Breath Between Our Breathing, Our Pure Essence Is The SigNature of Seek Nature

william-londen-quote-to-insure-good-health-eat-lightly-breathe-deeply Breath Between Our Breathing, Our Pure Essence Is The SigNature of Seek Nature

Every Human Being Breathes “Purity”, Pure At Ease Isjohann-wolfgang-von-goethe-poet-great-thoughts-and-a-pure-heart-that The SigNature Of Every Human Being, Recognize and Experience Your Greatness, Gracefulness, Radiance, Truthfulness and Wonderfulness Always in All Ways Righteously, God Bless.





The breath between each breath makes us breathe bit+wean our breathing, God Bless.


Bit as well as wean humbly seeks to the nourishment of the pure energy that we infuse within the chambers of our lungs, breathing the pure essence of who we truly are.


Our energy is pure, our thoughts are pure, our intent is pure, our vision is pure, our mind is pure, our heart is pure, our soul is pure, our being is pure, our imagination is pure and so is our breath, which is how we amazingly sustain the kaleidoscope of our breathing which reflects only one single, the pure true love for each and every cell, nourishing the very breath of our existence.


Our breath converses and communicates with nature, with the universe, with the environment, with our organs, with our thinking, with our heart, with our brilliantly creative and wonderful intelligence. Just imagine, how our breath reaches, the mind power, the thought power and the sustenance and nourishing power as well as empowering force of our breath, all this is remarkably achieved and sustained due to purity, so we need to ensure that we cultivate and nurture purity in our breath by practicing compassion, diligence, integrity, righteousness, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and our brilliant creative magnificent wisdom in all that we think, do and express consistently with meaningful, purposeful and responsible consistency, God Bless.


How this process evolves and is miraculously regulated, our breath knows which we means we do not need to be attached to the fruit, the results or the expectancies but rather detach-ably yet consciously keep nurturing the seed of purity that is amazingly enshrined and sacredly ensconced within the realm of our true nature, our true self and our divine essence infinitely by living our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values and our divine will infinitely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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International Women’s Day, 8 March 2014

saint-augustine-saint-since-love-grows-within-you-so-beauty-grows-forInternational Women’s Day, 8 March 2014


Women as Mothers are the epitome of divinity, grace, joy and wisdom.


Women inspire us to realize that our soul characterizes the true essence of our lives.


Women truly bring out the moral courage that dwells within us magnificently.


Women teach us regarding the incredible importance of living our divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will amazingly.


The greatness of every Nation belongs to the dignity, honor and respect of its Women infinitely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi

Destiny – Zest In Thee – Its Your Conscious Choices

Destiny – Zest In Thee – Its Your Conscious Choices


Destiny is zest in thee, the ability and quest to achieve incredible magnificence and create greater goodness for one’s own self as well as others humbly, meritoriously and selflessly.


Whether one may call this trust in thee – that’s in thee or the route to greater destinations, destiny is what we make of it – it’s precisely how we create it in the now by living a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, sincerity, responsibility, truthfulness, trustworthiness and wisdom respectively.


We have been bestowed with a fabulous wealth of priceless endowments such as our intellectual faculties, our characteristical virtues, our ideals, principles, values and amazing treasure of wisdom that inspires us to gratefully appreciate each and every priceless moment of this wonderful life and utilize it resourcefully. To ensure that we come together earnestly and faithfully to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely.

Settle The Score? Set Till The Core

Life is not here just to settle the score or punish one’s own self with intense worries and running away from one’s own responsibilities and blaming one’s destiny or one’s heritage or other factors for anything please. Do not get caught in the blame game or depend on any artificial substances or substitutes to sustain this precious life please. The set till the core humbly refers to the experiencing of one’s true nature – one;s true essence – one’s true self and one’s true identity please. Ensconced within your true nature is a world of fascinating possibilities and promising commitments relating to the truthfulness of the Universe please.

