Chile Miners Rescue Solutions; Intuition; Intuitive Approach; Intuitiveness; Respectfully

Chile Miners Rescue Solutions; Intuition; Intuitive Approach; Intuitiveness; Respectfully

While every initiative; effort is; are being taken to resolve the enormously challenging situation being faced by the miners at San Jose in Chile, could an intuitive approach also be of help to expedite in identifying safe; reasonable; expeditious resolutions towards securing their successful rescue very most soonest possible please, God Bless

It is considered that upon waking up early in the morning, between the hours of 4 am and 6 am, each and every one of us have been endowed with; gifted with the creative capabilities, to tap into our intuitiveness please; God Bless

This is the intuition; our inner wisdom, our higher consciousness; this is our inner guidance and compass of life as well as the wisdom of our Soul; God Bless

Every day is of extremely vital and significant importance please; Understandably there are tremendous solutions being considered and worked diligently upon continually with the very highest priority but while every appreciated initiatives and efforts are being taken, could this approach of seeking to identify intuitive solutions also be considered please; God Bless

The safety and well being of the miners is of paramount importance and cannot be jeopardized or risked; their lives are extremely precious to all of us; we are in each and every single moment wishing them with our hearts full of goodwill and gratitude, sending across the visionary gift of goodness, strength, courage and wisdom to them consistently; God Bless

The above approach is but one more humble effort that might hopefully provide the insights; ideas; solutions that could help expedite the procedures relating to the safe rescue of the miners very most soonest possible please; God Bless

Humble message to the miners

We are all sending you our Prayers, Sincere Thoughts & Good Wishes; God Bless

Please believe in yourselves, You are all having within yourselves the treasure of treasures which is the precious treasure of Courage, Faith, Hope and Wisdom; God Bless

We pray to Mother Earth, The Environment and God to provide you with enduring strength to manage and overcome this challenging situation soon; God Bless

People all across the World are looking forward to seeing you reunited together with your Families very soonest possible; Please be Strong, Courageous and Wise; Have Faith; God Bless

Please remember every moment is another precious moment of hope that is seeking to bring along with it tremendous possibilities and wonderfulness of life ahead; Be Strong, God Bless

Please remember the miracles of life are the living in courage, faith, hope and wisdom; God Bless

Courage, Hope, Endurance, Strength, Love, Light and Wisdom, God Bless

God Bless,


( C ) 2010 Vashi Ram Chandi