Money, Little or More, The Difference? The Relationship, The Realizationship, Divine Consciousness Principle


Sometimes, even the slightest money can make all the difference. And yet at some other times, even all the money in the world cannot help at all.



Realize and understand, at many a time actually its not about money but the relationship+realizatonship that each of us has towards money that either places us towards, true wards or against it.

g-wilhelm-leibniz-quote-wisdom-is-the-science-of-happiness-or-of-the Consciousness

Please do not mis understand, but it is either the consciousness of abundance or poverty that will intensify, re arrange and simulate likewise set of aspects and factors in one’s life.



But of course, apart from the consciousness, various other aspects such as the diligent practices, the principles approach, the values, the integrity, the prudence, the character, the habitual tendencies, the regulations and observance+honoring the conventional protocols of life sacredly and reverentially and so many more details, but at the core of everything, it comes back to the element of what we are harboring and nurturing+sustaining in our sub conscious mind, for that will come forth spontaneously and almost instantaneously, so seek to meditate and seek the divine grace and divine wisdom’s help of God to help in its own ways as only it knows how and keep on truly helping yourself towards living your divine purpose, divine principles, divine values and divine will committedly, earnestly and faithfully as well, God bless.

©2014 Vashi Chandi