Please Live A Purposeful Life With Conscious Awareness Always

Kindly do not only keep on ruminating and reflecting only and always living in a state of apprehensiveness regarding what may have occurred in a previous lifetime but rather take the initiatives – make pledges – promise to yourself that you will seek to improve and live a purposeful life with conscious awareness and seek to responsibly attend to your agendas, assignments, duties, obligations, responsibilities and tasks with a sense of commitment.

Face The Duties and Responsibilities With A Sense Of Courage, Commitment, Faith & Responsibility Please – Do Not Just Phase Them Away Please

If one lives constantly fraught only with the fears and regrets of some unknown or unaware aspects they will keep re getting and re greeting the similar set of circumstances and incidents – scenarios to keep getting stronger and mightier thereby in the process giving away one’s own power and capability to face the respective responsibilities. One cannot just stretch one’s ownself incessantly or elongate the spans of time or various aspects simply because one is living with a sense of victim syndrome please – do not just keep pitying yourselves or belittling yourselves and wailing – crying and weeping that why i have these particular set of circumstances? – why did this happen to me? why is this happening? why am i suffering? why am i paying the colossal prices? Please remember that the karmic deeds are not only coming to seek accountability but are also providing you with tremendous opportunities to do good, be good and experience the goodness – the pureness of your destiny which is promising, which is ever fulfilling and encompassed with immense possibilities and potentialities of good value and this strongly depends to a very great extent on your good and responsible conduct please. However, when transcending and achieving progress, kindly do not forget your commitments made in the hour of need and forget those who may be less privileged than you – who may be physically, emotionally, mentally or financially dis advantaged – please do not laugh upon or mock others – do not ridicule others or reprimand others simply because you have risen in stature socially or financially since all of this is due to your good deeds and to maintain this you need the pure energy of Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare to keep sustaining it by being true to your nature as well as nature to the truth of your living with sincerity and commitment to the trueness of the truth infinitely, God Bless.

Sowing the Seeds

Your destiny is inspiring you to be consciously aware and completely awakened to the now in your life for this is creating your destiny that you are going to experience and then tomorrow – the days ahead – the weeks, months and years ahead you will be experiencing the fruits and rewards of what you have sown now please. This is humbly sowing the seeds of compassion, creativeness, greatness, gracefulness and magnificence across the landscapes of our lives infinitely, God Bless.


No-know matter what one may believe, think or say – we are all actually creating our very own destinies based upon our own set of beliefs, conviction, emotions, feelings, thoughts and visions – and if one may say that one is being punished for one’s deeds from much before, then right now is the moment to atone – make amends as well as to forgive – to liberate oneself from any anger, hatred, jealousy, maliciousness and resentment – Be compassionate and forgiving and always live in a state of conscious awareness – Being aware of one’s thoughts, actions and expressions – taking actions consciously and responsibly -> We create our destiny in the now, know and experience thy true nature – thy true essence, thy destiny is thy own creation. Live in the present moment and appreciate it for all that it is for it appreciates you far more than you could ever know.


Whether referring to our karmic deeds and getting caught into a procrastination mode or intense deliberation is going to help is very difficult and overwhelming at times since the worries keep building up intensively and getting one caught up in more worries instead of wore ease please – this will only remain an incessant question – it is important to awaken to the now in our lives and live with conscious awareness – awaken to our compassion, completeness, dharma + duties, creativeness, greatness, gracefulness, truthfulness and wonderfulness respectively – To raise our higher consciousness – expressing our divinity, experiencing our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom infinitely

Our destiny can be remarkably transformed through our conscious choices where we realize that all across the landscapes of our lifetime, we may have been waiting for an + another opportunity – waiting for astrological forecasts to create what actually was seeking our conscious participation in the process – the co creation – or waiting for a prophecy or for a prediction to manifest? It is actually all beginning, co creating, growing, progressing and manifesting into stark reality with you

