Ebola and God; Disease, Dis=ease, Concerns, Worries; Conscious Awareness and Prevention

ebola-factsIf a disease is all we are worried about, then the dis=ease is all that we could possibly get more and more about.

The above humbly seeks to refer to the straight forward point of view and not something just about philosophy, spirituality or other sciences please.

People all across the world are anxious and facing one the greatest challenges ever imagined, known or experienced.

The more we know about something well enough, then the more well enough we remain about the sum aspect of things that we face in our daily lives.

Its not about gathering extensive data and spending all of one’s time poring through all possible channels and sources of information, rather it is about being resourceful and equipping oneself with adequate knowledge that could be of vital use in discerning between what one knows of and could responsibly do to safeguard one another’s well being.

Whether an campaign or an event, people of the world all across have been commendably meritorious in striving to contribute to the vision that belongs to its goodwill, harmony, progress and welfare. (there maybe some cynics and critics, well they have their point of view and their opinion, but we should not loose our sacred path and purposeful perspective in the midst of any controversies or discussions and futile engagements, for it is not about who is wiser, it is about the precious lives of so many human beings that are being challenged; so where discuss, to discuss what could help with the preventive causes and protection rather than gossip or debates please; since at the end of any given day, we bear accountability and responsibilities for our actions, so let us do our very fair, best and reasonable most for the world within us as well as all around us)

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We wish the World Health Organization as well as other affiliated institutions, organizations, medical personnel, research and support teams as well as millions of individuals associated in some way or another with health care and diseases control all the very greatest vision of courage, foresight, strength and wisdom as they shoulder tremendous responsibilities on ensuring the world is a safer place; as well as sustained success in triumphantly mitigating, neutralizing and effectively overcoming this extremely challenging phenomenal disease.

Let us each play our parts and paths by consciously treading and responsibly venturing ahead with one commitment and one goal first of all else which is to as much as possible, avoid worrying for worrying could possibly precipitate and leave us frantically criss crossing (crisis crossing?) from one imaginary outcome to another? Remember yet again, If a disease is all we are worried about, then the dis=ease is all that we could possibly get more and more about please; think consciously, seek consciously and act consciously with utmost accountability and responsibility please.

We have that very same set of choices and energies that others have and when we tend to deviate and isolate or embark on a completely different pathway, then we are drawing more to us of unknown thinks and things? Life is not an adventure to just go about here, there or anywhere, rather having a fixed purpose with a defined set of objectives where we must put conscious awareness always at the forefront for it will help us attend to each and every detail with a heightened sense of awareness rather than just going about casually and or ignorantly.

It is also not about showing how much we care buT rather about our genuine interest in caring how much we sow; life knows, nature knows and the universe knows that when we do what is right, practicing righteousness in all that we think, do, express and implement; what is absolutely right is what will intend to emerge and embark on its evolutionary pathways as we go about aligning each and every element of our lives diligently, prudently, responsibly, sincerely, tenaciously, truthfully and wisely.

cotton-mather-quote-the-word-of-god-must-be-read-and-heard-withIf we question the role of God? then there directly radiates forth the reflecting answer that states; If we question the role of what we have got? If we have got and observe the quest of rules in what we guard?

Why the above has been particularly mentioned is because some individuals think that God is punishing us with the Ebola virus? How can someone speak on behalf of God in such a contradictory manner? God never punishes, God furnishes; here in these contexts, it relates to provision; yes, God provides us with an abundant set of resources as well as wisdom that could remarkably help sustain each and every moment of our lives very most magnificently, so for sure we cannot ever speak of and on behalf of or against God at all. God is the supreme and being supreme represents the qualities of pureness, the pure intent of purity and all that is chaste, all that is sacred, all that is true as it is and not as we want to be please. God is the creator and preserver as well as protector of our lives, right from the moment we are born, till we responsibly live our dharma (duties) to fulfill our karma (deeds) as well as further ahead upon completion of our earthly sojourn as well, God’s wisdom is always well within us (our higher selves=our true nature) and we could be able to amazingly gleam through the graceful knowledge, wisdom and revelations that each seek the goodwill of one and all always. So if we think, think if we sow for whatever it is needs to be carefully understood and then responsibly managed.

