Do Something? Or True Sum Thinks, Honoring the Commitments of Time & Life’s Values

 merrick-furst-quote-the-biggest-difference-between-time-and-space-isDo Something? Or True Sum Thinks, Honoring the Commitments of Time & Life’s Values


Some people say, we want to do something when the time comes?


And then when the time comes, they say, we want to true sum thinks, when its time?


The time comes and passes by and they are yet caught between their affirmative proclamations which they fail to actually implement.


Their intent is pure and they have noble aims but if they do not truly seek to do what needs to be done truly in time, then by the time they want to do either somethings or sum thinks, the key element which is the time factor may have elongated the maximum possible and elapsed (not expired) and then they maybe caught fervently looking for signs of hope and possibilities, when the do somethings or the true sum thinks could actually manifest in the strategically vital instance and opportunity to do somethings after all?


But alas, sometimes, somethings and sum thinks only emerge and appear once in a lifetime, please do not take everything in life for granted or tend to be lethargic or irresponsible or ignorant or inept please for once the time comes, the time comes, there is no saying, time will come back? Yes, the time will come back for sure, but then the commitments of time that were not duly honored then became and came back with another set of consequences and prices to pay for and regardless of how much ever one may pray, implore, beseech, call upon even God’s grace, the deliberate negligence of haughtily or carelessly saying – later, later, later and later…..? When the later might become too late+later, there is no denying that – that lateness has its penalties and prices to pay, so why not make careful note, prioritize and schedule, ensure that the needful reminders and essential time quotients are duly devoted to what needs to be done is done on time and not sometime and when sum thinks only arrive for by that time, there maybe other challenging factors demanding greater attention and responsibilities please, so please honor what you have been given, what is expected of you and also truly honor what you are accepting from life’s greatest preciousness which is the incredible gift and wealth called time, learn to respect time and regulate your schedules impeccably for we don’t have to recreate the wheel all over again or have to go through punishments or penalties to learn please. We are grown up and need to be responsible to out commitments, to our divine purpose, to our divine will, towards living our values and principles consciously and truly please, God Bless.

 God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


 ©2014 Vashi Chandi