It is all along the you – the you and the you with your true you as its authoritative, compassionate, creative, charismatic, hopeful, purposeful, responsible, sincere and wise leader – remember, the Universe is evolving + creating amazing miracles in each and every precious moment and so are you, God Bless. May the true joy of life, greatness, gracefulness, goodwill and wisdom of living be with you always, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Compassion, Love, Light & Wisdom,


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21 December 2012 – Be Calm & Consciously Aware – Bridging Evolutionary Visions – God Bless, Respectfully

21 December 2012 – Be Calm & Consciously Aware – Bridging Evolutionary Visions – God Bless, Respectfully


21 December 2012 has been envisioned with innumerable forecasts, predictions and prophecies


Despite all the conversations and communications, know and believe that all was, is and will always be progressing truly well in accordance with the Universe’s axis respectively


To those who may dwell on hastily embarking and disembarking on divergent platforms of beliefs and thoughts, it may be quite challenging since they maybe constantly eluding and enduring an myriad convergence of ignorant eventualities incessantly – please be at ease, all is well, well it’s all that is-we will


One of the firm convictions relating to this day states that it is the day of ascension – What we can humbly comprehend is that the cosmic consciousness of the earth is anticipated to be significantly elevated, thereby influencing all its inhabitants considerably due to this amazing shift towards a higher frequency-dimension encompassing compassion, goodwill, grace, harmony, truth and wisdom infinitely, God Bless


This incredible alignment provides us with an unique opportunity to align our thoughts intuitively, elevating them to the level of the universal consciousness such as the divine light – Expressing our divinity we likewise experience our evolutionary growth in grace, truthfulness and wisdom as well since we are in harmonious alignment and energetic frequency with the Universal axis amazingly, God Bless


21 December 2012 needs to be acknowledged for what it truly represents which is seeking the cohesive transformation of the cosmic consciousness-paradigm aimed towards remarkably sustaining the visions that belong to the compassion, completeness, goodwill, gracefulness, greatness, harmony, respectfulness, sincerity, truthfulness and wisdom of the Universe infinitely, God Bless

Compassion Goodwill Grace Harmony Love Light Truth Wisdom God Bless


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – Intuition is our inner guidance


May the grace of love along with the joy of thanks and the divine light and wisdom of living your harmonious essence aligned with the pathways of Universal goodwill be with you infinitely, God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always – God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


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Income – In Calm – Inner Calmness – The Incomparable Income – Being Calm – Claim Being – Peace Of Mind – God Bless – Respectfully

Income – In Calm – Inner Calmness – The Incomparable Income – Being Calm – Claim Being – God Bless – Respectfully


We earnestly seek and diligently strive to fairly earn an income that is commensurate with our ambitiously achievable aspirations, experience, goals, objectives, proficiency and qualifications respectively

In Calm

One of the greatest incomes that we have the capabilities and foresight to realize is the income of being calm


The distinction of being calm is what sustainably empowers the amazing pathways of life ingeniously


The composure of life seeks its calm posture – Our true nature is calm and serene


Being calm is our graceful claim to being the divine essence of who we truly are


Being calm and peaceful helps regulate and realize the characteristics of living purposefully with conscious awareness


The benefits of being and remaining calm, composed, consciously aware and peaceful – of being able to think, act and express clearly, responsibly and wisely despite innumerable overwhelming challenges that one may be facing are truly remarkable

Behave Be-Have How We Behave Is How We Be-Have – God Bless, Love, Light & Wisdom, Vashi


Peace of mind – Mind of peace – The peacefulness – The tranquility ensconced within our true nature emerges when we seek to be truly one with our self – when we seek to identify, discover, recognize, realize and experience our true identity – our true essence – our true nature and our true self amazingly – Embracing the completeness – the gracefulness and the wonderfulness of who we truly are – God Bless


Inner calmness is truly incomparable – Let us seek to be true to our nature as well as nature to our truth – Expressing our divinity – Experiencing our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom infinitely, God Bless


Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom; our higher consciousness – Let us seek to develop our intuition – Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life – Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul – God Bless

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of goodwill, good health, harmony, happiness and wisdom abundantly – God Bless

