Jet Lag, The Time Juggle

Jet Lag, The Time Juggle


Some individuals are frequently traveling and due to their commitments and demanding schedules might be earnestly seeking to better manage the time and well being respectively.


While every reasonable initiative is take to better cope up, it is believed that if one were to refrain from consumption of any alcoholic drinks and ensure that they practice deep breathing and meditation – before, during and after their travel intervals – schedules as reasonably possible could probably help to some extent.


Those who experience this know how it feels and certainly deserve to nourish their minds and bodies and with breathing being the energetic regulator and meditation being the serenity and tranquility manager, it would be seeking to regain one’s calm composure and sense of well being and adaptation to the various time zones and enhance the efficiency as well.


Kindly note, the above is something that is being expressed in good faith and without any definitiveness or certainty since while reflecting upon the aspect of jet lag, there is far more stress on the mind than the body, because with the mind overworking with immense pressures of deadlines and even working on board the flights, a little bit of meditation in between the respective spans of time while ensuring strict restriction of consumption of any alcoholic beverages should be able to hopefully help, God Bless.


Meditation signifies the experience of immense calmness, peace, stillness, serenity and tranquility. It is in a way a process of me-dictation; where one is able to reflect upon and better manage what one is facing far more commandingly and efficiently. In the process of meditation, as one’s proficiency grows, one is able to expand one’s consciousness and experience one’s true nature, true self and true essence amazingly; this is also embracing one’s brilliance, creativeness, completeness, greatness, gracefulness, truthfulness and wonderfulness respectively, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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