Appreciate Life, Achieve Excellence, Life is Excellent
Make happiness your sigNature, God bless
Cherish the sacred essence of your divine nature’s awareness consciousness.
Fulfill your core values potentialities with ab’soul’ute self disciplined/devotional awareness.
Realize that life is all that we are ever being true itself, wh’ether’ outside or insight…..
© Vashi Chandi
Tel 852 62565640
e Mail: lifexcels (at) gmail (dot) com
              lifexcels (at) icloud (dot) com
Kowloon, Hong Kong

One thought on “Vashi

  1. Words out of my heart put onto paper…..awesome….
    I want to shout it from the roof tops! Wear a signs! (not really, I’m too shy, HOWEVER, if this could be put on little cards, I’d share with every singl person I meet. I mean it Vashi! Is there a way I could legaly spread these words???
    I have a different card I pass out now – but what you wrote is so much more meaningful and comprehensive. I bow to you using your giftedness, as I do mine! May I use our 2 together? If so, how?

    Much love,


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