God Bless,

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Happy Maha Shivratri – Satyam – The Truth – Shivam – The Divine Light – Sundaram – The Epitome Of Gracious Gracefulness – Respectfully

Happy Maha Shivratri – Satyam – The Truth – Shivam – The Divine Light – Sundaram – The

Epitome Of Gracious Gracefulness – Respectfully


Jai Shiva Shankaraa – Har Har Mahadeva – Jai Maa Parvati – Jai Ganesha Devaa – Jai Swamiye Sharanam Aiyappaa – Jai Swamiye Muruga – Jai Swamiye Karthikeyaa – Respectfully


Om Triyambakam Yajaamahe, Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam

Urvarukameva Bandhananat, Mrityor Mokshiya Maamritaat

Lord Shiva Aarti – Respectfully

Om Jai Shiva Omkara, Prabhu Hara Shiva Omkaraa

Jai Shiva Omkaara, Om Jai Shiva Omkaraa

Bramha, Vishnu, Sadashiva, Ardhaangi Dhaara.

Om Jai Shiva Omkaraa

Ekaanan Chaturaanan Panchaanan Raaje

Hansaanan Garudaasan Vrishvaahan Saaje.

Om Jai Shiva Omkara

Do Bhuj Chaar Chaturbhuj Dasamukh Ati Sohe

Trigun Roop Nirakhata Tribhuvan Jan Mohe

Om Jai Shiva Omkaraa

Akshamaala Vanamaala Mundamaala Dhaari

Tripuraari Kansaari Kar Maala Dhaari

Om Jai Shiv Omkaraa

Shvetambar Pitambara Baaghambar Ange

Sanakaadik Garunaadik Bhutaadik Sange

Om Jai Shiv Omkaraa

Kar Ke Madhy Kamandalu Charka Trishuladhaari

Sukhakaari Dukhahaari Jagapaalan Kaari.

Om Jai Shiv Omkaraa

Bramha Vishnu Sadaashiva Jaanat Aviveka

Pranavaakshar Mein Shobhit Ye Tinoo Ekaa.

Om Jai Shiv Omkaraa

Lakshmi Va Saavitri Paarvati Sangaa,

Paarvati Ardhaangi, Shivalahari Gangaa

Om Jai Shiv Omkaara

Parvat Sohe Parvati, Shankara Kailasaa

Bhang Dhatur Ka Bhojan, Bhasmi Mein Vaasa

Om Jai Shiv Omkaara

Jataa Me Gang Bahat Hai, Gal Mundan Maala

Shesh Naag Lipataavat, Odhat Mrugachaala

Om Jai Shiv Omkaara

Kashi Me Viraaje Vishvanaath, Nandi Bramhchaari

Niit Uthh Darshan Paavat, Mahimaa Ati Bhaari

Om Jai Shiv Omkaara

Trigunasvamiji Ki Aarti Jo Koi Nar Gave

Kahat Shivanand Svami Sukh Sampati Pave

Om Jai Shiv Omkaara

Om Jai Shiva Omkara, Prabhu Hara Shiva Omkaraa

Jai Shiva Omkaara, Om Jai Shiva Omkaraa

Bramha, Vishnu, Sadashiva, Ardhaangi Dhaara.

Om Jai Shiva Omkaraa

Om Jai Shiva Omkaraa Om Jai Shiva Omkaraa Om Jai Shiva Omkaraa

Om Hara Hara Hara Hara Hara Mahadeva, Jai Shiva Shankara, Jai Maa Parvati,

Jai Ganesha Devaa, Jai Swamiye Sharanam Aiyappaa – Jai Swamiye Muruga – Jai Swamiye

Karthikeyaa – Respectfully

Happy Maha Shivratri – Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram – Respectfully

February 12 2010 marks the celebrations of Maha Shivratri respectfully

Happy Maha Shivratri – Satyam – The Truth – Respectfully

The sincerity of life is the Truth; the Trust; Trust represents reliability; Trust is the reflection of values; Honesty and Integrity are the vitally essential and extremely important principles of Trust; Being true to ourselves and others; God Bless

