Bachchan Family – We Are With You – Respectfully

Bachchan Family – We Are With You – Respectfully

Dear Jayaji, Amitji, Aishwarya,Abhishek and Bachchan Family,

Millions of your fans are with You and Your Family, always providing you the unequivocal and unstinted support consistently

It is sheer disbelief being experienced at the ethics of journalism with reference to the article published in the Mumbai Mirror recently

It is the true privilege and pride of a Woman that always empowers the characteristics of life since centuries and will continue to do so infinitely

A Woman is the grace of Life; A Woman truly teaches us to grow in grace and wisdom; A Woman teaches us that amongst one the greatest gifts we can keep giving one another infinitely is to consistently accomplish our respective agendas faithfully and consciously; to ensure that we are able to let our light shine through and radiate the hallmarks of magnificence in living a purposeful life; a life of purpose that encompasses meaningful values based principles as its primordial agenda consistently

A Woman teaches us that the art of life inspires us with the amazing foresight; and empowers us with the amazing strength and capabilities to accomplish the respective visions and dreams that belong to the goodwill of the Universe infinitely

There is truly so much more that could be proudly expressed for Women all across the Universe that would truly not be adequate to express the greatness of each and every Woman, for a Woman is a Woman, truly incomparable, outstanding and the greatest blessing of our life, especially our Mothers, the greatest gift of God

To have such an article published is very most lamentable and contradicting all norms and ethics of dignity and responsible reporting – journalism – since it is the person that might have ignorantly sought to instigate and implicate others that apparently got caught in their own web of delusion ignorantly since negligence begets negligence

The morals of life and its tenets engenders and exemplifies humanity to rise above the mundane and seek to discover, recognize and experience one’s true self – one’s true nature respectively

It is extremely regrettable that having the richest legacies of the wealth of the very finest endowments and treasures beyond compare, certain individuals seek to embark upon associating themselves with tarnishing others images and personalities while not realizing that they are actually jeopardizing and evoking the stability of the platforms – the fundamentals upon which they pledged to uphold the integrity of the Truth explicitly

They ignorantly venture into an enclave of preposterous behavioral attitudes that are only alluring more deplorable retinue of further prolific setbacks very most adversely to their anticipated intentionalities

Their moment of engagement in attention seeking activities disdainfully retorts back manifold bringing them their own rebuke and profound sets of regrets incessantly

This being the wrong – erroneous and very most negligent reporting action of one journalist has caused tremendous uproar and strongly hurt the sentiments of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the Bachchan Family and millions of fans beyond compare

It is not about the credentials and reputation of one Person who is famous; rather it is about a disciplined observance of the code of ethical behavioral whenever reporting is conducted since this is about the sincere privilege of Womanhood

A Woman truly knows how it feels and cannot be able to express how it feels to be referenced in such a deplorable manner which is contradicting the very essence of the protocol and etiquette of respectfulness

The journalist who has sought to embark upon citing such contradictory and negligent information must be aware that it takes a lifetime to live a lifetime and that it also takes a moment to experience a lifetime; the cherished moment is truly the gifted privilege of Womanhood when she is seeking to plan her Family respectively

Aishwarya and Abhishek are truly entitled to their privacy and plans relating to Parenthood and we all truly respect this and wish them well always, God Bless

However for a journalist to seek to engage in speculative reporting that is completely baseless and strongly inflicting tremendous pain upon another, especially a Woman, and whether the journalist knows that the true privilege of a Woman is being a Mother

How could a journalist seek to go far beyond any such extents? and publish details that are extremely sensitive and causing tremendous stress and extreme disbelief and shock – What if the journalist were to experience the identical set of circumstances? Would they be able to withstand and face such unfair unfair and grossly negligent reporting?

They would be able to understand that it takes a lifetime to become a Woman; it is truly a great privilege of a Woman to become a Mother; Mothers are the epitome of divinity

A Woman has to experience tremendous wonderfulness and respectfulness in life always; this applies to each and every Woman please; a Woman teaches us so much about the gratefulness and gracefulness of life very most characteristically

The journalist must seek to understand that a Woman empowers the evolutionarily cycle of life without seeking any acclaim or plaudits; she fulfills her role as a Daughter, as a Sister, as a Grand Daughter, as a Wife, and very most proudly as a Mother; God Bless

Speaking words that hurt the sentiments of any Woman is truly not what our heritage has taught us please; We have inherited the wealth of the very finest characteristics and should safeguard, preserve and carefully maintain the integrity of the values based principles that we have been bestowed with and ensure that we proudly hand them over to our future generations characteristically

The journalist must remember carefully that words represents worlds; this represents the words that others speak to us as well as the words the we articulate within ourselves

Words create a world of meanings and purpose; Words expressed represent commitments that we make with others and ourselves respectively; Wisdom is peace within ourselves as well as the interactions that we have with the Universe

Let us inspire one another to express ourselves – our words consciously, eloquently, meaningfully, responsibly, sincerely and truly;The words we live by create the worlds we live by; It is an important matter of perspective to carefully understand the essence of words; they truly encompass the magnificence of miracles whether in thoughtful contemplation; whether in expressions or intuitive intentionality

This is the miracle of life that demonstrates the immense significance of words and resonates the stark reality that words inspire us time and again – over and over again inspiring us to express ourselves – our words consciously, eloquently, meaningfully, responsibly, sincerely and truly

Please kindly remember, the words we live by create the worlds we live by; It is an important matter of perspective to carefully understand the essence of words; they truly encompass the magnificence of miracles whether in thoughtful contemplation; whether in expressions or intuitive intentionality

Please kindly observe and practice Righteousness and Good Conduct in all forms of thoughts, actions and expressions please

May One and All be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Awareness, Happiness and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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