Hail Whales

Hail Whales

Hale, Inhale, Exhale, We Wish You Well Whales, God Bless

Blue whale populations have declined dramatica...
Blue whale populations have declined dramatically due to commercial whaling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It has been sadly reported that whales are being brutally hunted almost towards their extinction?


Due to certain individuals indulgent appetite, the whales are being made to suffer, this is not fair.

Do those consuming whale meat ever realize that after they partake of this, they are challenging the hereditary values of humanity.


Human values embody some of the finest characteristical principles and virtues amongst which compassion is its greatest aspiration.

Humpback whales in North Pass between Lincoln ...
Humpback whales in North Pass between Lincoln Island and Shelter Island in the Lynn Canal north of Juneau, Alaska. This is a group of 15 whales that were bubble net fishing on 18 August 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There is truly a lot we can learn from whales, how they conserve each breath and remarkably breathe at extended intervals.


This is one their greatest achievements which if imbued by human beings can help extend the life span phenomenally. In fact with the uniquely brilliant way in which the whales are able to conserve their breath could teach us some of the most remarkable discoveries that could ever be studied and gleamed upon + enrich the greatness of life supreme characteristically as well as ingeniously. It is something that will enhance the scope and landscapes of our thinking process since we are engulfed with the battle of seeking to convince those who seek to cherish their appetites and challenging tastes, having thirst and desire and craving for somethings that are momentary rather than what is truly life enlightening? How could we ever do this, remember with cows also, they provide us with milk but then there are many cases of indiscriminate slaughter of cows? The whales or the cows as well as so many other creatures are absolutely harmless and peacefully living the lives they have been bestowed with serenely but unfortunately some individuals are persistent upon encroaching upon their enclaves and habitats, stalking the whales almost to the point of blatant persecution for a meager transitory set of indulgent moments or miserable profits? It is miserable since such a earning that is tainted with the blood of an innocent defenseless creature or mammal is implying that its life has been cruelly snatched away because of the ignorant, negligent and completely erroneous views and ill informed perspectives very most confoundedly, alas when will these individuals ever awaken to their true nature, o Lord? Please grant them the grace and wisdom to realize that life is a precious gift from God, to be respected and to be treasured, not to be snatched away through barbaric persecution of helpless defenseless animals, creatures and mammals please!


It is in the best, fairest and greatest interests of all of us that the whales are compassionately nurtured with utmost thoughtfulness and care.


God sends us messages through different channels and sources to learn from nature+from the environment+from the oceans and from our true nature – from our true self – from our higher self and divine essence as well as to respectfully learn from one another, to learn from all forms of living beings including animals, creatures, animate and inanimate objects considerately.

English: The Beautiful Humpback Whales off the...
English: The Beautiful Humpback Whales off the Beaches of Maui,HI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What if the scales were to tip their balance and the whales were to hunt those stalking them? Then beyond the oceans where would those individual go?


Remember the laws of nature and the universe operate with absolute accountability and precision, no conditionality can be put forth upon them to accord concessions towards certain actions whatsoever.


Nature has provided us with nutritious resources of nourishment that are adequate to sustain us healthily without having to exploit the precious lives of whales or any other creatures please.

God Bless

English: Three Beached Whales, a 1577 engravin...
English: Three Beached Whales, a 1577 engraving by Dutch artist Jan Wierix, depicts stranded Sperm Whales. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Compassion, Love, Light and Wisdom,


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