Vayu, The Air Element, Shiva Shakti, The Cosmic Truth

rig-veda-hymn-of-creationVayu, The Air Element that Compliments a Pure Sustainable Evolution of the Universe, The Shiva Shakti Principle, The Human Intellect alignment with+to+true+purely towards+truewards the Divine Intellectualization


The translational definition of vayu refers to the air element. Its the air we breathe; the breath we wear.


Vayu purely connects everything in the Universe. This is the Shiva(pure) Shakti(divine energy) that evokes the conscious awareness of the human intellect, heart, intelligence, mind, physique and soul to harmoniously align its chakras(frequencies)with the cosmic truth which emanates and sustains the evolution of the cosmos amazingly.


When we seek to meditate and in the midst of our pure divine contemplation, expand and raise our higher consciousness to the level of the divine light, we experience the energy of the cosmos radiating from our being and remarkably empowering our celestial visions characteristically.


Everything is three dimensional including the Universe; the measure which is termed on the basis of length, depth and width; and location identified by altitude, latitude and longitude. The popularity of 3D is widely known and fascinating where we are able to perceive and experience aspects as if we are literally a part of the experience itself and wherever we maybe, it is the pure air element that nourishes and amazingly sustains the evolution of all forms of existence remarkably.


We see an image through one eye while looking yet through at another and amazingly at the very same instance the third vision is beheld by our minds eye adding an infinite depth to the divine grace of human potential and values ingeniously.


Life’s measure encompasses the three virtues which are compassion, faith and wisdom. This third vision, our mind’s eye humbly seeks to refer to our intuitive wisdom which enriches the essence of our being.


Somethings happens within the first dimension; then we respond being the second dimension, however there is the third dimension which is in between the happen, the happening and the responding, this is the passage of the intuitive reflection which rapidly gauges and is the power of our prudence which helps empower and strengthen the process of living our divine purpose, our divine principles, our divine values and our divine will as well as practicing righteousness in all that we think, do and express consistently; that are magnificently empowered and  remarkably sustained by the divine grace and divine wisdom of God infinitely.


When we see things with our eyes, as others see them and as they actually are; we experience mixed reactions. However, when we meditate; within the sacred calmness, the infinite stillness, the serenity and tranquility we realize the third dimensionality of our lives that is ever filled with equanimity, joyfulness and sacredness of our pure divine essence; it is then we meet our state of dignified excellence which is attainment of our self realization, the oneness with our divine essence; we humbly bow and prostrate in respectful salutation and reverence to the image of God that is enshrined within our higher self as well as the higher self of every living being; to all of God’s creations and celebrate our divine union, our oneness with all that was, all that is and all that will ever be.


All along, in each and every priceless moment, it is the vayu; the pure energy that is providing us with the phenomenal capabilities and nourishment to create greater good for the Universe unconditionally; earnestly inspiring us to come together to contribute our initiatives towards sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely, God bless.

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Infinite Triumph Of Good

Infinite Triumph Of Good


Happy Dusshera

The festival of Dusshera is being celebrated on 13 October 2013 respectively.


It commemorates the infinite triumph of good over evil and negative tendencies.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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Shree Hanuman Jayanti – 30 March 2010 – The Epitome Of Devotion & Loyalty – Respectfully

Shree Hanuman Jayanti – 30 March 2010 – The Epitome Of Devotion & Loyalty – Respectfully

Jai Shri Ram – Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

Jai Bajrangbali Hanuman – Hey Mahabir, Karo Kalyan

Shree Hanuman Jayanti – 30 March 2010 – Respectfully

30 March 2010 proudly marks the celebrations associated with Shree Hanuman Jayanti

Shree Hanuman – The Epitome Of Devotion & Loyalty – Respectfully

Shri Hanuman has since thousands of years represented the very finest form of devotion and loyalty rendered to Lord Shri Ram and will continue to prevail so infinitely

Think – Respectfully

Every single thought of Shri Hanuman brings forth with it the amazing strength and power of characteristics that encompasses the virtues of discipline, devotion to duty and loyalty – as well as the magnificent power and brilliance of the truth that is represented by its devotion to trust – this is the trust in the truth – the truth in the trust respectively

Heart – Respectfully

Shri Hanuman revealed the image of Lord Shri Ram in his heart very most magnificently that until today continues to remain amongst one of the very most amazing representations of devotion

Within – Respectfully

When we seek to sincerely meditate, discover, recognize and experience our True Nature; our True Selves, we would be amazed to learn regarding the magnificent and brilliance of the Universe that dwells within ourselves amazingly

Parents – Respectfully

Emulating the fine and very most remarkable characteristics of Shri Hanuman, we should all seek to be humbly devoted, faithful and loyal to our Respected Parents always in all ways

Magnificence – Respectfully

When we serve our Respected Parents selflessly, with profound dedication and utmost loyalty, we are living the believing of the magnificence of life truly; it is what we humbly seek from our Respected Parents, their Blessings and always being True to them and ourselves as well

Magnificence – Respectfully

When we serve our Respected Parents selflessly, with profound dedication and utmost loyalty, we are living the believing of the magnificence of life truly; it is what we humbly seek from our Respected Parents, their Blessings and always being True to them and ourselves as well

Life of Purposefulness – Respectfully

The very best gift that we could give one another is to consistently accomplish our respective agendas faithfully and consciously practice non violence in all forms of thoughts, actions and expressions respectively; to ensure that we are able to let our light shine through and radiate the hallmarks of magnificence in living a purposeful life; a life of purpose that encompasses meaningful values based principles as its primordial agenda consistently; God Bless

Devotion – The Legacy of Duties – Commitments From Infinity to Eternity – Respectfully

The creative brilliance of devotion is out dedication towards out duties – this profound reality of life has been reaching across to us from thousands of years emphatically – reminding us of our loyalty to our life and its magnificence – centuries have evolved and will keep proceeding on their evolutionary pathways implying the significance of adherence to one’s duties – one’s primordial agenda namely one’s duties faithfully – one may call this agendas – assignments – responsibilities and obligations or title the duties and refer – reference them – attribute them in colloquial referential terms informally or in eloquent terms with splendid gracefulness – the essence will always remain consistently with meaningful and purposeful consistency that the purpose of life is to live a life of purpose, a life that encompasses meaningful values based principles consistently

Duties –  Due Ties – Commitments – Synopsis – Respectfully

Our duties are our due- ties – this is the amazing accord of life – this is the magnificent cord that has its inherent associations – binding us with itself very most firmly and implanting with amazing discipline – within ourselves sub consciously the essence and significance of each and every duty – duties – due-ties whereby we realize that life is so very much more amazing and that there is so much in life that keeps ardently revealing it Self when we seek to discover, recognize and experience our True Self – our True Nature respectively

– Our duties are the chord – the chords that resonate – resonates the rhythm – the symphonic orchestration of life with meticulous precision and calibrated consistency – since as we may have noticed time and again – over and over again that when we seek to faithfully fulfill our duties, we experience a profound sense of elation, delight and joy – an achievement that is truly incomparable

Contexts – Respectfully

The sanctity of duties is truly incomparable for each and every duty represents and holds its own magnificence encompassed within its realm very most amazingly

Answerable – Respectfully

There is no evasion regarding one’s duties – due ties – whether it may be academic, cultural, familial, intellectual, legal, social and other respective duties – one is apparently answerable to one’s duties that they have been duly entrusted with

Significance – Respectfully

Whether it is the duties towards serving one’s academic, institutional, parental, personal or professional duties, every duty has its own significant importance that reaches across and compliments the other aspects of life very most amazingly

Commitments – Duties – Due Ties – Respectfully

The importance of duties is comprehensive and encompasses each and every facet of life with what it truly represents – duties – due ties – there is no evasion from one’s duties – one’s moral and social obligations – there is no ignorance, negligence or pretension permissible – Whether it is import duties – excise taxes – Whether it is estate, income or profit taxes – Whether it is stamp duties relating to documents legalization – certification – It all relates to one’s moral commitments that one needs to recognize for what is being faced and honestly comply and fulfill their respective obligations with practice of righteousness in all forms of thoughts, actions and expressions respectively

Consolidation – Amazing Synergy – Respectfully

The above humbly seeks to emphasize the reality of life that duties refer to what is due – the due tie – the due – the tie – so one of the references relating to duties is the amalgamation of the due and the tie coming together – forming a consolidated process whereby there is accountabilities prevalent explicitly – this is the due – this is the dues – this is the tie – this is the ties – the duties – this is the commitment of commitments consistently – whether it was thousands of years ago or thousands of years ahead of us, the commitment towards one’s duties is phenomenal – truly incomparable and truly very most outstanding

Trust – Discipline – Respectfully

In one word, it is repeatedly emphasized that when we are true to our living, life is true to its giving – the truthfulness is consistently our credentials reflecting their inherent characteristics which encompasses honesty, integrity, truthfulness and absolutely sincerity; it is not the truth or sincerity as we perceive it – it is the truth – it is the sincerity – it is the integrity – it is the honesty as it truly was, as it truly is and as it will continue to truly be for centuries – The Truth is the True Nature of Life – Trust in the Truth is the true representation of Life and its Magnificence amazingly; Duty is the True Nature of Life – Committed Trust in one’s Duties and Faithful compliance represents the Magnificence of the Discipline of Life and its Amazing Evolutionaralities

Shree Hanuman Jayanti – 30 March 2010 – The Epitome Of Devotion & Loyalty – Jai Shri Ram – Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram – Jai Bajrangbali Hanuman – He Mahabir, Karo Kalyan – Resourcefully

Indeed Shri Hanuman’s devotion and loyalty is truly incomparable and outstanding; the power of creative brilliance and magnificence that has carried forth the essence of the importance of duties; from amongst which the very most important and greatest of duties being our duties, our loyalty; our faith and our allegiance and trust firstly in our Respected Parents, serving our Respected Parents with sincere love, utmost respect and truthfully always

There are so many of the very finest characteristics that one can learn from Shri Hanuman’s dedication and loyalty that one would be amazed to discover the power of sincerity, the power of trust, the power of the truth; the power of devotion, the power of loyalty, the power of the very finest characteristics of life that dwell within us with amazing magnificence consistently

Keep Discovering Your True Nature Your True Self Love & Light God Bless, Vashi Ram Chandi

Goodwill – Respectfully

The art of life inspires us with the amazing foresight; and empowers us with the amazing strength and capabilities to accomplish the respective visions and dreams that belong to the goodwill of the Universe infinitely

Awaken – Respectfully

Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – our higher consciousness; be more aware and conscious; let us seek to develop our intuition; Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life; Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul; God Bless

True Nature – True Selves – Respectfully

The art of living inspires us to discover, recognize and experience our True Nature; our True Selves; God Bless

Higher Consciousness – Respectfully

Let us seek to awaken our inner wisdom – our higher consciousness; be more aware and conscious; God Bless

Intuition – Respectfully

Let us seek to develop our intuition; Intuition is our inner guidance and compass of life; Intuition is the wisdom of the Soul; God Bless

God Bless – Respectfully

May One and All be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health, Awareness, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity, Progress and Wisdom always; God Bless

Love,  Light and Wisdom,

God Bless,


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