Pure Energy, The Life Force Of Evolution

Pure Energy, The Life Force Of Evolution

Energy, The Miracle, Secret Of Time? Its The Seek Great Of i Am

Energy, Yours, You’re As – The Power Of Visualization Is Truly Incredible, Be Consciously Aware


i humbly seeks to refer to our collective consciousness.


With pure intent and energy, we create all that we aspire for truly.


With our consciousness, we energize the cosmos and our celestial visions.


The principles of science align with our energy fields harvesting evolutionary frequencies dynamically.


The frequencies of the human intellect, mind, physique and soul – chakras inspire us to experience our true nature, our true essence and our true self respectively.


If we truly understood the value of our energy as we seek to understand the preciousness of our time, we would be able to achieve far much more constructiveness and resourcefulness with our thoughts, actions and expressions respectively.


If we call it a secret that’s mainly because it is a catalyst for instituting incredible changes that are stored within the fields+power of our pure energy amazingly. Let us come straight to the point since it affects us in considerable ways and if it could even help some people to improve their lives, that would be the greatest blessing ever since we are all the noble instruments of the divine will and our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom is our primordial heritage and cherished aspiration.


The point is our attention, our channelization, our focus and our visualization. Let us carefully understand this although we may know it already that the Universe is energy and everything within us, around us and beyond us are particles of energy. Within our true nature and our true self, resides the reservoir of pure energy that helps us create and experience the greatest miracles of our lives magnificently.


The very same pure energy helps us to recuperate when not feeling well or when being afflicted with any diseases, illness or other personal and professional changes and challenges. It is ours, but we keep looking fleetingly all across the Universe pleading and scattering the very same energy that we could assimilate – the convergence of which could help us and others remarkably.


People pay more attention to their agenda’s, assignments, duties, obligations, studies, responsibilities and tasks timing quotient rather than their pure energy resolve which if resourcefully utilized and better managed could help them transcend across the pathways of their lives as they could never have ever imagined, namely brilliantly outstanding.


Let us take one example, people have something to do – at times they expend more energy in the process of deliberation than what could have actually been spent more wisely.

They tend to get inspired by great people in different walks of life whilst refusing to believe in their pureness of their energy and their greatness?

Thinking that this is something out of a fairy take story? Well, you called and keep calling for it and it keeps serving you accordingly. Think carefully and consciously, what are you manifesting in your lives please!

Pure Intentions

Having pure intentions and be faithful and committed to our respective agendas, assignments, duties, obligations, studies, responsibilities and tasks all attribute their core essence to the pure energizing that we are relegating to our own selves.

This is not serving energy on a platter or switching on and off based on one’s whims and fancies, it is about striking a healthy balance and moderation in all that we think, do and perform remembering that competent consistence and modesty have their own advantages please.


It is extremely important to have a pure intent in whatever we think, do, express as well as within each and every one of our actions respectively.


The Universe has been created and keeps creating on the basis of purity.


Understanding the sacredness of the process of evolution humbly inspires us to embrace the completeness, greatness and gracefulness of who we truly are.


Everything is pure in its essence and so are you.


The pureness of our energy and its intentionality may have taken centuries to realize, but a moment of truth as it is – is all that is needed to experience its incredible magnificence that spans across the landscape of our lifetime with inevitable meritoriousness.


The renaissance of life is represented by alignment with our true self. By being consciously aware of our thoughts, actions, words and expressions – we are harmoniously aligning with our true nature and true essence where the transformation is remarkably sustaining the visions that belong to the goodwill, harmony and welfare of the Universe infinitely.


As we are aware that when we expand our consciousness, we co create our Universe with our beliefs. By channelizing our pure energetic perspective realistically, we humbly awaken to the true essence of our evolution.


Pureness is who we truly are. From our pure essence emerges the evolution of our destiny to form our core resonance and alignment with all that pervades, permeates and prevails across and within the hemispheres of Universal consciousness progressively.


Remember, we are the embodiment of pureness where each and every particle of energy within us is absolutely pure and seeks our pure essence, intentions and initiatives and resolve to enhance the scope of revealing the divine truth to ourselves that is ensconced within our true nature.

Consciously realize that we are celestial beings of light filled with pureness and divine energy – that the Universe is pure and expanding within as well as all around you with purposeful precision, meaningfulness and purposefulness amazingly.


The solar system – the cosmic constellation – the realms of space – the cosmos, sun, moon, stars, galaxies, planets, known and unknown celestial bodies – keep traversing their elliptical orbits in accordance with one force that is defined as the pure energy.


With our pure energy, we are able to truly align our energetic frequencies and are humbly awed to witness and experience the amazing re arrangement of various aspects in our lives as well as all around us remarkably.


With our higher consciousness, we energize the cosmos and our celestial visions far beyond our imaginative paradigms. The frequencies of the human intellect, mind, physique and soul – chakras inspire us to experience our true nature, our true essence and our true self.


The above humbly seeks to evoke our conscious awareness to dwell and reflect upon the greater purpose of our evolution. We have far much more brilliance, creativeness and pure energy ensconced within our being that could help us to reach across an establish a harmonious platform of converting the fields of energies that seek our conscious and earnest and faithful participation, seeking one paramount objective that is belonging to the visions that sustain Universal goodwill, harmony and welfare constantly.


Commencing with consonance, the remarkable alignment and embarking onto the cosmonance that is harmoniously energizing and getting further energized by the fields of pure Universal energy and then amazingly engaging in the consciousnance which is the dialogue with our higher self and true nature – our self realization which is the pureness of our being expressing our divinity, experiencing our evolutionary growth in grace and wisdom infinitely,

Realize, the Universal energy is pure and so are you. Remember time and again to ensure that you are living a purposeful life with conscious awareness, due diligence, prudence, sincerity, responsibilities, truthfulness, wisdom and the radiance of your pure energy, God Bless.


Coming back time and again to the main point, it is more importantly about our pure energy rather than only our time management since everything is remarkably governed by energy and its influence and impact is magnificently incredible.

The choice is ours, whether to just scorn or embrace the realization and ensure that we treat this as sacredly and with the highest level of discipline and conscious awareness as possible since then onwards, when we think, we do, we perform, express – everything becomes a field of pureness surrounding us and constantly inspiring us to align – to tap – to synchronize and create + manifest greater good with the help of the pure state of expanding our consciousness – of realizing and experiencing our true self and our true nature – of becoming one with the divine essence that dwells within our higher self infinitely, God Bless.

God Bless

May one and all be blessed with a vision of good health, happiness, and wisdom always, God Bless.

Love, Light and Wisdom,


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