Truth – Respectfully

Truth is our True Nature; always utmost thanks to God always; Truth inspires us to evoke our spiritual awareness; to recognize and experience our True Nature; our True Selves respectively; Trust in the Truth is the true representation of life and its magnificence; In search of our True Selves, we discover the Truth; God is the Truth; God Bless

Happy Maha Shivratri – Shivam – The Divine Light – Respectfully

God appears in different forms;God shines as the Soul in different bodies; God makes every form that God creates to shine forth with God’s divine illusion; God is the embodiment of knowledge and wisdom; God Bless

When God’s grace; God’s love and divine light shines forth in our lives; we are able to experience peace despite all the restlessness or contradictions that may prevail since and through the peace one is able to find true happiness; God Bless

Peace & Happiness – God Bless – Respectfully

Peace and Happiness accompany each other; one cannot be separated from the other. Wisdom is peace within ourselves as well as the interactions that we have with the Universe; God Bless

Consciousness – Respectfully

Let us unite and align our thoughts and seek to inspire one another;Uniting our thoughts; Our Consciousness; and elevating them to a level of Universal Consciousness to a platform such as the Divine Light; Let the Love and Divine Light of God that shines forth in our Lives illuminate the pathways of One and All always; God Bless

Happy Maha Shivratri – Satyam – Sundaram – The Epitome Of Gracious Gracefulness – Respectfully

Let us recognize that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose; to live a life of meaningful values based principles and ideals that are each evoking our awareness to express ourselves truly; to recognize and experience our True Nature, our True Selves, God Bless

Magnificence in Purpose – Respectfully

Amongst one the greatest gifts we can keep giving one another infinitely is to consistently accomplish our respective agendas faithfully and consciously; to ensure that we are able to let our light shine through and radiate the hallmarks of magnificence in living a purposeful life; a life of purpose that encompasses meaningful values based principles as its primordial agenda consistently

Universe – Respectfully

The above humble attitude of gratitude encompasses the potential divinity of each person seeking to align themselves with the Cosmic Consciousness

Contribute – Respectfully

This is the potential divinity of each person seeking to know how they could contribute their goodness for the happiness, development and welfare of the Universe as One Peaceful and Happy Family always, God Bless

Discover – Respectfully

In search of our own selves, we discover the Truth; In search for the Truth, we discover Love; In search of Love, we discover God; God is Love; God is the divine essence; God Bless

Happy Maha Shivratri – Respectfully

The Garment of Life – Respectfully

The greatness of Maha Shivratri cannot be expressed in these humble few words alone since it encompasses the greatest and gracious of gracefulness ever; the epitome of the very most magnificent and scintillating beautifulness ever; the eternal truth that infinitely prevails its paramount and majestic predominance amazingly; God Bless

The garment of life is attired with compassion, hope, love, humility and modesty; This is living life truly from the heart of our mind and the mind of our heart; God Bless

Synopsis – Respectfully
The above virtues that comprise of the garment of life are a very brief and humble expression since the greatness and grandness of the garment of life could never be described; it is truly outstanding and incomparable; God Bless

Life – Respectfully

We arrive in this beautiful Universe dressed with the garment of life; we experience each and every moment of this wonderful life whilst being attired with the garment of life and upon completion of our earthly sojourn , the garment of life accompanies us; God Bless

The Garment of Life – Wearever – Wherever – God Bless

We are very most fortunate to be attired with the garment of life which is worn by us wherever we may venture; God Bless

Inherent – Respectfully
The garment of life in an inherent part of us and although this cannot be perceived it radiates its glow amazingly and gracefully; God Bless

Privileged – Respectfully
We are amongst the very most fortunate and privileged to be attired with the garment of life and time and again very most appreciatively express our profound thanks to God; always and always thanks to God; God Bless

