Death? Apart? Its Truthfulness! Not till Death Do Us Apart But Till that True Us Our Path

Death? Apart? Its Truthfulness! Not till Death Do Us Apart But Till that True Us Our Path


Many people solemnly affirm the following, till death do us apart? (and they truly stand by with utmost loyalty with one another through the various stages of life amazingly. We salute their commitment and faithfulness and bow in devotional reverence to the divinity that is enshrined within their true nature respectfully)


While respectfully saluting their true devotion, kindly note that this is not at all about hurting anyone’s sentiments, values, principles, beliefs, ideologies, practices, doctrines or pathways please and neither is it aiming or focusing upon any religion, cultural or traditional vows, promises or oaths as well please. (my intentions are pure and true and sincere and devoid of anything else whatsoever please. There is no provocation or any other meaning or interpretation that should be construed since all along in each and every time that I ever express, I earnestly seek and wish for Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare + wisdom to reign and prevail where one and all are healthy, happy and joyful whilst attending to their respective commitments and responsibilities accordingly) because what I am about to state is being stated in likewise respectfulness and not in any contradiction or poetic or synchronic effect – it is humbly with all due respect to what they proclaim, stating the following please – Why do they have to only swear by death please? The evolution and relationship of the soul is sacred when we are here on this earthly realm as human beings as well as when we further ascend and evolve towards+true wards our oneness of+within the divine light.


They could additionally add the following affirmation which seeks to reaffirm the essence of what they stand for respectively – with the actual truth and express – Till that True Us Our Path. Realizing the truthfulness of who we truly are brings us far more closer together from lifetime to form lifetimes with the bond of our divine sacred union that is empoweringly sustained by our true nature, our true self, our divine essence and grants us the wisdom to live our divine values, our divine principles, our divine purpose and our divine will amazingly, God Bless.


Indeed til that true us our path where our path is our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom and where that instead of death is affirmatively resonated thereby speaking to life that our first choice is that which is the truth – repeat the that which is the eternal truth and not the death for we need to be careful of what we think, what we believe, what we speak, what we express and yet again, what we particularly think and swear by please, life is not necessarily a drama and that we are actors playing or rehearsing on the stage and platform of life. We are living real lives which are pure and true, the very truth and not only needing to swear by death, since love is life, love is the truth, so swear by the truth, the pureness of who we truly are and state – till that true us our path and do remember this is not playing with words or just rephrasing some words in order to create a sensation impact or raise attention please, it is humbly to raise our conscious awareness to the divine platform, to the level of the divine light and to embrace the truthfulness of our being which evokes our attentiveness to awaken to the truthfulness of our being as well as the being of our truthfulness infinitely, God Bless.


Till that true us our path humbly seeks to refer to the incarnate truth – the eternal truth, where in the truth we experience our sacred oneness and seek to come together as one to express and experience our oneness that is sustained by the pure essence of the truthfulness for trust in the truth of life represents its incredible magnificence of our lives, of our being as well as our becoming which embodies the evolutionary gracefulness of life supreme that seeks to honor the primordial pathways of life as they were, as they are and as they will ever be with utmost thanks to the grace of God as well as God’s wisdom that shines throughout our lives and lifetimes infinitely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi