What is This/How Come? Kindly Stop Throwing Ur Temper Tantrums/It Might be Quite Easy to Keep Pointing/Speaking About Others, But Then How About Our Very Ownselves? Oh, You Know, I’ve Had to Put Up With a Lot So n Sow? Pls Stop the Drama, the Essence of Life Resonates-Be Ever Authentic, Forthright, Genuine, Legitimate, Mature, Realistic, Ever Commendably/Meritoriously Noteworthy…………….


Indeed, there are some individuals who keep looking for one pretext or another to keep on with their unbelievable tirade of self pitying……that……oh, you know i have had to put up with a lot?

Oh really the authenticity of life reciprocates and states ever more resolutely that……..to define the lot, what is all the a lot about-without any story telling rehearsal sequences….

For the uniqueness of life’s wisdom ever starkly reminds that it was not once, twice, thrice……. but umpteen number of instances that we kept on throwing so much at life altogether that it had to really put up with far much more than we could have ever imagined.

However, all along then-the remarkableness of life’s conduct/virtues kept bifurcating and allotting/allocating an ever amicable and cordial response to each of the ongoing sets of defiant aspects, but not anymore when we have grown up and are well aware that what we are doing is absolutely wrong and only more of remaining in self denial.

So then the insightfulness awareness of life’s mindset briefly reminds that how it tolerated our frayed tempers, unpredictable mood swings and enormous upheavals of so many well arranged aspects by ignorantly and ever more negligently throwing unreasonable tantrums………but there is a limit-there is/are certain sets of boundaries and now that we have grown up, how can we just pretend to be immature and keep on committing the same sets/types of reckless mistakes?

Since if life’s graciousness were to keep forgiving-when would we ever learn and help abide by the respective laws, rules and regulations; also if we were to keep on violating the legitimate guidelines/statements just because of trying to be daring or just blindsidedly accompanying others?

And while the sequences keep on unfolding-the accountability of life’s matrix ever distinctly brings forth to our absolute attentiveness to realize that while what we meted our cannot be undone-not unbe-but certain sets of reasonable amends could be earnestly made now that we realize well enough-but if we are remaining ever more defiant, then we are liable to face the consequences that are legitimately applicable.

For then, some of us had our turns-but cannot keep spinning the process in any way whatsoever-and then life’s legitimacy ever resolutely returns and keeps on returning to seek ever firm accountability, and then what?

Did we l’earn’ the essential lessons and sought to practice acceptance and duly make the imperative corrections/improvements?

No, we cannot merely say that we know better-that times have changed-that that was then and this is now; life’s resilient tenaciousness retorts back that we cannot twist or redefine matters out of context where we are culpable and have committed certain mistakes-offenses; since if in that way, anyone and everyone would keep on going scot-free and there would be utter disruption and disarray of far much more than could ever be managed-its the absolute reality that life is considerately putting forth time and again, that better beware/realize-become more well aware that we cannot defy the reasonable limits-since then, it would be contravening far much more than just the respective regulations and keep on accumulating yet ever much more augmented sets of liabilities to content with, but why please?

Why not reconcile and ever realistically seek to input ever more insightfully the appropriate definabilities of various aspects in an meticulous manner that is impartial and bereft of any of our vehement egoistical tendencies-delusions which could only lead us far more than just astray; so regardless of what’s ever been, its what’s=worth’s being right now-right here in an ever righteous manner to ensure that absolutely nothing is undertaken that is defying or violating any laws, rules and regulations whatsoever; since now that we know, we cannot pretend to remain ignorant or lament later on-the point is not to berate/reprimand/scold or offend anyone whatsoever-but rather true sow the worthiness of realization of our good willed virtues that teach us that there is a proper and realistic/reasonable manner in which everything is being done and not in any defiant or destructive manner whatsoever….since simply wailing and exclaiming that we put up with a lot? But how about life-it put up “wit”h a lot/allot…….ever far much more than we could ever imagine, so more than anyone else’s sake-we owe it to our lives to grow forth and observe a well defined code of meritorious conduct whereby we are growing ever more remarkably with well defined realizations of the absolute reality of our life’s ever ardent visions that are never ever venturing off track or in defiance! for its not just what life seeks-but worth and that note worthiness that emerges forth with an ever impeccably disciplined code of conduct in that’s ever being consistently and with absolute mindfulness awareness’s highest degrees of vigilance/observance and adherence of our ever better good willed true nature’s virtuousness…………Durge Devi Namostute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

