#Diwali /#Deepavali ≡The Lakshmi of Narayana≡The Narayana of Lakshmi≡ Sampoorna PoornaSatChitAnandaBhavana≡Lakshmi Refers True the Pure Divine Completeness of Our Ever Purposeful Multidimensionalities, While Narayan Connoting Nara Meaning Humanity & Ayan True its Ab’soul’ute Mirror/Reflection of Pure Divine Self Acceptance of its Exalted Virtuousness of Ever Forthright/Righteous & Realistic Competencies/Calm Pure Potentialities Ever Commendably Fulfilling Meritoriousness…………….


Henceforth, this seeks to humbly refer to the primordial aims of humanity’s mirror (its ever crowning equipoise/equanimity/equilibrium). This mirror is not like any ordinary mirror, it is the mirror of the soul which remarkably radiates forth the incredible streams of the effulgence of the true nature of all forms of existence that is/are resonating the pure intent of divine truthfulness respectively.

When ever respectfully referencing or even thinking of LakshmiNarayan, what comes to mind is the supreme lordship of God’s graciousness………in this context, it refers to the consciousness of ever wealthier pure divine virtues as well as the virtuosity of our true wealth’s infinite consciousness.

During Diwali or even at other times/instances, apart from permitting one’s divine light to shine through the hallmarks of excellence in living an ever purpose/remarkably characteristic life……. it particularly seeks to inspire regarding the virtue of Dharma (duties absolutely commendable/meritorious fulfillment) whose translational definition relates to observance of an ever pure moral conduct and values as well as pristine conformance with the universal laws of nature governing humanity and all of creation amazingly.

It comes to the point of being mindfully aware, conscientious, diligent, prudent, responsible, true, wise and ever note worthier……….for each virtue is a priceless treasure/wealth by itself that remarkably contributes to the sustainable goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe in its own unique ways with precise consistency.

When we realize that most of the cosmos’s evolution is independent of humanity’s interference and that we are inter dependent on its abundant source of energy. When we earnestly invest what is earnestly correct and pure in its core values amalgamation/ab’soul’uteness………… we experience likewise set of outcomes and results ingeniously.

Whatever it maybe that we are doing, we should ensure that we adopt an ever worthy/note worthier disciplined as well as diligent approach towards unfolding and implementing/fulfilling the concerned aspects realization across each and every phase/stage and set of our lives committedlly.

While chanting or reflecting upon the sacred names of the divine, the pure intent that seeks to express itself is exemplifying the practice of pure divine righteousness. Like here, it refers to the noble aims of humanity’s reflection which in other words seeks to refer to observance of a conscious approach by introspectively reflecting upon one’s consciousness; one’s conscientious; one’s divine grace; one’s divine purpose; one’s divine principles; one’s divine values; one’s divine vision’s virtuousness………. one’s divine will and one’s divine wisdom devotionally.

To ever humbly input it in one word/one’s pure divine worthiness, when our cre intent is pure in its essence, then so will its outcome/result be likewise; this is particularly referring to the roots of the truth which sustain the evolution of creation infinitely…………Jai Shree/Sri RamSita Lakshman Hanuman Jai Shree/Sri Lakshmi Narayan Jai Sri Mahalakshmi Shree MahaGanesha, Sri MahaSaraswathi, NavaGraha Devi/Devata, Shesh Naag Devata/Parivaar, Jai MataRani Sri Raja Rajeswari Lalita TripuraSundari Nava Durge Sampoorna Swaroopam, Jai MataRani Durge Devi NamoStute, Jai Shiva Shakti Shankarabhava; Jai Ho Hari Om Tat Stat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

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