Checking, Get it, Diligence

Checking, Get it, Diligencebenjamin-disraeli-success-quotes-diligence-is-the-mother-of-good


When you check something, get it and when you get something, check it.

Get it

Get it humbly refers to the conscious attentive approach of grasping, of comprehending and not just nodding one’s ahead affirmatively and then later on realizing that what was said? When? Where? Regarding what? How come? But? So many things and thinks emerge at the spur of the moment frantically, this is why, when accepting, taking, committing, pledging conformance to some particular set of principles and values, don;t just casually think and say – cool – so what – its ok – we will see later? Sometime please realize, the later might be too late with impending penalty fees, cancellations and challenging losses simply because one was carried away and being elsewhere when they had to be here, at the right place, at the right moment practicing righteousness responsibly and ensuring to practice due diligence and prudence in all that we think do, commit to and express respectively, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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The Message, Get It, Greet It, Great,Its It

The Message, Get It, Greet It, Great,Its It

Realize The Truth, Transform Your Lives – Living Your Goodwill & Values


All of us get the message In reality, we maybe getting several messages that it may become almost impossible and a need for seeking clarity as to what message is being attributed to? Well certain messages are priceless and if we are consciously aware and awaken to our true nature, the messages that flash across the screen of our minds and hearts would reveal to us some of the most priceless knowledge that could be acquired, gleaned, reflected upon and realized with a perspective of purity and truthfulness, God Bless.

Get It

Some of us get it, some of us regret it? while some of us re greet it. This is not so much about what the message does to us? It is about how we are true to the message, extracting the useful advice and leaving everything else aside since if it contains so many things that we are lost only in trying to understand, then we may as well let go of the essence of the message itself. It is similar to saying, it depends upon our attitude, our perspective that how we look upon things and relegate the due importance and discretion as well as priority to certain things in our lives, then those particular things will re arrange themselves into methodical order and precision and begin serving us and then we may say? Oh no, i did not seek this? Think again, you may have ignorantly called for somethings by repeatedly attracting them with your sub conscious mind and when those things appear in your lives, you are left agape, speechless and overwhelmed and seeking forgiveness and compassion, but then it was your calling? So be wise in choosing to reflect upon good and constructive thoughts for the seed of thoughts will germinate – sprout forth and grow into a plant and then plantations and then harvesting might become very unmanageable if there are weeds amongst the thoughts please. This is why, when planting the seeds, remember your divine essence and having pure intent and with good faith, complete attentiveness, conscious awareness and due diligence and prudence, take each and every step further ahead, knowing that you have been giving this precious life for a divine purpose which is to serve the divine will and the divine will always seeks goodness, good will and pureness for one and all unconditionally, God Bless.


The messages will keep re appearing in our lives beseechingly imploring and evoking our conscious awareness, to awaken to our true self, to live a purposeful life with compassion, due diligence, prudence, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom.

Upto You

It all is completely at your sole discretion, whether to regard, dis regard or engarde (engarde means to defend – to proactively take the necessary and wise measures pro actively to safeguard one another’s interests and well being please) Regret is because the messages may have been re appearing intermittently right across our lifetime and we may have ignorantly overlooked or negligently cast away the respective notification very casually with paying due heed, diligence and attentiveness? But this does not mean, to stop and get caught into a sequence of regrets for now is the priceless moment that could help transform the ever promising pathways ahead, please do not ever give up, have faith, courage and belief in your true nature, you can definitely achieve wonders when you are truly with your true essence, God Bless.


The speaker of the message maybe your archangel, divine essence, your noble ancestors and some noble souls who have ascended and become one with the divine consciousness and serving as an instrument of the divine will respectively.


