Picture, Pitch Here, Pitcher

bertrand-russell-philosopher-awareness-of-universals-is-calledPicture, Pitch Here, Pitcher


A picture may remind us of some things.

Pitch Here

The pitch here reminds us of some thinks as well.

Pitch Hear

Whether it is the artists canvas, where with the brush strokes of the paint brush the vivacity of imagination unfolds or at the musical or sports arenas; every aspect inspires us to intently listen to the pitch here+hear well as will.


As the seasonal changes dawn and summer approaches, the incessant quenching of our thirst and parched throats is prolific. We maybe at times so exhausted just wanting to fervently reach across to the pitcher of beverage, juice or water and hastily ingest the same to help satiate our needs; we need to ensure that we are paying careful attention to what is being consumed is pure, original, hygienic and safe please. Whether at home, at the office, at the factories, at the stores, at the hospitals, wherever at work, or at study or at training or even when playing matches or sailing or flying on board or anywhere at all; always consciously and carefully introspecting what is being ingested and yet at the same instance before consumption chanting a silent prayer and sanctifying what is being partaken of.

Remember to do this always, whether for a grain, a morsel of snack-food or even a cup of water or anything that is ingested, take it with due diligence, prudence and ensure that what is being in-taken is proper and absolutely pure, safe and hygienic but please kindly remember to+true sanctify the same with a silent prayer of thanks and holiness of your divine essence to bless what you are ingesting nourishes each and every cell of your being constructively, God Bless. 

Disclaimer – The process of sanctification is a humble process of gratitude to the creator for all that we have had, have and will ever have but that does not mean to overlook or to be careless with what we ingest, what we consume please. No carelessness or excuses with being diligent please, diligence means diligence, since the safety and well being of one another is paramount and the greatest predominant and contentious pivotal factor that is always of far greater importance than anything else please. This means that even when personally being connected with consumption of even water basically to ensure that the pitcher is-are washed periodically and well rinsed and maintained hygienically and the water that is poured into the pitcher is safe for consumption please. Likewise, wherever we maybe, it is our responsibility to safeguard and take the necessary precautions and not necessarily rely upon or blame anyone else since it is our good health and well being that we have been entrusted to take care, so let us take some more efforts and meaningful and responsible initiatives to truly take care all the way always please.


Wherever, Whenever, However and Whatever maybe the case, the context, the instance or the scenario; we need to live with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence and righteousness constantly. The picture can be redone, but the pitch here+hear at times cannot be re-toned or even re-tonned. (tonned as in tonnage, the aspect of over adding enormous weight or pressure will not help since what is done is done and at times cannot be re done regardless of howmuch ever one may wish to atone or make amends)


Its like when playing a match – whether with baseball, cricket pitch, rugby pitch or even when playing golf or at the music recording studios or at the stadiums where the sports or musical competitions and events maybe taking place; what we serve conversely becomes what we deserve. We passionately incantate along with the melodious rhythms thereby experiencing the incredible power of the pitch here+hear that emanates from our vocal chords amazingly, which yet again is based objectively on the pitch here where we can keep improvising and enhancing; whereby from the picture, we reminded forms the pitch here+hear as well magnificently; and then vice versa as a tribute from the pitch here+hear respectfully reciprocating the gracefulness of the picture+pictures with deliverance of a master stroke, a well precisioned shot or strike which could be match-the tournament’s prized winner.


Every picture has its own greatness and so does every pitch here as well for while we admire the aesthetic features portrayed in the picture+pictures; the landscape of the horizons beckon us to awaken to the glorious privilege of what we are engaged with regardless if it is a friendly competition or even a matter of prestige, everything and every think in our life is summoning our diligent attentiveness and prudence to be consciously present where we are in mind, body and soul. We need to align ourselves with the Universe within as well as all around us whereby we could very well achieve phenomenal milestones that inspire and awaken us to the greatness that dwells within one another respectively.


Wherever you maybe, remember God is there with you always provided you are practicing righteousness and living your divine purpose, your divine will and your divine values and principles committedly, earnestly, faithfully, responsibly, sincerely, truthfully and wisely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi