Datapedia – Open Data – From Change to Exchange – From Comes Our Way To Becomes Our Way Of Living

Datapedia – Open Data – From Change to Exchange – From Comes Our Way To Becomes Our Way Of Living

From Bits & Bytes To The Bit Insights – From Kilobyte to Megabyte to Gigabyte to Tetrabyte to Petabyte to Exabyte to Zettabyte to Yottabyte to-towards Infinite Procession of Better Bytes…………


Governments worldwide truly deserve a grateful note of thanks continually for their open data policies which promotes accountability, efficiency, integrity, innovation, progress, and transparency respectively.


The language of computers is instrumentally sustained by bits and bytes. (Note – The above information relating to multiples of bytes has been derived from Google and Wikipedia)


On any given moment of any given day, trillions upon trillions of pieces and packets of data are being transmitted globally. As we keep progressing ahead, the streams of data communication is anticipated to increment, let us ensure that we resourcefully participate in its evolutionary magnificence by contributing our very best bytes of data back since we have an amazing wealth of intelligent information ensconced and embodied within the realms of our true nature and our true self apart from the knowledge and learning that we acquire in this wonderful Universe amazingly.


How well do we resourcefully utilize the incredible wealth of data that comes our way and becomes our way of living please?


We may seek to elucidate the greatness about changes all around us however do we realize in the process the changes that we are precipitating within us please?Regarding comes our way to becomes our way of living, we need to be consciously aware of what information we are grasping and what values we are inculcating and implementing in our lives please since it truly counts and matters please.


The seeds of evolution have provided us with the creative intelligence and knowledge to ensure that we ambitiously aspire and pursue a purposeful driven life with conscious awareness.


In the process of acquiring, assimilating, communicating, elucidating and transmitting, let us seek to be enlightened by the exchange of natures useful and resourceful practices also please.


At the completion of each day of our respective obligations, let us experience the greatness of even having further contributed towards the remarkable progress and development of Nature, World and the Universe please.

Information – Respectfully

A major segment of the data communications is focused upon entertainment. Information technology seeks to keep pace by broadening the bandwidths considerably however the question as well as the quest in is with advent of time, apart from entertainment such as social media platform exchanges, internet chatting, gossiping, watching movies, keeping abreast of the latest music and other news as well as keeping one’s self well informed regarding all that is evolving all around the Universe as if it is a competition of who knows more? who is more wiser? who is more tech savvy? who is more literate? who is more proficient and capitalizes? who is more cool and happening? who is more younger and trendier and friendlier? and so on and so forth (kindly remember the above is not intending to hurt anyone’s sentiments or change the way of thinking, not at all, absolutely not at all please)

Rather, what is being sought here is to allocate from the incredible spans of time towards the various activities to focus upon one’s intellectual, one’s creative and one’s overall self development initiatives honestly as well please since we seek greater bytes – meaning we seek the streams of data to augment – intensify and meet our demands, but when will we be nurture the better bytes within ourselves as well please? In short, when will we take out the time everyday to focus upon improving ourselves with a disciplined perspective of achieving sustainable progress in diversified areas of our lives please? Realize, if we are specialized in chatting or socializing and communicating and well dressed in the areas of everything that is cool and trendy but are lacking the needful proficiency where it relates to our career, personal and professional developments, then we are unknowingly getting ourselves caught in a web of intricacies please. We need to essentially bifurcate and allocate certain minutes and more as reasonably possible in our daily agendas to focus upon our self development and self improvement as well please, God Bless.


The joy of entertainment is transient. The joy of attainment is a sentient quest. Entertainment brings its momentary rewards while attainment brings its awards that are truly priceless. What is expended may not return however what is achieved – the attainment if meritorious, meaningful, purposeful and responsible set of accomplishments – including our infinite quest for self realization, seek to serve us sustainably for a lifetime, God Bless.


Think about it carefully please. The Governments, Nature, the World and the Universe are all striving and seeking our conscious and responsible engagement and participation towards sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God Bless.


Everything has, is and will be provided to us in accordance with how purposeful we are. This purposefulness is embodying the process of living our values.


The captioned title seeks to inspire the accountability, efficiency and transparency that ensue between us to ourselves as well please. How true are we to our calling please? How sincere and faithful are we to our agendas, assignments, commitments, duties, obligations, studies, tasks and responsibilities please? While reflecting upon one another, we may reflect on the meritorious aspects, however when admirably reflecting upon our achievements and accomplishments, we need to take into account the true essence and purpose of our living ensuring that we achieve and excel as we strive further ahead progressively towards attainment of our respective goals and objectives that are in harmony with one another’s well being and goodwill please, God Bless.


Our doctrines, scriptures and noble teachings inspire us to be truly content with what we have and strive to be resourceful in contributing resourcefully towards the goodwill and progress of one another selflessly. The technological platforms keep helping us to reach across efficiently and establish greater harmonious societies and cultural goodwill, let us reciprocate the greatness of every sector of the global communities by time and again ensuring that we meticulously utilize the data that is being transmitted across – one by one, little by little, we can help keeping the brightness of our ways shining forth ingeniously, thank you and God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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