19th Commonwealth Games 2010 – New Delhi, India – Respectfully

19th Commonwealth Games 2010 – New Delhi, India – Respectfully

Nineteenth Commonwealth Games – October 3 to October 14 2010

Harvesting Nature, Global Goodwill And Harmony

The True Essence of Global Friendship, Sportsmanship And Team Spirit

Commonwealth Games 2010

The prestigious Commonwealth Games are scheduled to be held in New Delhi, India between October 3 2010 to October 14 October 2010 respectively

Commonwealth Games 2010 – New Delhi, India – October 3 to October 14 2010

It is a admirable initiative that has been appropriately designated with the title of the first ever Green Commonwealth Games – contributing its noble efforts to the sustainability of the environment


While gratefully acknowledging the immense initiatives relating to establishment and promotion of an ecological sustainability with the remarkable tree’s planting campaign to honor the Green Commonwealth Games – this sets forth a brilliant example whereby we could be able to co create and align our agendas with Nature – permitting evolution to manifest its exuberant magnificence infinitely


The Commonwealth Games herald the amazing friendship, sportsmanship and team spirit of athletes all over the World coming together in the spirit of promoting the global environment, goodwill and harmony agendas aesthetically


It is the joyful celebrations of an global audience – enthusiastic spectators both at the venues as well as all around the World experiencing the joy of a rejoicing goodwill

Team Spirit

It is the true love of sportsmanship that is encompassed in the belief of team spirit amazingly


The Commonwealth Games empowers the vision of the participants by providing them with insights relating to an disciplined expression of their tremendous potentialities – bringing forth their power to themselves through the process of conscious awareness


The participants are inspired to bright forth their agility and capabilities to deliver amongst some of the most phenomenal performances ever witnessed


The stadiums resonate the symphony of the creative brilliance of multi cultural sportsmanship and admirable friendship between the participants from all across the World


The communication between the participants at the respective venues seek to express the harmonious orientation of the very finest alignments of respectful admiration for one another


The Nineteenth Commonwealth Games at New Delhi, India seek to set forth a scintillating example of the true essence of global sportsmanship in its very finest repertoire by nurturing characteristic values and principles that encompass sustainable environment campaigns complimented with the ever admirable global friendship, sportsmanship and team spirit initiatives of the participants in the spirit of athletic versatility, global goodwill and harmony with remarkable admiration and pride respectively

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