With All Due Respectfulness, Que Sera Sera…….. Whatever Will Be…. It’s “Worth Ever Will We=BE” God’s Immaculate Wisd’om’ Exemplifies the Immaculate Legitimacy of the Creative Essential Renaissance of Nature Far Beyond Our Mere Comprehension……..that Instead of Idly Poring Through Millions of Years of Interpretations, Let Us Ever Reverentially L”earn” True Behold/Loftily Uphold With Utmost Adoration its Ever Exalted Pinnacle’s Most Commendably/Meritoriously Priceless Virtuousness…………………

……………Let’s/Light’s Earnestly Fulfill our Definition of its Pure Divine C’om’pleteness’s Primordial Covenant’s Objectives M’om’entums Enshrined Insight our Higher Consciousness’s Meritoriousness………….

The Divine Essence is Not and Neither Knot Impressed by any of our Pretentious Devotionality at all; God’s Oneness of Being/Evolving is Entwined with the Quest of Ever Conscientiously/Meritoriously Striving Upon our Consistent/Good Willed-Pure Intentionality Orientated Self Development/Self Improvement Essentially

Its Not About Pointing At Others, But Rather About Appointment of our Divine Legacy in this Very Lifetime that Will Lead to our Ever Greater, Grander and Gracious Lifetimes As Well As Bring Tremendous Joy, Peace, Solace and Innate Contentment to our Ancestors, to our Present Living Beings and to all that’s Destined to Incarnate/Manifest As Well

We Can Certainly Seek to Be and Keep on Bec’om’ing More and Ever More Worthier By Fulfilling Our Respective  Agendas, Assignments, C’om’mitments, Duties, Due ties, Objectives, Ordainment’s, Ordinances Noteworthy C’omp’liances and Chores….

Chores Earnest Evolvement and Not Just Involvement-Meaning Not Just Staring At Our Screens Blankly-But Screening/Vigilantly and Introspectively Contemplating What? No Not What-But Worth is it “that” We’re Being/that We’re Doing/Drewing/Intending/Seeking for God did not Bestow/Endow us Each M’om’ent to Aimlessly Engage in Whatever-but Always Worth Ever-BE Worthy of God’s Pure Divine Enc’om’passed Within thy Higher Consciousness as well as All-Call Around-Surround that Your Soulful Consciousness Know-eth-er……

Repeating the Above in Continuity W’here’ it was Left of and not off or oft; We Can Certainly Seek to Be and Keep on Bec’om’ing More and Ever More Worthier By Fulfilling Our Respective  Agendas, Assignments, C’om’mitments, Duties, Due ties, Objectives, Ordainment’s, Ordinances Noteworthy C’omp’liances; Tasks, Vocations, Entrustedness of the Very Greatest Project of Our Lives-Namely-our Note”worthy” Being the Ever Meritorious Testament of God’s Infinite Graciousness Insight, For Fr’om’ Insight is W’here’ it all/its call BEgins and Frlows Through-ought Each and Every Cell, Element, Membrane, Neuron, Nerves, Tissues, Tattvas, Blood Vessels/Veins/Arteries/Organs…… and So on and Sow Forth Seeking For Us True BE Worthier and Not Just Whatever-Yet Again With All Due Respectfulness, Since We’ve Got True Aims and Not Proclaim, for Life’s Infinitely Purposefully Evolving Whereby We Cannot Rest On Our Laurels, We Have Sow Many Duties to Perform, Alright/Allight Let’s Get Back To/True Worth’s Focusing On Our Duties/Due Ties/C’om’mitments……Pure Divine Potential and Likewise Characteristics/Disciplines Earnest/NoteWorthiest Fulfillment Please

Get the Facts Straight Across as/has their Straits are Infinitely Crisscrossing – Evolutionary Consciousness’s Pure Disciplined Awareness’s Orientatedness’s Immaculate Realization

Worth” Attributing Is Not About Questioning the Integrity/Sanctity of Any Living Being in a Discriminatory Manner Please

The essence of life’s legitimate stride remains ever authentically irrefutable across centuries-for what? it’s always been/beaming fore “worth” priceless testimony of its ab’soul’ue note intrinsic note worthiness that was meant true be us as/has its ever commendable/meritorious self…………Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti Bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat; God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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