Will We the Catch or Cache its Wheel We’re? Never Let Impulsive Decisions Making Become a Habitual Trait that’s Predominantly Misleading You Far Beyond Legitimate Reasonabilities – Realize, its You Who Take the Decisions and its Absolutely You Who Will Be Liable For Enormous Impact of the Consequences-So Beware/BE Well Aware & Never Get Aimlessly Carried Away/Enticed or Provoked By Some Individuals Empty/Sinister/Entrapment Talks that Might Be Far Too Dangerous-But Might Not Be Perceptible Then and There! NO Point in Trying to Evade Responsibility Callously and Shifting the Blame on Others Please!!!!!!!!!!


May the divine graciousness’s ever virtuous wisdom’s beatitude be with you and yours always…………..Durge Devi NamoStute, Shiva Shakti bhava, Hari Om Tat Sat, God bless.

©2020 Vashi Chandi

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