Brace the Chill, Soccer, Define the Match, Match the Definition

edwin-hubbel-chapin-clergyman-not-in-achievement-but-in-endurance-ofWhetherthomas-carlyle-philosopher-quote-endurance-is-patience itjames-russell-lowell-poet-endurance-is-the-crowning-quality-ands a match or match it is; whether on field or off field, the pure intent of our energy is what sustains our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom infinitely, God bless

©2014 Vashi Chandi

Mind Vision, With Drawings, We Heart It

stephen-s-wise-quote-vision-looks-inward-and-becomes-dutyvision-looksMind Vision, With Drawings, We Heart It

One Picture Thousands of Words, One Word Thousands+Thou Sense of Picturizations

AlongSide, AlongSight, InSight, Inspiration, Inspyration; From the Concept Truewards the Conceptualization;

Its Sustained by Your Sacred Beliefs, True Conviction, Pure Intent, Divine Principles, Divine Purpose, Divine Values & Divine Will Magnificently


Remember when we were small, what attracted us the most fascinatingly was+were the pictures that were portraying and speaking far much more louder than any words could ever communicate amazingly.

With Drawings

Well, every moment of our lives, wherever we maybe, that creative mind vision continually aspires for us to nurture our imagination.h-h-swami-tejomayananda-quote-a-narrow-vision-is-divisive-a-broad


A picture speaks thousands of words giving meaning and definition and incredible potential to what is being referenced respectively. A single word could likewise be a catalyst and the empowering impetus that nourishes and creatively nurtures the landscapes of our imagination.


This humbly means that when we are reflecting upon a picture, we can draw our own conclusions and narratives – our interpretation and understanding as well as when the word is reflecting from our speech, it can conjure the most fabulous portrayals ever known to humankind, which understandably inspires us to choose; how do we choose; well it is by being consciously aware in thinking and talking; being consciously aware, living a purposeful life with compassion, due diligence, prudence, responsibility, sincerity, tenacity, truthfulness and our innate creative wisdom consistently.


Millions of people write their goals and keep writing while holding the imaginary pictures across their minds vision and overlooking and underscoring the pivotal importance and significance of actually sketching that alongside-alongsight what they are writing (the link remains far more active in their mind which is good but that needs to be committed to in writing = for they are declaring their intent to the Universe in both descriptive and visual format and remember its not the neatness of the drawings, it is the knit nice of the thou in, all of us are brilliant artists in our own true ways, God Bless). ((knit nice refers to the fabric of life where we weave each strand of every priceless moment very most thoughtfully and nice refers to our magnificent wealth of priceless virtues, God Bless)) So in the process, somethings and sumthinks remain only on our mind, we can see, can picturize it but fail to truly connect it when recording and making note of what we deeply cherish. Make it a habit of drawing next to what you seek regarding your goals, it does not matter if you may not be able to draw well, what is most important is the drawing, the pure intent whereby we are going back to the childhood days where we drew freely without any let or hindrance or complexities, like a bird soaring the sky, we were celebrating the skills that are still very much always with us; we need to realize that its a matter of appreciatively and gratuitously venturing ahead with due diligence, prudence and responsibility towards fulfilling our hearts desire for being content, for being truly joyful and gratefully appreciative with all that we have been bestowed with; are being endowed with the miraculously precious breath’s and energies; the incredible potential of our intellectual faculties inspiring us to be creative and resourceful for that’s who we truly are and when are mind and heart are in alignment with the Universe, we draw upon the symphony of our lives that elucidates and resonates the harmonious orientation of synergies that earnestly and faithfully seek to sustain the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely. We may start with a drawing, a picture and then write next to it in such a away as if that what we are writing – that what we are declaring with our pure intentions is what we truly seek and that is in the best, fair, just and reasonable interests of ourselves and then strive to work ahead in those respective directions towards strengthening the foundations and pillars of the envisioned paradigms structurally. It is not about engineering or any complex schematics or verbology or any eloquent phrases or any language or any religion or any other aspects because its about purity, where as a child of God, we know what works and truly works is purity and the truth and when we dedicate ourselves in diligently striving at each step consciously towards  fulfilling our commitments faithfully, purposefully and responsibly; then we are delighted and elated beyond words to note the manifestation of those cherished objectives and are utmost thankful to God, to Nature, to the World, to the Universe and particularly our Parents for guiding us with the gift of wisdom and encouragement along the righteous pathways of life; we realize that the artist within us is always there, seeking nothing else from us other than that we engage in practicing goodwill, righteousness and compassion in all that we think, do and express respectively,

Previously, we may have been writing for years together, not realizing that everytime we think, we link up with images right away, do we ever allow some pages of just written notes or published literature to solely dwell along the corridors of our minds and hearts please? Not really, since we look forward to the pictures that add and enhance the description, that add an element of pure interest as well as a touch of fascinating elegance and specificity in describing what is being sought and this is likewise the same way when we declare our pure intent, we are writing as well as drawing alongside+alongsight the expression of our insight truewards the outside+oughtsight which clearly pin points what we cherish, what we aspire for and what we desire all on the basis of purity infusing the expanse of our being; its like we think in such a way that we are taught in such a way for like begets like, we seek pure, we are replenished by purity as well; we seek good and good means good all the way for one and all and when life bestows, it is the drawings along with the declaration of the pure intents alongside+alongsight that remarkably help to manifest the outcome of the true will of our lives which are of course time and again sustained by the diligent initiatives and remarkable efforts and perseverance that which is the integrity of our mind, heart and soul gloriously empowering our primordial aspirations phenomenally, God Bless.charles-lindbergh-aviator-life-is-like-a-landscape-you-live-in-the


The captioned title has inspyration mentioned which actually seeks to refer to the intensity of our energy which is always seeking for us to practice purity and righteousness in all that we think, do and express thereby cleansing whatever delusional patterns or stray thoughts that may have been dwelling across our minds and making us spend most of our lives away from ourselves? Yes, if we notice, how much time do we really spend with ourselves truly please? It does not mean to just sit quietly and don’t do anything, no that is not it at all. It means doing each thing, in and at its own time, being disciplined, like we start the day early in the morning; scheduling ten minutes for meditation which means purely ten minutes for meditation and nothing else; then when we are at study or at work, likewise the allocated time must be purely devoted to our study and work and not checking in on the messages or chats or what’s cool, hep, mod or trendy please. This way what will happen is that we are taking charge and not just straying from here to there or anywhere and at any given time when someone or somethings need our attentiveness and reciprocation, we are not caught off guard or shocked, we are well prepared and able to govern our lives more wonderfully whereby we are proud of ourselves and celebrate each and every moment of our lives with renewed enthusiasm, vigour and amazing vitality; there is freshness in our thinking, where we do not cultivate any bad habits or permit negative thoughts or any resentment or suppression of any negative tendencies to prevail, we live healthier lives and make well informed choices because we are there where we must truly be there.


In conclusion, its about first drawing the picture and then associating it with what we write and then the picture draws us, magnetizes and manifests what we seek with an high degree of methodical precision but there is a disclaimer that in between the process we need to do what is expected of us and cannot just draw the picture alongside-alongsight the words and expect things to happen, evolve or manifest please. Like everything in this wonderful life, we have to wonderfully and responsibly take charge and claim responsibility by fulfilling our commitments, our duties and our agendas, and our assignments, and our objectives, and our obligations, and our responsibilities, and our studies, and our tasks and our vocations and honor our divine vision by experiencing the purity of our true nature. Remember, when we take care, life takes care true, God Bless.thomas-hardy-novelist-quote-good-business-leaders-create-a-vision

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light & Wisdom,


©2014 Vashi Chandi