Meeting God in this Lifetime? True Aims Enliven Their Ever Ardently Reverential Welc’om’ing of God as/has God’s Will C’om’ing………………………….

https://i0.wp.com/shivashaktibhava.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/a61ac6d0edea29c594fb352661302280.jpg?ssl=1&w=450It is “sunn mitra”/ likh life-tie-aim // light’s-truth-i-am/aim!

The translational definition of sunn refers to listen, likh to write-here it humbly refers to inscribe and mitra to friend-hear/here/there/everyw’here’ its essentially the pure divine c’om’panionship of God’s graciousness that many of us are waiting? then weighting? and then weigh think?

The point is God does not speak words; for every syllable of God’s speech is worth-the pure divine worthiness-that in even a single unspoken word by itself represents the infinite dimensionalities of infinite centuries of the creative evolution of myriad universes.

Sow let’s focus on the captioned title’s entitlement alright/allight; it is essentially sow that some of us might not be able to meet and experience God’s ever cherished essence despite the pure divine essence of God being so very fortunately enshrined within the higher consciousness/true nature’s oneness of every living’s being’s higher consciousness.

Its because many of us keep racing-wherever we are being, its a race to the finish? Now which finish line is this being? extending? encompassing? whether on the race track-whether at work-whether at home while watching television-whether on the smart devices-whether on the PC-whether at the supermarket-whether while commuting-whether while waiting for each day to pass by-whether growing up? whether realizing? whether seeking? whether intending? whether convalescing? whether blossoming? whether evolving? whether speaking? whether thinking? whether fulfilling?  whether conceptualizing? whether paraphrasing? whether reading/leading?  whether walking? whether sitting down/standing up? whether driving? whether conversing/communicating? whether enjoying? whether starting? whether predominating? whether giving/taking? whether dressing/addressing? whether  being our very own selves? whether reaching across? whether pausing? whether emerging? whether lifting or putting down? whether revolving/turning around? whether plating/investing? whether hearing/listening? whether figuring/configuring? whether ascending/descending? whether aiming/claiming/proclaiming?……. the list could go on and onwards/but at each step, it would be the on worth that would intend to seek essential clarification to ensure precise uniformity’s and well calibrated rhythm-balanced consistency…… and so on and sow forth.

Sow well, lets start the above again – Meeting God in this Lifetime? R U Sure? The point of infinite appointments coming in between/being-because many of us keep racing-whereas God keeps raising the elevation/maturity/ascendence of our evolving pure divine consciousness’s immaculate pinnacles/summits altog’ether’

Now why should God keep raising the level all the more higher? That’s because across the centuries, as we keep on attaining more and more higher degrees of self realization, so keeping pace with the evolving trendencies-its not tendencies, but trendencies.

In heaven/paradise as well, there is far greater degree of precisionality that prevails/permeates and suffuses the very consonance/essence of each and every aspects/elements noteworthy evolutionary renaissance.

So its time and again back to the essential factor which is about raising of our higher consciousness all the more meritoriously without being enticed or distracted by any rewards/awards; for the very noble pursuance of the essential realization of our true nature’s wisd’om’ consciousness which is the first step by itself is an amazing attainment that will keep leading us quite further ahead as well.

This answer is still not c’om’pleted as yet; for the point that yearns for our ever ardent consideration is the raising-that when we hear racing, there’s a thrill, however when the process is c’om’pleted, everything subsides almost as quickly as it initiated/started and the interest thereby wanes considerably within the span of a few m’om’ents by itself; whereas with “raising”, its infinitude sustains the process ever sow proficiently light/right across centuries-with utmost amazing precisionality.