Coming back to the crucial point apart from expanding our conscious awareness and diligently treading with and upon the wisdom of the fabled adage that prevention is better than cure. First of all by being truly aware and then ensuring a pro active approach is stringently adopted and diligently pursued, we could help spread the awareness so that its infection is considerably reduced and more effectively managed rather than just speaking about it with dis=ease. It is one of the most challenging diseases, but our approach of confronting it from a perspective of dis=ease may weaken our resolve or catch us unprepared should any sudden emergent situation arise please. We cannot just remain ignorant or negligent, we cannot afford to do just anything anytime just like that and later we will see attitude; once there is an outbreak elsewhere or even if there is no outbreak in the vicinity, we should never jeopardize or risk the good health, safety and well being of ourselves and others please, take care, think well, be well and remain consciously aware and diligently alert, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or associated with the World Health Organization in any way whatsoever and neither is the above article connected to it any way or is intending to attribute any direct or indirect reference.The only reason this is being specifically mentioned is because further above is a web site link of the World Health Organization that I came across which appears to feature extremely important preventive information and hence is being featured with good intentions and sincerity for the goodwill, good health, harmony and welfare of one and all always, God bless.


Frequently Asked Questions on Ebola virus disease


How can it be prevented?

  • Avoid direct contact with body fluids of a person suffering from Ebola or a deceased patient by wearing gloves, goggles, and masks
  • Persons suspected to be suffering from Ebola should be taken to the nearest health unit immediately for medical attention. Tracing and follow up of people who may have been exposed to Ebola through close contact with patients are essential.
  • Persons who have died of Ebola must be handled using strong protective wear and buried immediately;
  • Report any suspected cases of Ebola to the nearest health unit immediately
  • Suspected cases should be isolated from other patients and strict barrier nursing techniques implemented.
  • All hospital staff should be briefed on the nature of the disease and its transmission routes. Particular emphasis should be placed on ensuring that invasive procedures such as the placing of intravenous lines and the handling of blood, secretions, catheters and suction devices are carried out under strict barrier nursing conditions. Hospital staff should have individual gowns, gloves, masks and goggles. Non-disposable protective equipment must not be reused unless they have been properly disinfected.
  • Infection may also spread through contact with the soiled clothing or bed linens from a patient with Ebola. Disinfection is therefore required before handling these items.
  • Communities affected by Ebola should make efforts to ensure that the population is well informed, both about the nature of the disease itself and about necessary outbreak containment measures, including burial of the deceased. People who have died from Ebola should be promptly and safely buried.


  • As the primary mode of person-to-person transmission is contact with contaminated blood, secretions or body fluids, people who have had close physical contact with patients should be kept under strict surveillance. Their body temperature should be checked twice a day, with immediate hospitalization and strict isolation in case of the onset of fever.

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E-mail: afrgodrdcam@who.int


Happy Diwali, Enjoy in Joy

diwali-sri-yantra1Belief provides us with the courage. Faith provides us with the encouragement and Diwali which symbolizes the divine light of righteousness provides us with its devotion that represents the grace, vision, will and wisdom of our lives amazingly.

The festival of Deepawali inspires us to experience each and every moment of life’s truth by living our divine essence and fulfilling our greatest potential earnestly, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Teen Life

jim-rohn-jim-rohn-discipline-is-the-bridge-between-goals-andTeen life is keen life.

Envision your life’s greatness full of graceful wisdom by practicing righteousness in all that you think, do, express and implement consistently; fulfill your life’s potential; strive to cherish what you have resourcefully; make your parents, relatives, friends, society, community, country, nation, world and of course your own self as well to be proud of You, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Amen, Ameen, So be it

william-hazlitt-critic-grace-has-been-defined-as-the-outwardAmen, With Ameen refers to the sacred acceptance of God’s will.