The messaging may be actually a two way process possibly? where we are messaging the Universe and one another through the medium of our emotive expressions, our feelings of goodness, bitterness? jealousy? hatred? resentment? and deluge of suppressed emotions? Each particle of energy that we are experiencing and expressing might be reaching far – much more far across than we realize and returning back and bringing with it an avalanche of uncalled for tendencies and unrealized manifestations? But naturally, none of us call for gloom or despair and neither do we like to be sad or grief stricken or lamenting and wailing – but then what are our thought, actions and expressions signaling to the Universe please? Remember carefully yet again, that the messaging process might be a two way traffic and if we block the incoming messages by piling layers and layers of discontentment and lack of gratitude as well as sheer carelessness and lack of attention and awareness, then we may be inviting into our pathways somethings that we never wanted and may be struggling to let go of? But struggling by juggling the very same set of balls that mysteriously crept into our thought process? or emotional paradigm? Time and again, we are reminded or made aware of, to live in the present moment – in the now, to live a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, sincerity, responsibility and wisdom because this must have been the similar set of experiences that the noble souls before us experienced and did not want us to go through the ignorance and experimentation – realize your greatness, great becomes your realization, God Bless.

Get The Point

It is extremely important to carefully understand what the message being referred – referenced here relates to is something that is absolutely true for you and has been repeatedly re emerging in your lives, reminding you to change, to evolve, to let go of the negative tendencies and to become a better, greater and purer human being since excellence accompanied with the finest of everything and every think is your heritage.


Please do not think that get the message is something savvy, trendy, fashionable and a matter of know how or eminence that relegates you to some higher order? You should remain humble and keep serving the divine will constantly which always inspires to come together in good faith, trust and with a pure commitment to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God Bless.


Kindly do not seek to dispute or contradict from the standpoint of setting up a debate, of inquisitively getting caught into searching here and there as well as everywhere since what is right in front of you – your agenda, assignments, dharma=duties, obligations, studies, tasks and responsibilities deserve to be attended to with complete conscious awareness, a sense of responsibilities and a commitment to serve with goodwill, faith and trust because you have been chosen and entrusted with certain chores that resonate with our harmonious choir of aligning with the symphony of the cosmos which speaks of truthfulness in all that we think, do, express and perform with pure intentionality, God Bless.


The reason the above paragraphs suggests to avoid getting caught, entangled into a procrastination mode is because when we are having far more important things to do, we may curiously step away and shift our attention from what we are doing thereby diverting our focus and concentration and then what? We land up multi tasking? and then what?


This humbly seeks to appeal for you to pay careful attention to what you are doing, suppose you are driving, you cannot be at the very same time watching a movie and messaging and speaking on the speaker phone as well as engaging in a conversation. Or likewise, when studying, if you are socializing where you are listening to music, watching television at the very same time, chatting with friends and seeking to grasp a part of your educational curriculum? Or when in the role of a pedestrian or commuting across different pathways, being more engrossed with the smartphones rather than looking where we are stepping? Are the messages, the movies, the television serials or other entertainment more important than you please? Do they deserve a higher priority that you the great noble soul please?

Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment??? Its – In Attainment, In Attainment & In Attainment

The joy of entertainment is transient. The joy of attainment is a sentient quest. Entertainment brings its momentary rewards while attainment brings its awards that are truly priceless. What is expended may not return however what is achieved – the attainment if meritorious, meaningful, purposeful and responsible set of accomplishments – including our infinite quest for self realization, seek to serve us sustainably for a lifetime, God Bless.


Please kindly remember that this precious moment is absolutely priceless and so are you. Be creative, resourceful and responsible in all that you think, do, express and perform.

In Attainment, In Attainment & In Attainment

In attainment wherever and whenever we reflect upon it is truly something that begins with our innate quest, like our souls quest for self realization, of becoming one with the divinity ensconced within our higher self. The work place, to be able to excel in our agendas and assignments. At schools, colleges and universities to brilliantly achieve and secure brilliant results and shine forth our glorious heritage of intellectual proficiency and meritoriousness. To be the very best person ever that love’s one’s ownself and other unconditionally and strives to express one;s divinity and experience the evolutionary growth and grace in wisdom infinitely, God Bless.

Living Our Values

Time represents money. Money represents value. Value represents wealth. Wealth represents preciousness. Our values are truly priceless. Living our values represents the true value of our living, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Compassion, Dignity, Respect, Love, Light and Wisdom,


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