The point also is about the essence of the respectfulness/reverentiality and ardent devotionality that we embody for the pure divine graciousness of God well insight our sacred hearts;’ because then that very integral defining observance of our very most ardently elevating and raising the pure divine c’om’pleteness of God’s graciousness higher and higher in the essence of pure divine virtuousness is what-worth its all integrally about.

Meeting God is not about a convenience to get/acquire something at all; rather the very most minutest twitch of our veins-the etching of God’s architectural magnificence within each and every space of divine grace that’s the universe insight within as well as all around us is seeking for us to practice our daily utmost reverential devotional practice of pure divine self acceptance; welc’om’ing God as/has God’s will c’om’ing, light/right insight our pure divine consciousness true and  through’ought.

The moral of this c’om’plete narration humbly seeks to invoke/evoke our conscientious awareness to keep on ever authentically/c’om’passionately/diligently/faithfully/meritoriously/moral principles-values-virtues and likewise characteristics/disciplines orientatedly striving; tenaciously, vigilantly, wisely and note worthily persevering towards fulfilling our respective good willed-pure divine intentionalities orientated c’om’mitments/priorities true the very fullest of our ever greatest/grandest/gracious capabilities; for God wants the very best for us/thus as/has we likewise ardently wish and humbly seek for God’s graciousness insight as well as all across the Universe; realizing that we have got miles to grow and not just go-go-go; its always growing more and more in the ever greater disciplined awareness of yet more constructive/meaningful endeavors/initiatives not just in the race wordy but raise worthy manner; if some of us just say aha, lets just praise worthily, God would never be impressed; since with the praising must essentially enc’om’pass purely/righteously the devotion/the bhakti-the truest/thoroughest well defined attitude of fulfilling our respective agendas, assignments, c’om’mitments, chores, objectives, ordinances, responsibilities, tasks, vocations……. and so on and sow forth likewise aspects/characteristics/disciplines that we were/wear entrusted for/th very most earnestly, pure divine virtuously and note worthily…………Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

L’earn’ True Accept the Lessons Essence From That/Those Failures…….as/has its Liaison’s Ever Through-er Learning Process……Meaning, its an Ever Remarkable Constancy of Ever Commendable/Meritorious Purposefulness Initiatives that Ought True Be Ever Authentically, Genuinely, Legitimately, Realistically & Note Worthily Pursued/Re-Ray Integrated/Implemented/Sustained “Wit”h its Precise Reinstilling Well Insight……….


Be ever present-mindfully well aware/worthy true life’s unfoldment………………Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

Heal What’s Been Said by Reconciling “Wit”h its Fulfilling Meritoriousness of Worth’s Beam/Beaconing Set Well Insight Your Unperturbedness’s Realisticness by Any Kinds/Types of Aimless Rhetoric That U Might Tend to Come Across………


Be forthright, let go of any illusiveness altogether………..Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

The Word……..the Uniqueness of Creation Does Not Elucidate Everything into Words and Yet is Being Able to Ever Ray-Remarkably Upbring Forth its Splendid Worthiness’s Infinitude Insight/True-Through/ought Every-think/think; What’s the Secret? Its Worth’s the Seek Great/Grace Whose Divine Definability Transcends Any Number/Stature of Words-For Our Immaculate Worthiness Speaks a Language Whose Script Encompasses its Immersive Magnificence that Teaches/Enriches Our Ab’soul’ute Worthiness……………..


Cherish the esteemed privilege of ab’soul’utely being you true yourself as/has life does/thus/dus mahavidya……………Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi

Be True Your Nature as/has Nature True its Absolutely/Ever Immaculate Truthfulness-Never Misuse Your Privileges/Nature Takes Back What it Brings…….Affectionate/Good Willed Disciplined Characteristics Nurturing Brings Back Worth it Essentially Partakes…..Play Your Part, So/Sow Life Could Likewise its Pathways/Sways-Svadhyay-Self Study-Introspective Contemplation/Ray-Realization of Your Ever Better Fulfilling Completeness in its Ever Authentic, Genuine, Legitimate, Realistic & Ever Note Worthier Ab’soul’utenesss……….


Be ab’soul’utely true yourself as/has life does/thus……………Durge Devi NamoStute; Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2019 Vashi Chandi