The true vitamin of our lives and souls enrichment is encapsulated within the realm of our true nature and our true self amazingly.


hafiz-of-persia-quote-we-have-come-into-this-exquisite-world-toIt humbly seeks to refer to the pure divine essence of God’s image that remains enshrined gloriously within the mind of our mind; within the heart of our heart as well as within the soul of our soul magnificently, Amen, With Ameen, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

World Cup 2014, One in the Oneness

gene-fowler-journalist-whatever-one-believes-to-be-true-either-isWorld Cup Soccer, Define the Match, Match the Definition

Everyone’s wishes/wish is that the World Cup is won. The World Cups wish/vision is that everyone realizes the one they truly are, God bless.

Whether its a match or match it is; whethvic-braden-quote-learn-to-think-like-a-winner-think-positive-and-visuaer on field or off field, the pure intent of our energy is what sustains our evolutionary growth, progress and remarkable sustenance in grace and wisdom infinitely, God bless

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Guru Purnima, Vision Envision, Merging our Consciousness with the Pure Elements of Evolution

stephen-s-wise-quote-vision-looks-inward-and-becomes-dutyvision-looksGuru Purnima, Puran Maarg, Divine Communion




william-ames-philosopher-the-efficiency-of-god-may-be-understood-asGuruDev, Expanding our Consciousness, Enlightened Vision




Guru Poornima, Teachers/Visionary Day




cotton-mather-quote-the-word-of-god-must-be-read-and-heard-withEach day teaches us something; Sum thinks teach us the True Essence of each and every Priceless Moment Magnificently



victor-hugo-wisdom-quotes-wisdom-is-a-sacredThe True Moments, The True Day/Days; Way/Ways of living and practicing Righteousness in all that we Think, Do/True and Express




12 July 2014 is being celebrated as Guru Purnima. The translational definition of this represents Guru/Teachers Day respectfully.



Guru represents the spiritual guide, teacher, the visionary and the guiding light of one another’s lives with the devotion of discipline, goodwill and righteousness remarkably. Puran’s translational definition refers to complete while Maarg refers to the path respectively. Here it earnestly intends to refers to the divine order of trust that governs the landscapes of our lives ingeniously, God bless. The governance is the wisdom while the capabilities and virtues that we have been entrusted with are based upon our attitudes where we are time and again reminded to b e consciously aware of living our purposeful life with due diligence, prudence, righteousness, sincerity, truthfulness and our brilliant creative wisdom consistently.


Purnima represents the full moon day as well as the completeness/the divine essence. This humbly evokes our conscious awareness to awaken to our completeness; our self realization; embracing our graceful radiance and wonderfulness, to experience the pure elements of our magnificent nature by living our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values and our divine will infinitely.


It is a great privilege and honor to reach across and felicitate each and every guru; each and every teacher/visionary for their nobility, guidance, grace and wisdom respectively.



Guru in Hindi/Sanskrit refers to teacher/enlightened noble soul/visionary and in Sindhi to seek. Dev seeks to refer to the divine essence, the goodwill and the image of God that sacredly remains ensconced within the realms of our true nature and true self amazingly.


The translational definition of Guru Purnima from Sindhi to English refers to the following; “Seek Completeness”.



This respectfully refers to expanding our consciousness and raising it to the level of the divine light; emerging/merging and experiencing the divine union with the oneness of who we truly are; to be one with the supreme consciousness, practicing righteousness in all that we think, do and express infinitely, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Brace the Chill, Soccer, Define the Match, Match the Definition

edwin-hubbel-chapin-clergyman-not-in-achievement-but-in-endurance-ofWhetherthomas-carlyle-philosopher-quote-endurance-is-patience itjames-russell-lowell-poet-endurance-is-the-crowning-quality-ands a match or match it is; whether on field or off field, the pure intent of our energy is what sustains our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom infinitely, God bless

©2014 Vashi Chandi