North Korea, Know The Care, Care For The Now

North Korea, Know The Care, Care For The Now


To the leadership of North Korea, please kindly understand that this Universe has been created with care and for all people and countries to live peacefully and harmoniously together please.


Nature truly cares and provides all of us with its bountifulness, endowments, gracefulness, resourcefulness and truthfulness always.


We have been given a great responsibility to live with greatness – greatness that seeks to respect and sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe always please.


Humbly calling upon you to reflect upon your greatness and true nature that is always more stronger and wonderful in peaceful co existence please, God Bless.


Kindly practice restraint and not restrain or raise the terrain for we are not the creators of the landscapes of the Universe, we are humbly the custodians and need to awaken to the greatness and gracefulness of our true self which always seeks Universal goodwill, harmony, peace and welfare please, God Bless.


Know the care as well as care for the now for it is the present moment that is having within its circumferences the greatest of possibilities of goodwill, harmony, progress, and welfare of the Universe as one caring, loving and peaceful family always please, God Bless.


The World looks forward to welcoming a friendly, peaceful and progressive North Korean nation that is living in goodwill and harmony with all Countries always please, God Bless.


A sincerely humble appeal to the North Korean leadership to kindly reflect upon the greatness of the great leader Kim Jong-il who always believed in his greatness and true nature, peace, love and light that encompassed Global friendship, harmony, peacefulness and progress please, God Bless.


Let us seek to honor the greatness of the great leader Kim Jong-il by promoting peacefulness, goodwill, harmony and welfare of the World with the trueness of our nature and naturalness of our truth which always speaks of one virtue, peace, peace, peace and infinite peacefulness, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Peace, Compassion, Love, Light and Wisdom,


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