Delhi Five Year Old Girl Raped, Fighting To Survive, Prayers and Thoughts

Delhi Five Year Old Girl Raped, Fighting To Survive, Prayers and Thoughts

It is the very most shocking to note news reports regarding how a five year old girl that had been kidnapped, held hostage for two days and repeatedly raped.

There are truly no words to describe any further since how and what to say, it is amongst the very greatest of crimes ever. How inhuman could anyone ever be?

Why did this ever have to happen? Why? Why? really, there is total shock, the very strongest condemnation and disgust at how repulsive and criminally derogatory this perpetrator’s mind could be.

At this moment, we are all very most concerned about the victim ‘s well being who is in a very critical condition and desperately struggling for her life due to the extensive injuries incurred from this very most shameful act by the very most heinous human being ever.

We humbly pray and send across our thoughts of healing and well being to the innocent victim who had to very most unfortunately go through the most challenging trauma ever.

This is not just another incident please, it is the very most extremely challenging and outrageous crime ever committed – that has completely shaken the very foundation and pillars of societal values and very most urgently calls for greater global cooperation between communities and societies to come together to educate one another about honoring, respecting and living our true values; to help nurture, preserve and uphold the sanctity of humanity please.

Healing, Peace, Love and Light, God Bless,