Rama, Amar, Sri Rama Navami; Consciousness, Ego, Genealogy, Immortality and The Souls Evolution

Lord Sri Rama; The Epitome Of Devotion, Loyalty, Moral Values, Righteousness and the Truth, Om Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram

namaste1 Rama, Amar
The translational definition of amar refers to immortal.

Celebrating Rama Navami across each and every moment of our lives inspires us to experience our divine essence, our true nature and our true self respectively.

By recognition and a careful understanding of our genetic code during meditation, we will tend to realize that each and every cell of our body is responding to the physical ego mysteriously.

Mysterious because we have acquired so many attitudes, characteristics, habits, indignant indulgences and tendencies which we start believing as our inherent nature? Whereas our soul evokes our conscious awareness to embrace the dissolution of the physical ego and embrace our higher level of consciousness as our guidant, devoted and faithful companion that it has always been amazingly.

During meditation, by expanding and raising our consciousness to the level of the divine light and aligning with the supreme consciousness, we experience our oneness with our divine essence, where our spirit attains infinity and begins to purify the transcendent pathways of our soul’s evolution remarkably.


In essence, the aspect of purification is ever prevalent, all that is needed earnestly is the sanctification of realizing that we have been endowed with the divine vision and when we cast aside and shed the illusive vision that we may have been embracing, there is incredible clarity in witnessing the panorama of our life’s magnificence consciously.

We thence onwards realize so much more about ourselves and are able to harmoniously relate to the consciousness of each and every cell that is there in our bodies and seek to experience a greater level of appreciation, belief, compassion, confidence, determination, faith, fortitude, gratitude, hope, radiance, sincerity, temperance, tenacity, understanding and wisdom.

We are humbled to note that immortality is a state of our mind’s consciousness and from william-hazlitt-critic-grace-has-been-defined-as-the-outwardthere we reach across to our souls consciousness and begin living our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values and our divine will which are always empowered and truly sustained by the divine grace and divine wisdom of God infinitely, God bless.

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What Keeps Us Moving? Respectfully

What Keeps Us Moving? Respectfully

Thoughts; Engineering The Genealogy Of Life; Respectfully

What Keeps Us Moving? Respectfully

When we seek to carefully realize, we would notice that humanity has been riding on the threshold of thoughts infinitely; it is thoughts that keep us moving ahead amazingly

Seed; Respectfully

At any phase; stage of life if we introspectively investigate the constituents of manifestations and incredible discoveries, we would clearly see that they all originated from the see of a single thought, which lead onto an augmented pattern of thinking to achieve creative accomplishments for our wonderful Universe

Empowering; Respectfully

This power is very there with us, inspiring us to think,act and express our selves responsibly; to practice righteousness consistently

Investments; Respectfully

We make more investments in our lifetime; lifetimes on the process of thinking than we actually ever do on anything else comprehensively

Thoughts; Engineering The Genealogy Of Life; Respectfully

Indeed, thoughts admirably facilitate pursuance of a constructive process of thinking whereby we reflect upon the phenomenal achievements of our ancestors and respectfully salute their initiatives with profound pride

Connection; Respectfully

Is is through the inspiring thoughts that their cherished memories and spirit channel across to us – continuing to guide us and provide us with the strength to carry forth the respective vision of their visions and dreams and to achieve and accomplish them respectively

Endurance; Respectfully

It is these very thoughts although poignantly reflected upon that to a certain extent help us to keep building the precious bridges and reaching across towards inspiring one another to live life meaningfully, purposefully, respectfully, responsibly, sincerely and truly

Thoughts; Respectfully

There is truly so much more to the process of constructive thinking that this must be a subject that is carefully understood and taught, to inspire and guide our current and future generations to shape, design and creatively mold their thinking patterns in accordance with their primordial agendas constructively, which is namely accomplishment of goodwill for the Universe infinitely

What Keeps Us Moving? Respectfully

There is indeed so much more that keeps us moving however thoughts are amongst one of the very most pioneering instrumental factors that could enable perception of the grandeur and magnificence of life as it truly is by embarking upon each agenda with intuitive brilliance

The passage of thoughts clasp the frontiers of time within their ingenious magnificence ever so intuitively heralding the triumph of the paradise and astounding treasures of our intellectual faculties amazingly; are we seeking to reach across to acknowledge our thoughts with a touch of versatile and creative brilliance that they truly deserve please? God Bless

Keep Discovering Your True Nature Your True Self Love, Light and Wisdom; God Bless, Vashi Ram Chandi

Intuition; Respectfully

Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom ; our higher consciousness; Let us seek to develop our intuition; Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life; Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul; God Bless

God Bless; Respectfully

May One and All be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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