Negativity/Indiscriminate Overindulgence Drenches-Entrenches…….No Cardiogram/Over Obsessive Graphic Apprehensiveness/Anxiousness Please; K’now’ ‘Care=Thee=Your=Grammar’; Be Realistic, Realize Your Being: BE Well Aware, Ab’soul’ute Awareness of Your Well ‘BE’ing


There is/are far much more to/true your life as well please; first of let go completely/entirely/totally/wholly/absolutely………..of any kinds of quotes, sayings, communications, etc that are negatively prone to keep reminding you that only when you have ups and downs means that you are alive.

Whatever ups and downs……. abnormalities and unusual challenges/circumstances/situations if-are there-prevailing or suddenly unfolding in/across your life – kindly, do not constitute them to be the totality/wholeness or the very integral pulse of your life please; and neither let any kind-type of defying any reasonable boundaries/limits/thresholds……..

………of going far beyond partaking of what’s safe and sensible-since if just having some sudden bouts of success or other remarkable achievements, do not over rewards yourself with enormous intake of any confectioneries, sweets, chocolates, drinks, over binging with one”s unbelievable eating patterns/keeping far too wide awake till late in the night and then waking up extremely over tired the next day in/day out? recklessly partying, merry making, going on some undefinable sprees/sprints/trips/voyages/expeditions/escapades………the point is to=true be absolutely mature and grow up ever more genuinely, since we cannot over dump ourselves with any and everything and neither can we ever abuse/disrespect the essential principles, rules, regulations and well defined limits within which our bodies, minds and embodiment/consciousness can ever dignifiably/respectfully evolve-that is why modesty and moderation is better than just turning a blind sight to the very core-pure reality facing us at any given instance! For if we think no one is looking, we will catch up later?

No, life does not function-work that way of just postponing certain sets of observances in any deferred/to be seen and dealt with latter……for what IF later on, we are suddenly being challenged by frail health conditions? Its not certain that things will turn out adversely-but the manner in which our code of conduct is adhering is bound to precipitate and keep perpetuating likewise sets of tendencies as well as disliking/contradictory sets of outcomes-results than we might have ever imagined…………..

There is/are far much more to/true your life as well please; first of let go of any quotes, sayings, communications, etc that are negatively prone to keep reminding you that only when you have ups and downs means that you are alive.

You are alive because you are blessed true to be alive; realize that; you have been conferred with the ever gracious and priceless opportunity to create a better, greater, ever commendably/meritoriously fulfilling,  legitimate, meaningful life……… stop chasing illusive shadows and living in the dark ought of sheer ignorance or negligence please.

Be mature, Be nature, Grow up please; stop being like a child, for even children nowadays are more realistic; so stop living in that bygone eras and reading one quote here, there and then poring more into foolish literature that only dissuades, discourages and makes you feel incapable please.

If someone tries to encourage you with negativity or provoke and stimulate feelings of insufficiency or lack and only keep speaking and reflective on the gloomy economic outlook; oh things are bad, see how life has becomes, STOP, STOP AND STOP; completely STOP and avoid any further indulgence and gradually move away from any such kind/type of gossip or even in your mind,  strive true gradually keep eradicating/removing  ever more of any of that/those remaining elements/traces……… for otherwise, as you know-if you keep on entertaining the ever negative sets of thoughts and indulging in observance of certain ill willed practices………, you will then become and keep on attracting more and more of those wasteful and impractical/draining/exhausting/overwhelming outcomes……….

It does not mean to be reckless and ignorant or wayward in just not caring and facing the reality of your life; face it truly by all reasonable, responsible and wise means, but do not misuse what you have been granted, your ever graciously and treasured fabulous wisdom; so you are alive and life is full of remarkable opportunities, possibilities and potentialities, that is what the angeliogram(angelical prophecy) and the true care-thee-your-grammar; for what/worth you are believing well insight your true nature’s oneness of being/bea(i)ming nd having complete faith pure faithfulness and trust in and working towards, whether you realize it or not is actually manifesting; so don’t work against yourself please; learn true work along with yourself by ensuring observance of pure awareness, pure conscientiousness and pure mindfulness in all that you think, do, feel and express ever sow graciously/wisely please; Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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