Selflessness – Respectfully
The garment of life is also represented by our selfless approach at various instances whereby without being aware we are reaching across and spreading the wonderful gift of inspiration and providing the much needed support that is incomparable; God Bless

Magnificence – Respectfully
The garment of life is truly the very most elegant and outstanding – truly incomparable; God Bless

Practice Humility & Simplicity – Respectfully

Life inspires us to practice humility and simplicity; God Bless

Humility – Respectfully

With practicing humility; we are seeking to shed our Ego

Essence – Respectfully

Humility is being Truly Humble; being Truthful

Surrendering – Respectfully

To surrender ourselves completely to God

Trust – Respectfully

Trust in God and Faith in Ourselves

Art – Respectfully

The art of humility is contemplating ourselves less and not lessening ourselves; since it is We; We and We; and NOT me; me and me; everything for Universal Happiness always; God Bless

Acceptance – Respectfully

It is humbly accepting all that God has provided us with utmost thanks;being Appreciative; being Grateful; being Meaningful; being Purposeful;being Respectful and being Responsible always; God Bless

Simplicity – Respectfully

Simplicity is amongst the very most natural characteristics of our Souls

Wonderful – Respectfully

In life; some of the most wonderful aspects are the very most simplest; devoid of any pretensions

Expressions – Respectfully

Simplicity is being able to express a world of meaningfulness with the very most simplest of actions

Simple Words – Respectfully

Even the simplest of words make worlds more expressive; more meaningful; more purposeful; the words that others speak to us; God Bless; the words that we articulate within ourselves; God Bless

Words – Respectfully

This represents the words that others speak to us as well as the words the we articulate within ourselves; God Bless

Worldliness – Respectfully

Words create worlds that encompass a world of meanings and purpose; God Bless; Words represent an immense power; once spoken they cannot be retrieved; God Bless

World of our Words – Respectfully

Words uttered represent commitments that we make with others and ourselves; God Bless

Difference – Respectfully

Every word spoken thoughtfully can create an incredible world of a difference in one another’s life; God Bless

Hearing – Listening – Respectfully

Words either heard or listened to can represent their own challenging definitions depending on what is being communicated; One misrepresentation of a word could immensely create and have a profound impact on the concerned agenda to which it may relate to respectively;God Bless

Parents – Elders – With Sincere Admiration, True Love and Respect Always Please – Respectfully

Words spoken gently to our Parents can make a world of difference to them since they cherish the virtue of Respect very most dearly please and they truly deserve the very Highest Respect, Admiration, Love, Consideration, Reverence and Importance always please; God Bless

Parents are truly amongst the very most precious gifts of God please; Kindly always RESPECT your Parents please; God Bless

True Wisdom – N O W – Respectfully

Life represents living in the now; being attentive and aware; being conscious of our thoughts-actions and all forms of expressions; practicing Righteousness in all our thoughts, actions and expressions always please; God Bless

True Nature – True Selves – Respectfully
The garment of life is characterized and represented by a natural brilliance when we recognize and experience our True Nature; our True Selves; God Bless

Preciousness – Respectfully
The garment of life is truly precious; God Bless

Designed – Respectfully

The garment of life is truly designed for life; God Bless

Perception – Respectfully

The garment of life is invisible and enables its visibility to be perceived through the eyes of the heart; God Bless

Recognition – Respectfully

The garment of life is recognized for its impeccable characteristics and gracefulness; God Bless

Incredible – Respectfully
The garment of life is amazing; truly wonderful and very most incredible; it is the greatest garment ever; God Bless

Keep Discovering Your True Nature Your True Self Love & Light God Bless, Vashi Ram Chandi

True Nature – True Selves – Respectfully

The art of living inspires us to discover, recognize and experience our True Nature; our True Selves; God Bless

Higher Consciousness – Respectfully

Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – our higher consciousness; be more aware and conscious; God Bless

Intuition – Respectfully

Let us seek to develop our intuition; Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life; Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul; God Bless

God Bless – Respectfully

May One and All be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Awareness, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love, Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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