Energy – Conserve, Can Serve Our Energy

Energy – Conserve, Can Serve Our Energy


Whether on a personal, professional, national, international, corporate, private, public, governmental, institutional or global level – we are actually spending more on our energy than we are energizing our spending.

The context here of energizing humbly refers to the following respectively. We are provided with clean and pure energy by nature, the environment and the universe, now what we do with the energy that we are gifted with counts and matters considerably since the reciprocated set of actions and initiatives could help transform the landscapes of the universe remarkably.

To paraphrase this, it is literally speaking of phenomenal transformations evolving in divergent sectors and pathways of various walks of life amazingly.It is the pure intent with which we learn to think, act and express and that being our natural – our innate characteristic, we would be aligning with a greater set of synergistic influential fields of energy thereby impacting whatever we do far more methodically with a high degree of fine precision.

We are doing what is constructive, meaningful, reasonable, responsible and what is possible within our means since the harvesting of pure energy is a natural process that is prevalent all across the universe, but what is required is the conscious engagement of people all across the world to share one ideology, one principle of living their values based upon the pure intent of sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the universe infinitely, God Bless.

Some people may think and say this is perhaps another environmental pitch? another publicity pitch? or a sensational energy pitch trying to recapitulate and resonate what has been intermittently echoed right across the centuries! Well, whatever anyone may think, they are most welcome to express and experience what they wish to since here it is purely about pureness of energy and circulating this also means to avoid being judgmental or discriminating or even being skeptical or sarcastic or ego centric or any other emotional or characteristical trait or habitual tendency to interfere and intervene in between, it is purely from pure energy to pure energy with one another’s initiatives being solely focused upon the pureness that is within us as well as all around us magnificently.

We always seek the purest and finest in whatever we need and want – for example the cleanest, purest and finest drinking water – and likewise with nutritious food-snacks-meals and so many more things consistently. Then we could also make – re acquire the habitual tendency of engaging in pure thoughts, pure interactions, pure expressions and pure intentionality in all our natural and instinctual processes please. This is also better understood by reflecting upon what seeds we are planting, likewise harvests we will enjoy, so when we seek pureness in so many aspects of our lives, then why not start with this at the thought level please, by cultivating and practicing pureness right from the core roots of our thoughts please, God Bless.


This could keep augmenting incessantly as the needs and wants grow astoundingly. The concern is not only focused on what is ahead but more particularly upon what is being done right know – this is “right now“.


Everything, name it whatever it maybe is principally governed by certain dynamics, laws and procedures which follow a stipulated framework. Nothing just evolves or emerges to merge and further expand abstractly. We are also well aware that everything works on an equitable basis – an balanced and equilibrium oriented structural basis where accountability prevails very most commandingly as well as demandingly. If we for example tend to think and ignorantly seek to cast away any responsibilities such as putting things in their places, well then we are placed into things and situations that we may never have ever imagined.

We may laugh upon others and ridicule others at times thinking that what befalls them is miles away from us, let us carefully think again, what have those other individuals done to us that we are satisfying our strange sense of humor in contradictorily reflecting upon their travails please? It is here also we are spending an certain amount of energy and that energy is bound to accelerate and ricochet back to us in one way or another, in one form or another, at one time or another, so it is best to do what is best, pure and real rather than just gossip and aimlessly spend our precious time in engaging in prolific debates or endeavors that do not serve us or other well please. Kindly do not mis understand but by the time some of us actually realize, it may be too late for we may have already sent out a lot more than we can accept or expect back please. You seek goodness in your lives right, well, so think well, do well and express well and truly. Attend to your respective agendas, assignments, duties, obligations, studies, responsibilities and tasks with a sense of alertness, conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, truthfulness and your brilliant creative wisdom diligently please.


We are adopting incredible strategies to conserve energy which is commendable however have we also sought to passionately and diligently reflect upon the process of can serve our energy as well please?

Can Serve

How this could be done will need the earnest goodwill of people all across the world to come together to identify how we could contribute towards nature and the universe – the environment apart from the remarkable eco friendly initiatives that are being taken globally please.

We are well versed with the fabled adage that resonates, what goes around, comes around, well here it relates to a caring and conscious approach of serving nature, the environment and the universe as well as those amongst us who maybe in need of the most basic of necessities by thinking, doing and expressing the very best for ourselves and others unconditionally, God Bless.


This is not just some symbolic process of scoring points, gaining advantages or racing against one another, but rather it is about a unanimous – win win strategy where people all across the world tend to benefit in their contribution back towards nature, the environment and the universe respectively.


Nature, the environment and the universe have, are and will continue to nourish, provide and sustain our planet earth magnificently, however it is our primordial aspiration to see how best we could keep abreast of the reciprocation by doing a little more apart from what is already being done already please, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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