Destiny, Fate, Kudrat, Naseeb, Future Prospects………..


Well, its Call About & Not All-a-Bout Fulfillment/Realization of the Absolutely Authentic, Genuine, Forthright, Legitimate & Ever Realistic Eligibility/Qualification Factor’s Ray/Re-Cognition………..

Until We Make Ourselves Essentially Eligible, Nature Perceives the Ongoing Process as/has Illegible-Because its Preciseness and Not Just Processness! Meaning Nature Does Not Abandon Us, But it Actually Keeps Encouraging/Inspiring Us True Be Better and Not Just Do Bitter/Spewing Some Resentful Disgruntlement/Murmuring Some Incoherent Mental Chatter? But Who’s Being Chastised? None of that/those Emotional Suppressive Tendencies Will Ever Work Out or Ought-Because We Have Been Purely Created From Some of the Most Amazing Elements/Tattvas and Not Just Randomly Made in Any Way/Anyhow!

The Point is Appointing/Entrusting Ourselves With Ever Creatively Competent Sets of Ever Insightful Inputs & Well Calibrated Fulfilling Rather than Mundanely Putting in Way Past the Brim/Its Overflowing and Just Being Over Indulged With?

But the Wittiness Does Not Heed to Reclusiveness/Illegitimate Initiatives Or Any Wayward Squandering Of our Resourceful Capabilities/Potentialities that R Actually Trying to Merely Impress and Not Aim Precise!


May the divine graciousness’s ever virtuous wisdom’s beatitude be with you and yours always…………..Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2020 Vashi Chandi

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