Behavior – Choose – Behave – Be-Have Choices – Respectfully

Behavior – Choose – Behave – Be-Have Choices – Respectfully

Choose your Behavior – Behave your Choices – Be-Have your Choices – Your Choice Within

Your Intuitive Choice Within – With Thine – Thy Higher Self could become Your Choice Vision

Be True to your Purpose and Values – God Bless,

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Behave – Be Have – Being Having – Becoming – Beckoning – Respectfully

Behave – Be Have – Being Having – Becoming – Beckoning – Respectfully

We have WHAT We Be – Behave – Be-Have

Our ATTITUDE towards Life Matters Incredibly

Behave – Be-Have – HOW We Behave IS HOW We Be-Have

Seek to be True to Your Purpose and Values

Behave – Respectfully

When we behave well; ensuring practice of Righteousness and Good Conduct in our thoughts, actions and expressions, we Be Have

Be Have – Being Having – Respectfully

When we be have; we experience the complete awareness of our beingfulness; our completeness; our wonderfulness; truly so very much to be grateful for; to be utmost thankful for always; appreciating with immense gratitude each and every moment of life gratuitously and graciously

Beckoning – Respectfully

The beckoning is the summoning; the attracting; the alluring of the goodness within ourselves; the goodwill that prevails all around us; in each and every aspect of life very most amazingly

Awareness – Respectfully

Yet again, the becoming is more of the awareness; the consciousness; the dispelling of the ignorance; the negligence; grasping and seeking to carefully understand that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose that encompasses values based principles consistently with meaningful consistency

Behave – Be Have – Being Having – Becoming – Beckoning – Respectfully

It could commence with one single disciplined initiative – effort that further encompasses additional remarkable set of initiatives – efforts synchronizing their respective alignments with meticulous precision and good sincere conduct – being true – without any pretensions or impressions – not seeking to impress others or winning awards or rewards – behaving as the being having its very finest characteristic representation in each and every precious moment amazingly

Initiatives – Efforts – Respectfully

Just imagine how it all began – with instilling one disciplined set of initiatives – efforts – and truly how much remarkable progress has been amazingly achieved in life so far – truly incredible and always utmost thanks to God; always and always thanks and immense thankfulness to God always; God Bless

Inherent – Inheritance – Endowment of Wealth of the Very Finest Characteristics – Respectfully

In Life, we never know the value of what we have until it is away from us; however regarding behave – behaving – this is the being – the inherent havingfulness – the beingfulness – the characteristic wealth of wealth’s – it is our innatefulness – each and every thought, action and expression encompassing and permeating each and every aspect of life; each and every moment of life with explicit observance of Righteousness and Good Conduct amazingly; God Bless

Keep Discovering Your True Nature Your True Self Love & Light God Bless, Vashi Ram Chandi

Goodwill – Respectfully

The art of life inspires us with the amazing foresight; and empowers us with the amazing strength and capabilities to accomplish the respective visions and dreams that belong to the goodwill of the Universe infinitely; God Bless

True Nature – True Selves – Respectfully

The art of living inspires us to discover, recognize and experience our True Nature; our True Selves; God Bless

Higher Consciousness – Respectfully

Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – our higher consciousness; be more aware and conscious; God Bless

Intuition – Respectfully

Let us seek to develop our intuition; Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life; Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul; God Bless

God Bless – Respectfully

May One and All be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Awareness, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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