Diamonds, Thy Minds, Glittering


What makes a diamond glitter? What makes thy mind glitter?


While it is the refractive index in the diamonds that emits the sparkling shine; within thy mind and heart, its thy true light that radiates forth its pristine luminosity amazingly, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi


Diamonds, Thy Minds

Diamonds, Thy Minds

Diamonds are Forever?

Thy Minds are From Ever to Form Everlastingness – Eternality – From Infinity to Eternity


Some people seek diamonds passionately all along their lifetime. Being passionate is good, but being compassionate is of instrumental importance in our lives too please. Knowing and living our principles and values, not getting lost so much in the process of ambitiously treading across the landscapes of our lives in building the wealth of our lives but rather seeking to ingeniously sustain the life of our true wealth which is truly priceless, namely, our minds please, it is extremely important to carefully understand our minds to be understood by so many others things in our lives please, God Bless.


Yet some others speak and seek thy minds – their minds true potential and positive development considerably.


While those enchanted with diamonds maybe connoisseurs in their respective field, yet those focusing constantly and consciously upon enhancing the scope of their mind, intellectual faculties and wisdom may be multifaceted and multitalented – being able to confront various scenarios with relative ease and commandment, God Bless.


It is not seeking to engage in a comparison between diamonds and the human mind but rather humbly seeking to certainly state that our minds are extremely powerful-resourceful and can be able to grasp and bring about greater developments and progress for ourselves and others remarkably.

The peace of mind comes from truly knowing our minds very well since when someone needs the serenity, tranquility and peacefulness of mind, regardless of how many diamonds they may intend to barter-exchange-provide+trade, the moment of calm is priceless and could never be bought.

Likewise, if they were to be more mature in their informed approach of grooming their minds gracefully, they would be able to magnificently transform and achieve the greatest distinctions conferred upon themselves very most effortlessly. Thy minds are truly precious, nurture your thoughts with care and the grace of your brilliant wisdom infinitely, God Bless.


With diamonds, there may be wealth power to a certain extent but with thy minds, it is will power – the brightness and creativeness of which is incredibly considered as one of the greatest of treasures ever known to humankind.


Those who may have considerably earned fabulously from their engagement with the diamond trade could seek to earnestly contribute to help establish charitable hospitals, orphanages, schools, colleges, universities and food and ensure provision of clean+pure drinking and sanitation water, affordable+reasonable housing and shelter for the underprivileged and needy, to those who may be sincere but may be financially disadvantaged – and also helping with other noble causes including pets+animal sanctuaries to prevent the indiscriminate slaughter of animals – whatever form of life it may be – whether human or an animal that may be truly needing help should be helped please – since the greater treasures that nature wants us to earn truly is/are the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe unconditionally, God Bless. (For the diamond merchants, it maybe a small part of their vast wealth being invested in good and noteworthy causes – but for millions of families, this would be virtual lifeline, livelihood and the most wonderful sustenance as well as a true blessing of a lifetime for themselves, the diamond traders and their families as well as the wonderful communities all across the world – for happiness shared and joy spread is something that is doubled and increased far beyond any measure and it all comes from one mind and heart to another very most incredibly, God Bless)

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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