Kamadhenu, Come Add Your Wishes

Kamadhenu, Come Add Your Wishes


Kamadhenu when translated from Sanskrit to English respectfully refers to the sacred wish fulfilling cow, God Bless.


Our wishes humbly seek goodwill, harmony, peace, progress and welfare of the Universe along with the practice of nurturing true care, love and respect for animals, God Bless.


Truly wishing for establishment of more Gow Shalas – Gou Shalas (Cow Habitats-Sanctuaries) as well as similar homes-habitats for the aged animals and no homes for the caged since so many animals are deprived of their true freedom and forcibly bound by cruelty all their lives. We earnestly pray for their freedom and liberty, to be able to live with peace, harmony and wishfully, God Bless.


We also pray and wish for abolishment of any indiscriminate slaughter of defenseless animals and ban of cruel practices rendered to any animals. Because the animals cannot speak does not mean, they do not feel the pain please. Let us pray that those engaging in any such deplorable practices will awaken to their true nature and practice compassion unconditionally, God Bless.


We also seek the graceful wisdom to be able to recognize and experience our true self, our divine essence so that we may be able to like all of God’s creations unconditionally thereby harmonizing the landscapes of Nature and the Universe with progressive societies and more kamadhenu’s that impart the knowledge of bestowing infinite wisdom of living our divine purpose along with our principles and values consistently, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness and wisdom always, God Bless

Compassion, Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Fishes, Breathless Agony

Fishes, Breathless Agony


It is very sad that fishes before being sold at some of the market places are being flung – tossed – thrown across from the meager water there in the pans/spaces that they are allocated – whether to the bare floor or just in the utensils that they are placed prior to sale.


The fishes struggle considerably, gasping – their breathlessness can be witnessed tragically and quite helplessly also since what can be done to alleviate the miserable plight of the poor fishes? They have been going through this every other day until they are unfortunately no longer alive.


Just imagine, they almost leap to get back into the water and in their frantic efforts – they are desperately struggling around due to the suffocation – all it takes a few droplets of water that is/are nearby – lots of water nearby – but the fishes are not able to get this and are trying their very best to survive – but in vain since the seller, the buyer, the onlookers just ignore the fervent initiatives of the fishes clinging onto every fragment of energy – air and their arduous quest for water. And then the sellers might just think it is still not time since there has been no sale and fling back the fishes into the water pot – container that is perhaps just momentary since when the buyers select a particular fish, they are sadly lead through a swift cessation of their lives.


What is the actual objective achieved in so cruelly flinging the fishes back and forth please?

To & Fro?

From their small water pans to the bare ground or onto a small utensil prior to being sold and then being rendered a harsh blow to decrease their resistance – life clinging efforts prior to being cut apart.


Could not the fishes be permitted a fairer treatment please? Do they have to struggle for their lives in their last few precious moments please?


Is this practice ever going to help anyone realize that what is at stake please? It is an extremely unfair process – flinging the fishes to and from the water intermittently until a customer comes across to buy them – but why this way please? Why the agonizing ordeal please? They are not any showpieces or adornment, they are living beings and at least until they are alive, please grant them the opportunity to live their lives with dignity and without the uncontrollable fear, panic and desperation that ensues due to this deprivation of water please.


When the fishes die agonizingly, with the harsh blow – the breathlessness – this anguish carries across and possibly encompasses – lingers on within each and every pore of their being even after they are no longer alive and thereby carrying forth their emotional + painful vibrations onto the person consuming the fish as well? It is an extremely tragic and painful process where the fishes being subject to struggle with their breathlessness and then being dealt an hard – bitter and painful blow to render them into an unconscious state before being cut apart. What a tragic end to such a compassionate life, alas……………………… only if those treating the fishes as well as those engaged in any way with this process could realize the immense pain and suffering they are subjecting the fishes to go through please. The fishes are also living beings and experience the pain and sufferings that human beings experience please. What could be possibly done? Prayers and thoughts that those engaged in any such practices will awaken to their true nature of being compassionate and considerate – kinder and thoughtful towards all forms of God’s creations please, God Bless


May one and all be blessed with a vision of compassion, good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Compassion, Love, Light and Wisdom,


Copyright ©2013 Vashi Chandiramani. All Rights Reserved