Divine Essence of God’s Wisdom that’s Ever Meticulously Mastering the Particles/Atoms/Element’s-Tattvas…….. of Each & Every Breath’s Infinitude/Beatitude…….

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Its integrally about g’rowing’ true/through me-its Godliness; me humbly seeks true refer to the ever pristine graciousness’s symposium of our collective consciousness that resonates……..meri saanson mein tu hain bassa hain,….

The translational definition of the above humbly exemplifies the divine essence of God’s Godliness that”s enshrined within the breath of each and every living being’s cosmic breath, ever sow pure divine immaculately, meritoriously, nobly, virtuously and worthily.

How much ever anyone might seek to elucidate and keep on announcing that they will go to meet God and actually in its divine ordinance’s orderliness; true experience the ever gracious infinitude of God’s self realization embodied within the sacred echelons/realms of our pure divine nature’s awareness consciousness’s virtues wisdom’s exalted vision’s consonant perception….

Its c’om’pleteness is ever moor/more about its essential g’rowing’ from well insight one’s highest consciousness’s pedestal….. the ever meticulous growth in its pure divine graciousness, its pure divine meritoriousness/virtuousness and its pure divine worthiness; making ourselves worthy of being able true rejoice in its wonderfulness of glimpsing the divine vision of God’s essence true/through the auspices of its cosmic resonance, ever sow conscientiously/devotionally/efficaciously and virtuously/worthily; so it never ever was, is or will ever be about going, but actually about g’rowing’/the cosmic process of exalted worthiness, whereby with our expanded consciousness’s perception, we will be able to comprehend and transcend across amazingly, whilst actually being very much right/light here right/light true and through; so be it, its being sow true its divine light as itself’s infinite vision ever sow gloriously; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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