Having Faith In The Future

Having Faith In The Future

Future, Fate – Its Faith Here – Guided By Faith

Have Faith In The Faith That Has Been Placed In You and Your True Nature


Some people are extremely worried as to what the future has in store for them? What does the future have in store for you, they are equally keen to know?


The answer is – What do you have in store for the faith here? Is it the faith hear or the resolute and implicit conviction that relates to the faith here please? It is time and again the faith here, the divine essence of your true nature that remarkably sets the pathways – the ways in your paths as well as the paths in your weighs very most effortlessly and gracefully.


Every individual is shaping their own destiny without even realizing that they are the co creators – co participants in this magnificent process of life along with themselves and others, nature and the universe amazingly.


Since time immemorial it has been stated that belief can move mountains, however here it is about the mount in moving true wards the be+live (meaning to say that for some of us who may have mounted+rooted in – firmly established certain assumptions – presumptions – fallacies or negligent thought processes deep within our nature maybe deviating from even the pre destined actualities that may seek to evolve – and that until the some of us actually realize and clarify the legitimacy of life as it actually is supposed to be – then some of us will keep reaping what is being sown mysteriously)


Right from this very moment, make a pledge to live in the now, the present moment that helps us to experience our true nature and true self please – it is extremely precious please. Seek to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity and truthfulness. This is living our values guided by the amazing faith that has been instilled in+within us by our loving Parents, Families, Relatives, Friends, Communities, Societies, Nations, Countries, Nature and the Universe, God Bless.

Have Faith

I would wish to humbly state the following as well please. One point to carefully note that faith is not just about blind faith or careless negligence or ignorance or foolishness (kindly excuse but foolishness is foolishness and could not have been mentioned otherwise please), it is about careful attendance towards one’s agendas, assignments, duties, responsibilities and tasks firstly and faithfully please since faith cannot be compromised by just stating that one had implicit faith in the outcome and then things turned out otherwise? Nothing just happens like that since something somewhere maybe attributing to the current or subsequent state of affairs please.

Whether it is being afflicted by any disease, maladies or other handicaps or whatever maybe the problems/challenges – please have faith and ensure to carefully follow the prescribed qualified medical treatment, things will get better with your grace of faithfulness in your true nature and your divine essence please.

Whether it is any challenging situation or helplessness or complications – whether predicaments or dilemmas – whether financial obligations or a matter of relationships, always have faith in your true nature, in your true self, in your divine essence, never give up, be courageous and strong, you will make it through to a better future ahead truly, it maybe a matter of time, but things will definitely improve, have faith in the faith that has been placed in you and your true nature infinitely, God Bless.


The very highest Importance should always be given to those with special health conditions, considerations consistently please. The above is very basic information that has been featured for your general informational purposes only. Any and all liabilities are hereby disclaimed, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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